Redeye 50km

January 1, 2016
Redeye 50km Web site

These are the initial results of the run. There may be more coming. All comments are from Gary.

Brandon Mathews4:20:24New Event Record; brother pushing brother
Grace Fisher4:26:30even though faster than own Event Record, 2nd
Brad Hinton4:35Son at finish waiting; didn’t have to wait long
Seth Mathews5:17brother pushing brother
Vincent Ma5:32:22from CA for Redeye; then to MA & FL to run 26
Lynn Kline5:54brother pushing brother
Scott Brannam6:00got all 3 loops in while buddy partied after 1
Mike Campbell6:08solid as clockwork; always starts New Year ++
Paul Crickard6:18rocking the VHTRC blue proudly, and fast
Patrick Digiulian6:20looking good in flashy red
Keith Knipling6:29back and forth, picking up stray runners
Wayne Kline6:30brother pushing brother. Long Haul 100 next
Sara Davidson6:31not a minute separation
Jared Byrd6:31not a minute separation
Anthony Mitchell6:37another Tony in the midst – Welcome !
Dave Robertson6:43“King David” - starting his 100 training
Sam Phinney6:47is there an MD on the course? Yes
Stacy Jer7:06another runner from CA; Welcome !
Quatro Hubbard7:07great time considering aid station loitering
Larry Tumblin7:07Fort Valley comes to Piedmont
Sara Fanous7:13has big plans for 2016 – running and pacing
Jill Jacobs7:13daughter supposed to show, but party +++?
Tom Simonds7:13never too early to start training for Hardrock
Larry Huffman7:24solid as a rock runner; always finishes
John Sondermann7:29got to eat part of his own turkey sub offering
Joyce Fendley7:31did all 3 loops this year; And got credit for it
Toni Aurilio7:31finished with dogs in tow
Bill Gentry7:31had help with mush dog in reins
Rob Kolb7:31part of big finish crowd
Marty Fox7:34claims to be new at this trail running thing
Alice Hisomoto7:35worried entire 3rd loop without ribbons
Emily Ford7:38late arrival but made up time
Bruce Tweedie7:40marked trail before; pulled ribbons after
Ed Walsh7:41helped mark trail and park cars; & still finished
Mark Zimmerman7:51Santa presence 1 week late
Dawn Gray7:52kept missing her, coming and going
Alice Loughran7:53a few extra bonus miles. Long Haul 100 next
Jeff Klemm7:58representing sexagenarians in fine style
Stephanie Danahy8:00last 10 miles on road
John Stacy8:00last 10 miles on road
Stephanie Wilson8:11early start but got it done for 6th straight year
Results submitted by Gary Knipling
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