Peyton on MP 106

Peyton Robinson's
Solo Run
of the
C&O Canal Tow Path

October 13, 2002

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Peyton Robinson completed a solo, unsupported run of the C&O Canal Towpath. Peyton's definition of "unsupported" included carrying all of his own water and supplies and not even drinking from water fountains. Updates on his run appear below. Further reports on his run will be on Peyton's site

The End: Peyton finished in 64 hours, 31 minutes, and 10 seconds -- 4:31 AM. Jim Moore and Keith Dunn were there in the cold and the rain. It took awhile to get the official word.

Ultra challenges vary. No two are the same. But a common tread is the anticlimax. Peyton finished. His adventure is over. Tomorrow, there will be no report. There is nothing until the next challenge comes along. What else is there to say?

Further information will be on Peyton's site.

Wednesday, 6:10 AM: I was supposed to awake to a message on my cell phone. No message. Did he finish? It was cold and wet last night. May have a report later today.

Tuesday, 9:30 PM: Michele calls to give some data and explain who is out there. Ed Schultze joined Peyton at Rileys Lock and Bill VanAntwerp is out there too. Jim Moore is running back toward him. Michele may go meet him at the end. The guestimate for finishing time is 3 AM.

Tuesday, 2:15 PM: Jim Moore called and supplemented information from Keith. Jim is going to go to milepost zero this evening and run back and meet Peyton. Peyton thinks he can finish about midnight but Jim thinks it will be closer to one or so. This reporter will not be following the story at that time, but there may be a report here tomorrow morning. Peyton is said to have plenty of food and water. In fact, he may soon be dumping water to save weight.

Tuesday, 10:00 AM: Keith called from Brunswick. Peyton was in Brunswick at 8 am. He now officially "looks like shit" according to Keith. He walked all night. It was cold and the fog made visibility difficult. He has an Achilles problem which was being duck taped as Keith reported. I have removed all the estimates. Your guess is as good as mine! Next report here in the morning.

Tuesday, 6:30 AM: Have not received another report and I have to go to my day job now. Might get one report in during the day but no more. It was cold last night. Hope he had warm clothes out there! The estimated times below are probably way out of wack now. Don't rely on them.

Monday, 7:45 PM: Keith reports that Peyton has left Dam 4. He is now on the JFK course, though he is going backwards. Not sure that I will recieve another report tonight. It's cold out there!

Monday, 6:50 PM: Michele calls. She has talked to Peyton. He was at the beginning of the detour (McMahon's Mill) at 6 PM. His overall pace is just a bit faster than 20 minute miles. Michele will go out to run with him tonight. Peyton is insistant about not taking any aid -- no food, no sleeping bag, nothing. (He could really profit from a two hour nap, but it is too cold to stop without warm blankets.) His water is holding out well. It's so cold that he is not drinking much. Soon, he will need to think about dumping extra water. I hope to get one more report tonight, probably a report in the morning, and one during the day tomorrow.

Monday, 1:45 PM: Keith Dunn called. Peyton's arrival at Williamsport was a bit later than advertised. He arrived and left at 1:23.

Monday, 12:30 PM: Michele called to report. They expect him at Williamsport at about 12:30 so I just put it down. (The estimated times below Williamsport are based on 20 minutes per mile. He has actually gone faster than that but he goes slower than that at night. Don't take those estimates very litterally.) Michele said that she ran to Paw Paw with him and he was doing well. It got dark about there and she left. At night, Peyton had trouble with being sleepy. He does not have anything hurting. Sleep depravation is the biggest obstacle now. Ed Schultze went out to meet him and "ran" with him some this morning. He offered Peyton some candy, etc, which he refused to be self-supporting.

Michele will likely go out and meet him tonight and run overnight with him. Hopefully, I will get more updates with better cell phone coverage.

Monday, 8:30 AM: There were two reports on my cell phone. Keith had had cell phone coverage issues. He gave me the matter-of-fact arrival times that appear below. He said it was cold --42º, but Peyton's spirits were said to be in good shape. He spent a bit of time in Hancock. He had been ahead of a 20 minute pace but is now behind a 20 minute pace. Don't put too much store in the estimates below. They are the result of mathmatics. Travel on the trail is the result of mind and body -- much different.

Monday, 7:35 AM: At least they let me sleep. No reports. Nada. In their defense, the cell phone coverage out there sucks. "They" is Keith Dunn and, I think, Michele Burr.

Sunday, 10:30 PM: Well, so much for reports. No one has called me to report on Peyton. Sorry. I am sure he is fine. Maybe tomorrow!

Sunday, 12:07 PM: Keith Dunn reports that Peyton is off. Michele Burr is running with him. Jim and Rebecca Moore and Keith saw him off. His spirits are said to be high. The temperature is in the 60's and there is a light rain. He ran up the embancment at the beginning.

Sunday Morning, October 13: Peyton starts today at noon. Expect to receive reports this afternoon. Check back. Ignore all the estimates below. They will not conform to reality.

Miles Run | Miles To Go
Many Section Distances are Wrong
Cumberland-- PMSunday
Oldtown-- PM
Town Ck Aq--162.322.24.74:57 PM
Paw Paw--156.528.05.86:30 PM
MP--14341.55.810:55 PM
Cohil Station--131.353.29.62:57 AMMonday
Hancock-- AM
MP 11767.57.28:00:00 AM
MP 10678.511.011:15:00 AM
Wm'sp't (Cushwa Basin)--99.884.771:23:00 PM
McMahons Mill--88.196.411.76:00:00 PM
Dam 4--84.4100.13.77:34:00 PM
Taylors Lnd--80.9103.63.58:52:00 PM
Shepherstown*--72.2112.34.412:22:00 PMTuesday
Antietam Aq*--69.3115.22.91:35:00 AM
Brunswick*--55.0129.53.08:05:00 AM
Point of Rocks--48.2136.36.810:45:00 AM
Monocracy Aq*--42.2142.36.012:45:00 PM
Whites Fy*--35.5149.06.73:00:00 PM
MP 31157.38.34:30/4:45 PM
Seneca Cr--22.8161.74.47:15/7:30 PM
Swains Lock--16.6167.96.2?
Great Falls*--14.3170.22.3?
Carderock (W end)--11.0173.53.3?Wednesday
MP 0.0184.53.14:31 AMLast Report

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