MMB Memorial 50k

August 8, 2015
41 Starters; 32 Finishers
50 km
MMB Memorial 50k Web site

Initial results - posted on August 10, 2015. More complete results, including splits at the three aid stations, will replace these once they have been prepared. With any luck, there will be a formal report ready to post at that time. For now, thanks to the volunteers who made this event happen, and congratulations to Dave Frazier, who successfully defended his title with another MMB win; to Angela Russell, who was the women's winner.

Place MMB Entrant - 2015SexAgeStateTimeDistance
1David FrazierM29VA5:2432.5 miles
2Mike MasonM44NC5:4832.5 miles
3Joey CohenM32DC6:2032.5 miles
4Trevor BaineM33DC6:2632.5 miles
5Eric HarrisM42MD6:4432.5 miles
6Erik PriceM32VA6:5632.5 miles
7Christian DahlhausenM35VA7:4632.5 miles
8Angela RussellF39MD7:4832.5 miles
9Marc GriffinM39VA8:0432.5 miles
9Danny MowersM37PA8:0432.5 miles
9Amy BrockeyF34MD8:0432.5 miles
9Dan RogersM39MD8:0432.5 miles
9Fred FialcoM41MD8:0432.5 miles
14Angie BurnetteF44MD8:0932.5 miles
15Devin BlytheM38VA8:1132.5 miles
16Lara ZoellerF31VA8:1732.5 miles
17Mike HannonM50MD8:2432.5 miles
18Eric McGlincheyM41VA8:2732.5 miles
19Kevin GreenM42MD8:2932.5 miles
20Chris CwiklinskiM41VA8:4432.5 miles
21Dan AghdamM47VA8:5032.5 miles
21Rob TidwellM45VA8:5032.5 miles
23Andy PetersonM58VA8:5832.5 miles
24Steve CooperM61MD8:5932.5 miles
25Bob AndersonM68VA9:0832.5 miles
26Eva PastalkovaF39VA9:2732.5 miles
27Carol CohenF38VA10:0732.5 miles
27Bob GaylordM67VA10:0732.5 miles
29Sarah SmithF42MD10:1232.5 miles
30William SilvermanM39VA10:1732.5 miles
31Jackie OngF54VA11:2432.5 miles
31Caroline WilliamsF53VA11:2432.5 miles
DNFJim SmuckerM54VA7:2727.5 miles
DNFBruce TweedieM53VA7:2727.5 miles
DNFChris MillerM36MD7:2727.5 miles
DNFMatt BuginM33VA4:1825.2 miles
DNFPhyllis TsangF33VA4:5625.2 miles
DNFJill QuiveyF19AZ7:1725.2 miles
DNFHelen MacDermottF36VA6:4223 miles
DNFDave QuiveyM21AZ5:4619 miles
DNFJon JesterM56VA6:1119 miles
Results submitted by Quatro Hubbard
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