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Chocolate Bunny 50k

Massanutten Mountains
211 East to almost Powell’s Fort Camp
Saturday March 26, 2005

Photo Collages: One | Two | Three

Now who ever heard of an ATV Lot that doesn’t allow ATVs?!? Yeah, me neither. They do some strange things up in those mountains. Anyway, in spite of my less than accurate directions to the start, and the two road closings which forced us to drop an aide station and change the finish line, the 3rd Annual Chocolate Bunny 50k was a complete success. 35 runners and 9 crew persons spent the night running around on the Massanutten all in the name of chocolate. The weather was cool, no one got injured, and only 2 ended up in the Lost and Found. And how they did both, is an amazing story.

Tom and Marty
RD Tom Corris with Marty Lindemann

Aaron Schwartzbard of Reston, Va., fresh off of a victory at the Bel Monte 50k earlier that day, that’s right-earlier that day, finished in a fine time of 7:03 and was awarded the coveted Speed Racer Chocolate Bunny and the internationally renowned Bunny Toss Game. Carolyn Gernand of Alexandria, Va. was the only woman to even attempt the 50k distance and finished in a fine time of 10:51. For her efforts, Carolyn was the proud recipient of the foil covered Lady Bunny and the game that is sweeping the country by storm, Bowling For Bunnies. Congratulations to you both!

And of course, Congratulations to all of the runners who took on this noble challenge. I hope each of you had an enjoyable experience and gained or renewed the confidence in your ability to run in the mountains at night. If not, I hope you at least liked the chocolate. And speaking of chocolate, much thanks to Dave and Jill Quivey and their friends Terry and Karen Mitchell of Harry London’s Chocolates for their generous donation of the chocolate bunnies this year.

Finally, its one thing to come out and run all night but to come out and crew all night takes some very special people. My deepest thanks to Marty, Bob, Brian, Keith, Dave, Robi, Mel, Chris, and Julian for your thoughtfulness and dedication to your fellow runners. It's been said after every event but it always bears repeating; without you, these events do not happen. Thank you.

So if you missed the big fun at “The Tastiest Trail Run in the East” this year, we hope to see you next Easter. Till then…..

Tom Corris


Place - Name - Time - Distance
 1 Aaron Schwartzbard 7:03 50K
 2 Rick Kerby 7:35 50K
 2 Dogzilla 7:35 50K+
 2 Sean Andrish 7:35 50K
 5 Edward Cacciapaglia 7:57 50K
 6 Bob Combs 8:51 50K
 7 Carolyn Gernand 10:51 50K
 8 Kerry Owens 6:44 26M
 8 Brian O'Conner 6:44 26M
10 Mike Broderick 6:48 26M
11 Randy Dietz 6:57 26M
12 Dan Lehmann 6:58 26M
13 Dan Govern 7:02 26M
14 Garry Rarer 7:06 26M
15 Sophie Speidel 7:29 26M
15 Ryan Henry 7:29 26M
17 Danny McDonald 7:48 26M
17 Joe Mon 7:48 26M
19 John Guendelsberger 7:58 26M
20 John Nelson 8:00 26M
21 Dave Yeakel 8:06 26M
21 Rayna Matsuno 8:06 26M
23 Diana Stump 8:24 26M
23 Hunt Bartine 8:24 26M
25 Carl Camp 8:28 26M
26 Vicki Kendall 8:48 26M
26 Margie Hughes 8:48 26M
26 Bob Coyne 8:48 26M
29 Farouk Elkassed 9:38 26M
30 Joyce Fendley 10:05 26M
30 Quatro Hubbard 10:05 26M
32 Annette Bednosky MORELAND
33 Bryon Powell MORELAND
34 Mike Mason DNF
35 Mike Wedemeyer DNF

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