Potomac Heritage

November 3, 2019
53 Starters; 33 Finishers
50 km
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Welcome back to the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood and the 18th running of the Potomac Heritage Trail FatAss! The race where everything is made up and the points do not matter! That is right, the points are just like the talent portion of a beauty contest. But wait!!! This year, we found out that they DO actually make a difference! [spoiler alert . . .]

53 runners toed the blue chalk start line on a near-perfect running weather day. They left promptly at 8:00... er, we mean... 8:02, that's right 8:02 is when they promptly left! A Battery Kimble whistleblower informs us that a few of the lead runners cut the course early on; to which currently, we are conducting closed door meetings and interviews to determine if we need to start formal Disqualification Hearings. But luckily, all runners were able to enjoy the wonderful views from the Trolley Trail this year, as Marty Fox finally read the turn sheet.

The rest of the day was what perfect autumn trail running is all about! Plus the addition of the Buffet of Aid Station Food, Bobbing for Apples, Fireball shots and Drawing Contests... it was like you were at the Fall Festival of your local church! Next year, we're thinking of adding a Cake Walk and Bingo!

First place this year ended up being quite interesting. Ryan Brown was our first finisher at 5hr 44mins, which was a 2 min improvement on his time last year. Our second finisher, Andrew Miller, came in at 5hr 50mins and due to some wrong turns, he seemed to have lost out by just 6 mins. So, here comes the "But wait!!!" While Ryan ran a good clean race and skipped all the Bonus Points opportunities, Andrew did 2 shots of Fireball at Turkey Run and thus took 10mins off his time. Our 2019 winner of PHT FA is Andrew Miller, by a mere 4 mins.

The Kabocha Curry was again the big hit this year, with the addition of Chicken Curry as well. Many a runner left in a definite Curry Coma. We think that we may be able to get the curry smell and runner funk out of our house by next year to do it all over again! Many thanks to all the volunteers -- without them, we would not be able to put this on! Looking forward to seeing you all again next year!

Cheers! Your PHT FA RD, WHTom

PlaceNamePOINTSRoosChain B ITurkey ITurkey IIChain B IIFinish!Distance
1Andrew MillerII9:1110:0011:0411:5012:445hr 38min50k
2Ryan Brown9:2010:0910:5911:4512:345hr 42min50k
3Matt ChristovichIII9:1710:0911:1112:0413:016hr 3min50k
4Jana FridrichovaII9:2710:2211:1812:0813:046hr 15min50k
4Keith Knipling9:2710:2211:1412:0213:006hr 15min50k
6Aaron Clark-GinsbergI9:3810:2911:2112:1013:046hr 20min50k
6Jake StephensI9:2910:2311:2012:0713:016hr 20min50k
8Mark DomanskiI9:2810:2211:1712:1813:126hr 21min50k
8Dmitriy Valekha9:1210:0011:0511:5212:586hr 21min50k
10Ted BielawaI9:3010:2511:2112:1213:106hr 26min50k
11Alfred Jasins9:2910:2511:2112:1213:206hr 45min50k
12Charles BowlesIIII II9:2810:2911:3312:3413:436hr 57min50k
13Ryan Quinnelly9:2810:2911:3412:3313:436hr 58min50k
14Bernard PesjakI9:4710:4711:4712:4013:407hr 4min50k
15Dan AghdamI9:3310:4011:4312:3613:407hr 5 min50k
16Larry HuffmanI9:4010:4011:4712:4713:507hr 6min50k
17Ian RobertsonII9:3910:4011:4712:4013:457hr 10min50k
18Peter HanI9:2810:2911:4112:4013:527hr 15min50k
19Peter FolanIII9:3510:3811:4712:4814:047hr 16min50k
19Daniel Lee9:2710:2111:1412:0212:587hr 16min50k+ (34.1)
21Russell MerrickIII9:4010:4011:4112:4114:007hr 25min50k
22Marty Fox9:4010:4711:50?13:557hr 28min50k
23Christian Stanton9:3810:4011:4812:4714:017hr 37min50k
24Gaynor BourgeoisII9:4811:0612:2013:2414:357hr 59min50k
25Paul SherlockII9:5211:0612:1613:1914:338hr 3min50k
26Christiana Fogg9:4010:4711:5812:5114:338hr 9min50k
27Laurel LundstromI9:4811:0612:2113:2414:358hr 11min50k
28Robert KolbII9:4811:0112:35134515:098hr 38min50k
29Alex Stone9:3911:0213:4313:5515:098hr 56min50k+(33.5)
30Robert Grolemund10:0011:2413:0014:1015:389hr 37min50k
30Elaina Stanton10:0011:2413:0014:1015:439hr 37min50k
32Raisa Slepoy9:5211:2012:5014:2216:0610hr 15min50k
33Quatro Hubbard9:5211:2012:5014:2216:0610hr 18min50k
NamePointsRoosChain B ITurkey ITurkey IIChain B IIAdjusted TimeDistance
DNFThomas Mauger9:4711:1212:45xxx14:037hr 42min29.32 miles
DNFBrian Kolb10:2211:4713:30xxx15:099hr 27min28.5 miles
DNFNate MaugerI9:2610:2211:1812:08xxx4hr 50min23.02 miles
DNFCarolyn Gernand11:1212:55xxxxxxxxx7hr 46min21 miles
DNFFrancesco Smith10:1012:06xxxxxxxxx6hr 21min20.6 miles
DNFPaul Crickard10:1612:06xxxxxxxxx6hr 21min20.6 miles
DNFMark ZimmermannI10:1611:47xxxxxxxxx5hr 43min20 miles
DNFDipak Bhattacharyya10:1611:47xxxxxxxxx5hr 43min20 miles
DNFCharlene Howard9:3910:40xxxxxxxxx4hr 33min19.4 miles
DNFShae Dempsey10:0111:27xxxxxxxxx5hr 38min19.4 miles
DNFStephanie Dempsey10:0111:27xxxxxxxxx5hr 38min19.4 miles
DNFCatherine Howard10:0111:32xxxxxxxxx7hr 7min19.4 miles
DNFKari Anderson11:13xxxxxxxxxxxx7hr 13min18 miles
DNFAlan Gowen11:13xxxxxxxxxxxx7hr 13min18 miles
DNFPamela Gowen11:13xxxxxxxxxxxx7hr 13min18 miles
DNFCarole Williamson11:13xxxxxxxxxxxx7hr 13min18 miles
DNFPatrick VaughanI9:2610:1811:12xxxxxx3hr 5min16.5 miles
DNFBrett Martin9:3910:3211:38xxxxxx3hr 36min16.5 miles
DNFDoug Levy9:5211:06xxxxxxxxx3hr 4min12.5 miles
DNF* Jack Turner****xxxxxxxxxxxx?8.6 miles
Times noted in splits are time of day. The race began at 8:02, so do the math to determine elapsed time.
Splits were taken at the following aid locations:
Theodore Roosevelt Island: 8.6 miles
Chain Bridge I & II: 12.5 and 24.5
Turkey Run I & II: 17 and 20 miles
* Jack Turner checked in at Roosevelt Island aid station but his time was not noted, and he was not checked in at any other aid station.
+ Daniel Lee and Alex Stone were documented with treasured "bonus miles" due to challenges following the course markings at points along the route.
Results submitted by Tom McNulty
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