Potomac Heritage Trail 50km

November 8, 2015
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As is often the case, we had a beautiful sunny Sunday in November for the Potomac Heritage event. We had a few people finish the entire run and many people run randomly or not at all. They all eventually found the way to the post-run festivities.

A big shout out goes to the Platt family, Paul Crickard, Jaret Seiberg, and Bob Phillips for managing the aid stations once again this year. Also a big thanks goes out to Todd Burns and Joe Calhoun for coming down to cook chili again! Thanks to Kirstin Corris for helping me mark trail!

Bonus point competitions were once again highly entertaining. Everyone thanks Charlie and Betty Miracle for providing the poor unsuspecting kissing canines! We had many folks competing for the bonus points. Marc Hendel and Pat Murray took top honors. As usual, extra points were awarded for eating the sweaty raw egg. Extra points were also awarded for random miscellaneous entertaining feats. For example, Joey Cohen received bonus points for signing up online during check-in, when most runners were already at the start. He did manage to stroll in for check-in a few minutes later. Negative bonus points would have been awarded to all of the people who decided it was more fun to do out-and-backs on the canal than run the trails, but we have been unable to identify all of these people.

As far as the run goes, we had a newcomer Jack DaSilva, accompanied by his dog for most of the run, who had the fastest running time. However, while Jack was running hard, Sean Andrish was busily collecting bonus points to warm up for his sprint to the finish. Thus, Sean ended up with the faster net time, narrowly passing Jack. In the women's race, Daisy Weill took the honors. Daisy had both the fastest running time and net time as she managed to do some dog kissing and egg carrying en route to the finish line.

Congrats to everyone who completed the distance! We enjoyed seeing everyone and Doug and I look forward to seeing you all next year.

NameAgeSexFinishPointsTimeNet Time*Official run start time 8:05AM
IngaAdams40Female18 miles?5
CarrieAnderson33Female3:02106 576 47egg
SeanAndrish46Male104 394 29Bonus points give fastest net time
AndrewArbuckle40Male2010 009 40egg/jump/dog
TrevorBaine33Male18 miles5
IrawanBalcet39Male2:15206 105 50egg
JacobBarton37Male2:3606 319 40
MariaBertacchi51Female159 008 45
KerryBuckleyFemale0ran to Turkey Run
CarolCohen39Female?15didn't sign out - no time total
JoeyCohen32Male18 miles15xtra points online sign up 15 minutes before start
NeisaCondemaita41Female2010 009 40egg/jump/dog
JackDaSilva30Male12:4204 364 36ditched his dog, was slowing him down --fastest running time
JasonDexter35Male1:2555 205 15
FredFialco42Malestopped at Turkey Run
JesseFuller31Male1:5355 485 43
EmilyGilson23Female5:01208 568 36egg
SirishaGolla41Female58 208 15
PamelaGowen63Female12 miles0
AlanGowen66Male4:05158 007 45egg
JonathanGowen31Male1:26155 215 06egg
MarcHendel25Male1:33415 284 47ate pigs feet, ate egg!
QuatroHubbard55Male57 227 15
JeffreyKlemm64Male57 287 23
KeithKnipling39Male1:1805 135 13
SeanLawler43Male3:2557 207 15
JayMcDaniel34Male3:59107 547 44egg
EricMcGlinchey42Male3:0557 006 55
BrianMcNeill57Male19 miles0
JustinMcneill41Male2:50156 456 30
PatrickMurray43Male2:04415 595 28Ate pigs feet, rode bike 10 miles each way to and from event and ate egg
MarthaNelson34Female18 miles5
BrianO'Connor50Male1:44155 395 24
JackieOng54Female4:28108 218 11egg
ChrisPabian39Male0drop at Turkey Run
GeoffPatterson32Male2:35106 306 20egg
JillQuivey50Female12 miles0
DavidQuivey53Male12 miles0
AaronSchwartzbard38Male18 miles0
DanieleSeiss45Female1:1805 13took a detour
PaulSherlock59Male307 407 102 eggs!
ShmuelShoham46Male57 257 20detour
FrancescoSmith29Male20stopped at Turkey Run
PatrickStewart25Male55 355 30
Seng-LaiTan44Male58 108 05
ClintonThompson39Male2:14106 095 59
PhyllisTsang33Female18 miles0
PatrickVaughan38Male1:25205 205 00egg/jump/dog
FrankVolny36Male3:02106 576 47egg
LindaWack59Female19 miles5
TravisWallen31Male3:2757 227 17egg
DaisyWeill27Female2:32206 276 07First Female, carried egg too
GregZaruba49Male105 235:13
MarkZimmermann63Male1010 059 55early start
AlanZwart45Male20ran to Turkey Run, egg
The time in the Finish column is the PM time of day.
Results submitted by Doug Sullivan
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