Boyer's Furnace

December 28, 2019
57 Starters; 49 Finishers
40 miles
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Results for the 2019 Boyer's Furnace 40 Miler, held on a picture-perfect, nearly spring-like, day in the southern part of the Fort Valley in northwestern Virginia. The weather no doubt assisted in seeing 49 of the 57 starters complete the full distance. Several of the DNF's were knocked out of the race by injury, which is a particular issue on the notoriously leaf-covered rocky sections of the Massanutten Trail that the runners negotiate over the first 17 miles, and then again for 8 fairly treacherous miles from Woodstock to Edinburg. All seemed to enjoy this great day in the mountains, and to get a great kickstart to 2020 ultra training, particularly those planning to take part in the winter series of "training academy" runs for the Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 mile race.

Besides the amazing weather, the glorious views, and the amazing support from Race Director Carol Cohen's cadre of volunteers, the race was highlighted by a new course and event record, set by Paul Jacobs. Paul bested not only the course, but also a stellar men's field for this year's race. To be clear, Paul did not just set a new record. He shattered the old mark, beating Aaron Schwartzbard's 2007 time of 6:47 by a mind-blowing 31 minutes! The women's winner was Mikala Shremshock. Mikala's 8:42 allowed her to hold off strong efforts by 2nd place Kristen Gray and 3rd place Emily Clay; the course record, established with a 7:56 finish in the 2018 race by Kelly MacDonald, remains intact for another year.

The 2020 race will be held on the standard Saturday between Christmas and New Year's Day, which this year will be December 26th.

RD Carol Cohen's Race Report | Photographs

PlaceNameAgeSex StateVeechWoodstockEdinburgFinish
1Paul Jacobs!41MDC2:413:305:026:16
2Adam Watkins39MDC2:393:415:277:04
3Michael Wardian45MVA2:484:125:527:14
4Luke Bosek40MVA3:014:105:547:23
4Jeremy Lucier34MVA3:014:115:557:23
6Aaron Ellison43MMD3:034:106:047:41
7Joseph Crawford34MVA3:304:32xxx7:43
8Matthew Erb41MVA3:154:296:358:14
8Levi Mason39MVA3:234:336:318:14
8Barret Stanton21MVA2:564:056:228:14
11Kyle Lawrence35MVA3:194:276:348:27
12Ben Morton33MVA3:084:306:448:39
12Raymond Rogers39MVA3:324:526:558:39
14Brian Compagnone46MVA3:355:047:028:40
15Mikala Shremshock36FVA3:424:517:108:42
16Kristen Gray26FVA3:284:507:129:09
17Emily Clay30FMD4:065:257:379:13
17Lance Dockery28MMD4:065:257:339:13
19Keith VanGraafeiland38MVA3:425:117:279:16
20Mike Hendricksen39MVA3:385:047:279:28
20Derek Robinson38MVA3:385:047:279:28
22Eric Thornton40MVA3:465:057:329:31
23Garret Christensen40MDC3:575:277:519:38
24Bruce Tweedie58MVA4:065:297:509:41
25Don Riley56MMD4:065:297:539:44
26Michael Harms36MVA4:005:257:549:47
27Hussein EzzEldin37MMD4:095:247:569:53
27Ali Mohammed40MMD4:045:247:569:53
29Stephane Dempsey43FVA4:045:268:1010:03
29Adeline Ntam40FMD4:025:218:1010:03
31Alvin Lee45MMD4:025:388:1110:07
32John Calabrese39MVA4:005:258:0410:10
33Rob Tidwell49MVA4:165:488:2410:18
34Andy Peterson63MVA4:295:568:2910:29
35David Wood57MMD4:235:568:2810:31
36Casey Fisher36MMD4:115:468:3810:33
36Christian Stanton46MVA4:035:348:2210:33
38Marty Fox69MVA4:215:468:2210:34
39Catherine Cohen50FMD4:336:018:4510:48
40Jeff Pence61MVA4:276:048:4111:13
41Paul Sherlock63MVA4:426:209:1111:32
42Bill Breidenstine54MPA4:386:199:2211:51
43James Miller55MVA4:556:429:3311:57
44Chelsea Smith33FVA4:527:039:4912:09
45Dan Aghdam51MVA5:217:039:5912:19
45Paul Joyner33MMD4:426:169:4512:19
47Gaetano Calla45MVA5:217:009:5212:20
48Jacqueline Ong58FVA5:517:3510:2712:54
49Sirisha Golla44FVA5:517:3310:2612:55
Boyers "50k"
NopeAllison Rosenberg29FDC4:075:469:01DNF
NopeQuatro Hubbard59MVA5:046:479:59DNF
NopeTravis Bertram46MVA5:006:5710:09DNF
Injured Reserve List
NopeMark Lent35MVA5:217:23XDNF
NopeCarole Willimason58FMD5:517:36XDNF
NopeRyan Brown34MMD4:07XXDNF
NopeNate Mauger30MDC4:10XXDNF
NopeJohn Hord52MMD6:00XXDNF
Veach Gap Aid Station is roughly 17 miles into the race.
Woodstock Tower Aid Station was in its customary trailhead location this year, at mile 23
Edinburgh Gap Aid Station was just over 31 miles into this 40 mile race.
Results submitted by Carol Cohen
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