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October 5, 2019
70 Starters; 63 Finishers
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The PB&J 50K lucked out this year. Runners experienced gorgeous fall weather, with temps in the low 50s at the start. The PB&J start and finish location switched from the Pine Grove Shelter (adjacent to the Prince William Forest Park Visitor Center) to the Telegraph Pavilion this year. This resulted in ample parking for all the runners, the opening up of the lots in the previous race location to the usual flood of Saturday hikers out on a wonderful fall day. The move to Telegraph Pavilion necessitated only a slight adjustment to the course. The start and finish of each loop now follows the Laurel Loop trail for 1.40 miles to the iconic suspension bridge crossing Quantico Creek. Additionally, this year the Mawavi AS was relocated to the intersection of Mawavi Road and the South Valley Trail. This meant that runners no longer had to climb the 1/2 mile gravel road out and back to reach this initial aid station on each loop.

70 runners lined up to start the 6th annual PB&J 50k, with 63 finishers completing the entire course. This is the highest number of finishers to date! Despite the favorable fall weather conditions, no event records were broken. Of course, the new course is longer, so the old Pine Grove-based PB&J course records may be out of reach for runners now running closer to 32 miles out of Telegraph Pavilion.

Marcus Penner finished 1st place overall with a time of 4:53. Marcus ran in 3rd place for the 1st loop behind A.J. Cillo. A.J. finished second for the second time at the PB&J 50k, as he finished the 2014 race in 2nd place with a time of 4:35:00. Newcomer Anthony Johnson was the front runner for the first 16 mile loop. Anthony was overtaken by the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place runners on the way to Mawavi Road for the 2nd loop. He made it to a strong 5th place overall finish.

First place female, Carol Cohen, cruised to the finish in 6th overall, with a time of 5:45. First loop leader Kristen Serafin held on to finish in 2nd place among the 28 female starters, 7th overall.

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No.Bib No.NameSexAgeStateMawavi 1 7.5TREC 1 13Telegraph 16Mawavi 2 23.5TREC 2 29FinishFinishing TimeNotes
1474Marcus PennerM27VA9:089:5510:2911:3412:2112:534:531st Place overall
2427Antonio CilloM33VA9:069:5110:2511:3412:2413:045:042nd Place overall
3496Ismael VillalobosM35TX9:1610:0810:4511:5612:4713:225:223rd Place overall
4477Erik PriceM36VA9:1210:0110:3911:5512:4513:235:234th Place overall
5450Anthony JohnsonM29FL9:059:4710:2511:4412:4413:285:285th Place overall, First Ultra, Front runner for 1st loop
6428Carol CohenF42VA9:2410:2111:0112:1713:0713:455:451st Place Female, 6th overall
7480Kristen SerafinF31MD9:1610:1310:5312:1213:0813:535:532nd Place Female, 7th overall
8492Brad TongcoM22VA9:1610:0710:4912:0613:1013:545:54First Ultra!
9424Peter ChapmanM37DC9:2410:1911:0112:2413:2314:006:00
10467Kathleena MumfordF34VA9:2610:2911:0612:2713:2314:036:033rd Female
11421John CalabreseM39VA9:1410:0710:4512:1513:2114:056:05
12438Pandita GerdyF37VA9:2510:2511:0612:3113:2514:076:074th Female
12461Andrew MaiselM32DC9:2410:1911:0112:2413:2314:076:07
14458Joe LoveM35VAxxx10:2611:0412:3213:2914:096:09
15433Llewelyn EngelF30DC9:2110:1410:5712:3013:3314:166:16Tie 5th Female
15444Elaine GriesbachF48MD9:2710:2211:0712:3313:3014:166:16Tie 5th Female
15500Lindsey WeaverF33MD9:2410:2211:0712:3313:3014:166:16Tie 5th Female
18485Alex St ClairM44VA9:1910:1511:0012:3013:3214:176:17
19491Caryn ThompsonF40VA9:2210:1811:0212:3713:3514:206:20
20476Blair PetrilliF33VA9:2210:1811:0212:3913:3514:226:22
21423David CaveyM45VA9:1810:1410:5912:3013:2714:236:23
22475Bernard PesjakM50VA9:2710:2211:1012:3914:4214:276:27
23412Noah AnStrausM39MD9:2210:1811:0312:3014:1714:336:33
24484Alisa SpringmanF45VA9:2510:2211:1112:4313:4514:346:34
25487Jake StephensM22MD9:2210:1811:0312:3713:4814:436:43
26488Katharine StillmanF40VA9:2410:2211:1112:5914:1115:027:02
271Samantha NeakraseF41VA9:3210:3611:2513:0914:1715:067:06
28435Sara FanousF39VA9:2810:3011:1813:0314:1415:077:07
29483Tom SimondsM64VA9:2810:2211:1813:0214:1415:087:08
30430Stephan DobsonM58MD9:2710:3111:2513:1314:2715:147:14
31422Bryce CarpenterM48VA9:3210:3111:1612:5914:1815:167:16
31493Jim TreeceM50MD9:2610:3111:2513:1314:2715:167:16
33416Paul AumayrM49MD9:2810:3111:2113:0214:2115:197:19
34449Jill JacobsF52MD9:4210:5411:4914:2914:3315:217:21
35497Maria VillalobosF36TX9:2210:2211:1113:0314:2415:227:22First Ultra
36478Staci RoggeF37VA9:3410:4211:3113:2214:3215:237:23
37446Katie HealyF38VAxxx10:3011:1113:5414:2215:247:24
37432Tyrone Emmanuel JrM39VA9:2410:2511:1413:1114:2915:247:24First ultra finish
39420Michael BundasM23VA9:2410:2511:1413:0714:2915:257:25
39495Craig UlshM49VA9:2410:2511:1413:0714:2815:257:25
41465Tim MolesM60VA9:3610:4611:3813:2414:5415:267:26
42442Eliot GonzalezM37VA9:3210:3311:2113:1514:3515:367:36
43453Anzhela KnyazevaF34DC9:3410:4311:3113:2114:3915:377:37
43454Diana KnyazevaF32DC9:3410:4311:3113:2114:3915:377:37
45437Dee GagerF55MD9:2710:3111:2513:1814:4115:407:40
46499Tonnie WarfieldF40MD9:3210:4111:3113:2214:4315:477:47
47501Joe HainM57VAxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx15:477:47new guy, 2nd ultra, wanted to run
48498Stephen WancowiczM47MD9:3210:4111:3213:2314:5015:527:52
49464David MitchellM48VA9:3410:4411:3813:3314:5415:547:54
50418Michael BottosM58VA9:3210:3711:3313:3615:0015:597:59
51455Robert KolbM51VA9:3110:4011:3313:3415:0116:018:01
52445Robert GrolemundM50VA9:4811:0411:591:5415:0916:028:02
53419Richard BrittonM64MD9:3910:5211:5013:4615:0516:048:04
54436Larry FergusonM44VA9:4510:5311:4713:4115:0516:048:04
54451Michael JuryM44VA9:4510:5311:4713:4115:0316:048:04
54494Laura TurbeF51MD9:3910:5211:4913:4615:0516:048:04
57441Sirisha GollaF45VA9:4611:0111:5713:5415:0916:098:09
58472Kelley PeardF38VA9:3410:4711:3813:5215:1116:148:14
59116Quatro HubbardM59VA9:3410:4711:4913:5315:1116:158:15
60417Dipak BhattacharyyaM55VA9:4611:0111:5713:5515:2016:258:25
61452Jeffrey KlemmM68VA9:3910:5711:5614:0015:2716:298:29
62471Ram OrugantiM49VA9:4110:5111:3813:5715:2616:408:40
63448Alice HisamotoF58VA9:4311:0111:5513:0716:0016:578:57
Nope490Tracey ThibodeauF49VA9:4811:0411:5913:54xxxxxxDNFDropped at Mawavi 2
Nope431Todd EllickM36VA9:1610:0910:49xxxxxxxxxDNF1 Loop
Nope439Patrick GiblinM41VA9:2210:1911:08xxxxxxxxxDNF1 Loop
Nope473Julie PeasleyF44VA9:4811:0512:11xxxxxxxxxDNFDrop
Nope489Larry ThibodeauM50VA9:4911:0912:13xxxxxxxxxDNFDropped after first loop
Nope456Caroline LeeanF57VA9:56xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNFDropped after first loop
Nope443Hector GramajoM41MDxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNFrolled ankle, made it back to Telegraph
Results submitted by Sarah Curtis
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