Elizabeth Furnace

March 14, 2015
75 Starters; 61 Finishers
50 km
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Below are the results of the 10th running of the EFA 50k. The 2015 race saw repeat winners from 2014, as both the mens' and womens' champs, Dave Frazier and Angela Russell, again topped those fields. Angela actually bested her time of 2014, despite more challenging course conditions brought on by rain the previous night and heavy snow melt over the previous week, and despite battling a stomach flu leading up to race day. Dave's time was a few minutes slower than his astonishing course record from 2014. Best Blood was once again won entirely too easily and dominantly this year. John Nelson took a literal faceplant about halfway into the race. See his report for more details.
John Nelson's Report |John Nelson pic

PlaceNameSexAgeStateMudhole/10 milesE. Furnace / 22 milesFinish
1David FrazierMale29VA1:213:335:20:28
2Matthew BuginMale33VA1:343:455:23:58
3Kyle LawrenceMale30VA1:343:455:38
4Jack KuriskyMale47VA1:34xxx5:40
5Joey CohenMale31DC1:484:035:51
6Chris McIntoshMale41VA1:343:475:58
7Evan FisherMale34VA1:454:036:00
8Ginn WhiteMale39MD2:054:256:12
9Trevor BaineMale33DC1:454:156:22
10Gavin WatsonMale54MD2:054:286:33
11Joe SchramkaMale46DCxxx4:416:46
12Angela RussellFemale38MD2:024:416:52:20
13Larry Watson IIMale48MD2:044:406:59
14Kevin RussellMale44MD2:024:417:07
15Jesse FullerMale31VA2:074:477:12
16Dan RogersMale39MD2:134:477:12
17Matthew SmithMale35VAxxx4:477:15
18Kevin GreenMale42MD2:144:527:15
19Dave HerringMale44VA2:064:477:17
20Ron GreenMale47MD2:114:527:17
21Glen GibsonMale35VAxxx4:547:24
22Brian CarrMale39MD2:07xxx7:28
23Birgit MitchellFemale43MD2:145:087:30
24Danny MowersMale37PA2:205:087:30
25Michael HannonMale50MD2:205:087:34
26Jaret SeibergMale45MD2:155:097:38
27Rick ThompsonMale50MD2:115:027:39
28Art PerraudMale57MD2:145:067:43
29Michele HarmonFemale49MD2:185:107:48
30Paul CrickardMale61MD2:185:227:51
31Alisa SpringmanFemale40VA2:225:327:54
32Jim DanielsMale41VA2:225:327:54
33Tim GavinMale47MD2:205:247:55
34Jeff PenceMale56VA2:185:108:07
35Dan AghdamMale46VA2:315:328:07
36Irawan BalcetMale38VA2:295:378:08
37Fred FialcoMale41MD2:295:388:08
38Betsy NickleFemale31DC2:265:048:11
39Sara FanousFemale35VA2:275:378:23
40Tom SimondsMale60VA2:275:378:23
41Rob TidwellMale44VA2:165:088:26
42Bruce TweedieMale53VA2:335:458:29
43Stephen CooperMale60MD2:305:448:33
44Jill QuiveyFemale13VA2:315:488:33
45David QuiveyMale15VA2:315:488:33
46Jesse ParkerMale35VA2:185:088:34
47Nathan VasherMale29VA2:425:588:52
48Charlie HoganMale55MD2:205:468:59
49Lisa JohnstonFemale50MD2:416:129:03
50Kristen PenceFemale33VA2:385:589:04
51Eric ThomsonMale46VA2:425:589:04
52Michael JuryMale39VA2:346:079:09
53Larry FergusonMale39VA2:356:079:09
54John GodinetMale58MD2:416:129:16
55Frank ProbstMale71VA2:396:129:17
56Robert PerryMale52MD2:406:129:23
57Scott MillarMale46MD2:416:129:23
58Alan GowenMale65MD2:416:259:23
59Alan LagonMale45MD3:026:219:26
60Ed WalshMale66VA2:446:3910:24
61Judith WeberFemale55MD3:177:1511:12
DNFTyler KeyworthMale29MD1:343:52xxx
DNF - 23Brian SchmidtMale46VA1:343:52xxx
DNF - 23John GarneskiMale38VAxxx5:56xxx
DNF - 23Katie RaezerFemale46PA2:255:58xxx
DNF - 23Michael GildeaMale50VA2:386:02xxx
DNF - 23Gary MaierMale62NY2:416:12xxx
DNF - 23Mary Ellen HutchinsFemale60VA2:516:42xxx
DNF - 23Megan WiegandFemale29DC3:067:22xxx
DNF - 23Katie KeierFemale44VA3:067:22xxx
DNF - 23Bob GaylordMale66VA3:067:22xxx
DNF - 22Sean AndrishMale45VA1:343:52xxx
DNF - 22Brian SobolewskiMale40VA2:49xxxxxx
DNF - 22Francesco SmithMale29MD2:56xxxxxx
DNF - 22Erin BrownFemale31VA2:57xxxxxx
23 mile runners were recorded as having run to the second aid station at the 
Furnace, then running directly to the finish without doing the Sherman Gap
loop.  22 mile runners were recorded as having gone directly to the finish, 
skipping the Furnace aid station.  Irawan Balcet and Fred Fialco get "extra
credit" for diverting in error to the finish line early, then returning to
the course to complete the Sherman Gap loop.  Tyler Keyworth started the 
Sherman Gap loop, but returned when he experienced back issues.  I think that
covers all our asterisks for 2015!
Results submitted by Quatro Hubbard
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