Boyer's Furnace

December 29, 2018
60 Starters; 56 Finishers
40 Miles
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The results for the 2018 Boyer's Furnace 40 Miler. Gorgeous weather year for this year's race, with sunny skies reigning throughout the day, and temps reaching into the low 50's. Congrats to Chris Moore and Kelly MacDonald, the first man and first woman to finish this year!

RD Carol Cohens Race Report

Photos - Kirk Masterson | Kirk took pictures as the runners emerged from the yellow trail to the first aid station at Veach Gap, Mile 17

Photos - Tony Escobar | Tony was aid station captain at Woodstock Tower, Mile 23; he also took photos at the final aid station at Edinburg Gap, Mile 31

Additional Photos | Photos from a number of volunteers, crew and runners, who are identified in each photo's name.

1Christopher Moore33MVA3:004:035:457:07
2Aaron Ellison42MMD3:144:125:557:22
3Ryan Quinnelly36MVA3:084:105:557:24
4Chris Pabian42MPA3:124:166:007:26
5Chris Moen28MMD3:064:106:097:34
6David Peppelman43MMD3:194:256:137:39
7Kelly MacDonald29FVA3:194:306:187:56!
8Josh Howe39MVA3:144:236:278:02
9Kathleen Cusick43FFL3:224:296:298:07
10Matt Christovich39MVA3:234:446:488:16
11Michael Roberts53MDC3:205:286:468:27
12Keith Knipling42MVA3:294:486:518:37
13Jose Cardenas30MVA3:334:486:598:44
14Emily Warner34FVA3:555:087:209:06
15Jack Anderson36MDC3:385:087:199:09
16Eric Eldridge50MVA3:575:147:309:15
17Andy Peterson62MVA4:175:297:429:17
18John Fitz44MMD3:385:087:239:17
19Marty Fox68MVA4:065:287:369:18
20Chris Coder37MMD4:555:107:269:21
21Emily Clay29FMD4:565:147:359:28
22Ryan Brown33MMD4:115:327:529:31
23Erick Kuhlmann31MVA4:115:337:479:35
24Bruce Tweedie57MVA4:135:337:579:36
25Mike Zinn36MVA4:115:327:479:38
26Paul Crickard65MMD4:065:297:439:39
27Jamie Greenawalt50FPA3:575:277:459:48
28Jason Wooley39MVA4:104:307:569:50
29Dave Goodwin53MVA4:035:308:0210:08
30Barry Hauptman55MMD4:135:378:1610:14
31Diana Widdowson52FPA4:145:468:1610:15
32Rob Tidwell48MVA4:175:438:1610:18
32Jesse Parker38MVA4:145:428:1610:18
34Lauren Gabler34FVA4:425:558:3410:21
34Daisy Weill30FDC4:305:508:3110:21
36Travis Bertram45MVA4:045:398:2110:34
37Richard Sisson48MVA4:125:568:4110:42
38Marvin Leventer54MMD4:305:558:3510:45
39Charlene Howard47FMD4:305:528:3110:47
39Tonnie Warfield39FMD4:305:548:3210:47
39Katherine Renken34FVA4:235:538:2710:47
39Doug Massengale43MMD4:145:508:2710:47
43David Pena27MVA4:196:108:3210:52
43Sean Kincaid24MVA4:186:108:3110:52
45Samantha Pitts-Kiefer41FVA4:386:108:4910:55
46Jamey Brumsey34MVA4:195:548:4011:00
47Shelly Cable49FVA4:576:229:0911:11
47Cassandra Lizza38FPA4:556:238:5511:11
49Alvin Lee44MMD4:406:209:0911:21
50Carrie Edwards41FVA5:146:459:2911:33
50Chelsea Smith32FVA5:146:459:2911:33
50Brian Kelleher51MVA5:467:209:3111:33
53Rob Kolb51MVA4:427:059:4512:11
54Mandy Pierce44FPA5:417:1510:0012:29
55Sirisha Golla44FVA5:277:0510:0512:29
56Gaetano Calla44MVA5:427:2010:3012:30
NopeRam Oruganti48MVA5:257:1610:19DNF
NopeSherry Lewis43FVA5:467:2010:30DNF
NopeMegan Hardey31FVA3:555:14xxxDNF
NopeBrett Martin38MVA5:42xxxxxxDNF
Alvin Lee received a ten minute "chip time" to his splits and final finishing time, due to
parking issues that kept him from starting with the other runners at 7:30 AM.

Veach Gap Aid Station is roughly 17 miles into the race.
Woodstock Tower Aid Station was in its customary trailhead location this year, at mile 23
Edinburgh Gap Aid Station was just over 31 miles into this 40 mile race.
Results submitted by Quatro Hubbard
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