Potomac Heritage 2014

November 2, 2014
? Starters; 60 Finishers
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Thanks to all of the volunteers who contributed to the 2014 version of the Potomac Heritage 50K! Thanks to repeat aid station captains Amy Platt, Jaret Seiberg and Bob Phillips, who have been helping out year after year! Thanks also to Paul Crickard for serving as the Roosevelt Island captain this year and to the numerous volunteers at all of the aid stations. Also, thanks to Doug Sullivan, Todd Burns, and Joe Calhoun, who did all of the cooking. The photos you are able to view with this report are courtesy of Bob Fabia & crew. We also couldnt have done without the WUS course marking crew!
The runners did a great job keeping us entertained this year. It was great to see all of the runners! Some particular stand-out performances are listed below. Vivian Delgado and Scott Slusher were the first runners ever to summon Uber to get them back to the finish and are commended for their resourcefulness. We hope the injury has healed. Andrew Arbuckle called a cab and abandoned his wife Neisa on trail, returning instead with his dog, who apparently had been at home alone for too long. Congrats to Jeff Reed for leading the race for the first 50 yards (we have photographic evidence) and for taking a wrong turn on a trail he has run hundreds of times (we have witnesses). Congrats to Vincent Ma, who called me from the trail, somewhere near Turkey Run, to ask me where he was and if he had any chance of catching his 4PM flight back to California. All I could tell him was that he wasnt too lost. Vincent made his flight. Additionally, 79 year old Eugene Bruckert finished the entire course after a very early start.
Kenneth Swab and Gray Weaver amassed the largest number of bonus points. Kenneth Swab received extra points for his breakdancing performance, for bringing beer, and also for using the word Twerking on the sign-in sheet at the finish. Gray Weaver managed to keep the egg in one piece, although it was a transparent, sweat infused, deformed egg.and then he ate the egg raw for a few extra points. Ed Walsh won the title of Breakdancing King and got some extra points for this. Although a standard three points was awarded for breakdancing, some people received extra points based on a photographic evidence. Extra points were also awarded for other miscellaneous notable contributions. For those runners who missed a turn near Turkey Run, but still went to the American Legion Bridge, we assessed a ten point penalty. However, these runners are still credited with a finish.
Jonathan Gowen ran the fastest time and also accumulated far too many bonus points for anyone to catch him. Kase Guevara ran the fastest time for the women, but didnt accumulate enough bonus points to keep the lead, which was taken over by Stephanie Dempsey. No telling what ultra-signup might do with these results. Regardless, I hope everyone had a great day out there and well see you again next year.

NameSexAgeStateCheck-inAid 1Aid 2Aid 3Aid 5Aid 6FinishptsTime
Andrew ArbuckleM39DC7AM start6325 miles taxi9
Irawan BalcetM38VA3255:59285:31
Natalie BennettF24CO73257:02356:27
Dan BerginM36WI336:1966:13
Gaynor BourgeoisF46DC3257:40287:12
Richard BrittonM59MD638:0397:54
Gene BruckertM79ILEARLY START12:4712:47
Ed CappucinoM60VA737:36107:26
Stephanie ChivisF40VA7:027:02
Cindy CohenF46DC53258:54338:21
Brian CompagnoneM40VA255:59255:34
Neisa CondemaitaF40DC7AM start339:1769:11
Scott CreedM45VA320 miles3
Gayatri DattaF59MD7AM start39:5439:51
Ryan DaviesM31DC335:2065:14
Vivian DelgadoF33VA5320 miles--uber8
Stephanie DempseyF47VA3256:47286:19
Karen DonohueF44MD33257:41317:10
Delia EdelmannF62MD5314 ½ miles8
Heather FedericiF37MD3257:10286:42
Fred FialcoM41MD18
Todd FolmsbeeM3193
Alan GowenM65MD-10 turn257:48157:33
(birthday boy)
Jonathan GowenM30MD15 cake points53255:06514:15
Pam GowenF62MD20
KC GuevaraF38VA66:3766:31
Francie HankinsF50VA319 miles3
Dave HerringM43VA53255:59335:26
Katie KeierF44VA5319 miles8
Jeffrey KlemmM63VA77:357:28
Brian KolbM38VA6:396:39
Alice LoughranF7:177:17
Vincent MaM45CA-10 turn6:34-106:44
Dan MackebenM54MD18 miles
Stephen MangM33MD53256:22335:49
Eric McGlincheyM41VA53256:25335:52
Rebecca MollbergF37VA8:068:06
Kevin MorriseyM50VA19.3 miles
Diana O’BrienF52PA3-10 turn8:05-78:12
Ragan PetrieF48VASpotted on course
David (birthday boy) QuiveyM52VA519 miles5
Jeff ReedM54VA538:5288:44
Laurie ReinhartF42PA7:487:48
Maureen RohrsF58MD39:5439:51
Debbie ShafferFVA19 miles
Paul SherlockM58VA-10 turn257:10156:55
Scott SlusherMUber—20 miles
Francesco SmithM60MD20
Becki SpieringF33VA36:5826:56
Loren StarrM53GA53-26:56-26:58
Kenneth SwabM63MD10 beer points315258:40537:47
Colin TrowerM37PA333255:58345:24
Ed WalshM65VA208:15157:55
Gray WeaverM31VA53505:58585:00
Carole WilliamsonF53MD15 cookie points10 turn8:0668:00
Mark ZimmermanM62MD7AM start539:5489:46
Jill QuiveyF15 cake points19 miles15
Alan ZwartMSpotted on course
Results submitted by Kerry Owens
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