Red Eye

January 1, 2018
84 Starters; 21 Finishers
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The 2018 Red Eye had 84 runners brave the cold conditions; it was reported as one of the coldest New Year's since 1944. Of the 84 runners, we had 53 males and 31 females start. 21 runners finished all three loops to complete the 50k distance.

Justin Contois was first male with a time of 4:32. Michele Harman was the first and only woman finisher with a time of 7:25.

2018 Report

PlaceNameSexLoop 1Loop 2Loop3
1Justin ContoisM1:353:024:32
2Blair FaulkM1:363:064:50
3Michael RolandM1:353:135:10
4Keith KniplingM1:503:445:28
5Josh CorbinM1:513:405:36
6Matthew McWhirterM1:513:405:44
7Jeff KleinM1:523:445:44
8Daniel LawverM1:533:485:51
9Patrick VaughnM2:004:026:07
10Jeff WeberM2:003:596:12
11Wayne KlineM2:114:196:29
12Lynn KlineM2:114:196:31
13Michael CampbellM2:124:326:53
14Larry HuffmanM2:304:437:05
15Andy PetersonM2:264:457:14
16Michele HarmonF2:155:077:45
17Bill GentryM2:205:077:45
18Gary KniplingM2:264:547:45
19Marty FoxM2:345:187:51
20John StacyM2:315:007:55
21Mark ZimmermannM2:505:197:57
Two Loopers (21+ miles)
NopePatrick EarlyM1:393:22DNF
NopeErik PriceM2:033:40DNF
NopeJames EustaceM1:533:43DNF
NopeGregory SyndersM1:533:43DNF
NopeTim PuetzM1:363:44DNF
NopeJeffrey KentM1:543:47DNF
NopeConnor MurphyM1:503:49DNF
NopeCarol CohenF2:014:02DNF
NopeKelly MacDonaldF2:004:04DNF
NopeEllen HartF2:004:05DNF
NopeJohn HodgeM2:014:16DNF
NopeMegan QuinnF2:314:40DNF
NopeBrett MartinM2:114:40DNF
NopeJoe ClapperM2:155:08DNF
NopeQuatro HubbardM2:205:14DNF
NopeLaura BennettF3:065:22DNF
NopeHolly FranzF3:065:22DNF
NopeJim HullM2:495:26DNF
NopeSteph DanahyF2:425:30DNF
NopeDebbie DaughtryF2:425:30DNF
NopeLaura FalsoneF2:465:30DNF
NopeBob GaylordM2:545:47DNF
NopeSarah SmithF2:235:51DNF
One Loopers (11+ miles)
NopeBrian SchmidtM1:39xxxDNF
NopeJames BrennanM1:52xxxDNF
NopeRyan MooreM2:00xxxDNF
NopeRob ColensoM2:00xxxDNF
NopeBlake BurketM2:02xxxDNF
NopeJohn FitzM2:10xxxDNF
NopeNick NeakraseM2:11xxxDNF
NopeTracy DahlF2:12xxxDNF
NopeReinhardt GrayM2:12xxxDNF
NopeJen HotchkissF2:15xxxDNF
NopeLisa VasquezF2:17xxxDNF
NopeDan AghdamM2:20xxxDNF
NopeDave HerringM2:20xxxDNF
NopeTom SimondsM2:20xxxDNF
NopeAl CamposM2:23xxxDNF
NopeBetsy NickleF2:24xxxDNF
NopeGail JonesF2:25xxxDNF
NopeRobin ShepherdF2:25xxxDNF
NopeJon JesterM2:26xxxDNF
NopeDiane BehmF2:27xxxDNF
NopeDenise CollF2:31xxxDNF
NopeDana FullenF2:31xxxDNF
NopeDeb CawthornF2:36xxxDNF
NopeAddie WelchF2:47xxxDNF
NopeGretchen BoltonF2:53xxxDNF
NopeTracey ThibodeauF2:53xxxDNF
NopeLawrence BartlettM2:54xxxDNF
NopeLinda BoltonF2:54xxxDNF
NopeMarwa ElsayedF2:54xxxDNF
NopeMichele WatsonF2:54xxxDNF
NopeAmy AdamsF3:07xxxDNF
NopeLarry ThibodeauM3:07xxxDNF
NopeDanett CrespoF3:08xxxDNF
NopeKari AndersonF3:40xxxDNF
NopeBob AndersonM3:40xxxDNF
NopeJames MooreM3:40xxxDNF
NopeLarry TumblinM3:46xxxDNF
NopeFrancesco SmithM4:37xxxDNF
NopePaul CrickardM4:42xxxDNF
Results submitted by Dave Woll
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