Potomac Heritage

November 6, 2016
57 Starters; 29 Finishers
50 km
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The results for the 2016 running of the Potomac Heritage 50 km, held on the first Sunday in November, as per tradition. Also, as per tradition, it was a sunny, dry, gorgeous fall day -- and the post-race party was fantastic. Thanks to hosts Kerry Owens and Doug Sullivan for once again putting on this fall classic!

Race Report by Ken Swab

NameSexAgeR.I.T.R.1T.R.2C.B.2Adjusted Time
Joey Cohen33Male5 min5 min4:59
Freddy Mondale24Male5 min5 min4:59
Jonathan Gowen32Male5 min5:18
Jesse Fuller32Male5 min5 min5 min5:32
Frank Volny37Male5:53
Nolan Shigley40Male5:55
Tyler Gonnsen28Male5 min5 min5 min6:02
Christopher Dempsey39Male5 min5 min6:04
Gaynor Bourgeois48Female5 min5 min2 min6:06
Serhot Ozturk36Male5 min5 min6:29
Erin Windauer30Female5 min6:34
Geoff Patterson33Male6:39
Daniel Nowakowski26Male5 min5 min6:44
Al Yoon50Male6:54
Quatro Hubbard56Male5 min5 min7:05
Mikka Macdonald22Female5 min7:09
Windy Aziz40Female5 min7:10
Elizabeth Guillen30Female5 min5 min7:24
Jill Jacobs50Female5 min7:29
Marty Fox65Male7:30
Jeffrey Klemm65Male7:30
Paul Sherlock60Male5 min8:04
Bob Coyne69Male5 min8:55
Kenneth Swab65Male5 min15 min9:07
Sarah Curtis35Female5 min5 min9:15
Sirisha Golla41Female5 min9:20
Mark Zimmermann64Male5 min9:22
Brady Haycock36Female5 min5 min9:24
Dong Vo59Male9:24
Carol Cohen40Female5 min28 miles
Raisa Slepoy51Female22 miles
Greg Zaruba50Male21 miles
Pamela Gowen64Female20 miles
Michal Niedzwiecki33Male5 min20 miles
Joe Clapper58Male5 min20 miles
Francesco Smith62Male5 min5 min20 miles
Chris BattenMale20 Miles
Alan Gowen67Male20 miles
Trevor Baine34Male18 miles
Todd Folmsbee46Male5 min18 miles
Tara Rohland-CrabbFemale5 min18 miles
Scott Crabb45Male5 min18 miles
Martha Nelson35Female5 min18 miles
Katie Keier46Female5 min18 miles
Karen Donohue46Female5 min18 miles
Jackie Ong55Female18 miles
Fred Fialco43Male18 miles
Deborah Shaffer51Female18 miles
David Quivey54Male5 min18 miles
Daisy Weill28Female5 min18 miles
Brett Martin36Male18 miles
Aaron Schwartzbard39Male18 miles
James Moore72Male13 miles
Rebecca Moore71Female13 miles
Doug Levy35Male??
Brienne Thomson31Female5 min??
Sheila Vibert34Female??
Results submitted by Kerry Owens
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