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October 10, 2009
44.8 Miles on the W&OD Bike Path

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Ellen Komesarook Wins
Sets New Women's Course Record

Andiamo Starters

Ellen Komesarook won the Andiamo 2009 45-Mile Run and also set a new women's course record. The run took place under near-perfect conditions. The first male was Bernard Pesjak. The day started a bit warm and humid, with a temperature around 70 degrees. But, under cloudy skies, the temperatures decreased as the day went on, and after a very light shower the humidity decreased as well. Ellen is the second woman to win Andiamo outright.

As with any event, Andiamo had valuable support from several volunteers. Paul Blackman helped drive runners to the start. Roving aid was provided by Kathy Malinowski, George McVeigh, and Rebecca Moore. Extra aid (beyond the few that were promised) was supplied by Dean Roberts near mile 17; John Anderson near mile 36. Thanks to all!

Submitted by Carolyn Gernand, co-RD

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Place Name City State Age Sex Time
1Ellen KomesarookGaithersburgMD45F6:34:02
2Bernard PesjakFalls ChurchVA40M6:56:20
3David SnipesMechanicsvilleVA41M7:26:21
4Bryan KirkSpringfieldVA34M7:40:12
5Charlie MercerArlingtonVA39M7:48:13
6Mark ZimmermannKensingtonMD57M7:55:51
7Bruce TweedieWoodbridgeVA47M8:29:16
8Rob DaleyManassasVA51M8:31:16
9John AckerArlingtonVA26M9:04:02
9Niki EvansLeesburgVA26M9:04:02
11Ben TesdahlMount AiryMD57M9:17:11
12James MooreBowieMD65M9:27:51
13Lou JonesSpringfieldVA64M11:51:00
14 starters, 13 finishers

Ellen Komesarook
Ellen Komesarook at the finish

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All Time List -- Partial

All Time Andiamo Performances
Sub 7 Hour plus other Winning
Harvey Hall5:29:441995 
Courtney Campbell5:40:001994 
Andy Peterson5:50:572000 
Dan Rose5:51:342008 
Mike Robertson6:15:481996 
Bill Gentry6:22:001994*
Joe Clapper6:27:031998 
Roger Allison6:33:001993 
Ellen Komesarook6:34:022009 
Amanda Stickel6:34:322006 
Harry Bruell6:37:302002 
Frank Probst6:38:001992 
Ellen Komesarook6:40:312008 *
Robert Harris6:40:311995*
Bill Turrentine6:44:001994*
Gary Grilliot6:45:372002*
Jim Kerr6:47:001993*
John Bly6:52:001990 
Bernard Pesjak6:56:202009*
Frank Probst6:57:001990*
Mike Wedemeyer7:21:402004 
Frank Probst7:30:001991 
* Non Winning Performance  

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