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Potomac Overlook Trail Runs
4k - 8k

Saturday, November 13, 2010


by Ed Demoney, RD

Almost 100 runners ran the Potomac Overlook Regional Park trails on a beautiful sunny fall day with temperatures in the low 40s. Runners doing the 8K shed a lot of garments at the turn for the second loop – trail running does produce heat. All told, 48 finished the 4K and 50 the 8K. The course is challenging with several runners signed up for the 8K deciding one loop was enough pleasure for the day with a 4K finish preferable.

Justin Fritzius from Purcellville took an early lead in the 4K and finished in 15:44 more than a minute ahead of Bernardino Ochoa, Alexandria, at 16:59. First woman in the 4K was Alexandria’s Agatha Engel with a time of 20:30; second woman was Ruth Gordon, Arlington, at 23:06. Master’s winners were C. J. Blagg, 19:35, and Ruth Gordon, 23:06, both from Arlington.

Edi Turco from Arlington was not seriously challenged in the 8K, finishing at 32:59 with second place finisher Michael Lucke, Arlington, finishing at 38:05. First woman was Jen Norris of McLean with a time of 45:10, well ahead of second place runner Amy Greenberg, Potomac, at 48:04. Master’s winners were Jim Economos, Arlington, 40:30, and Martha Huizenga, Washington, D.C., 48:40.

The 4K trail run had two very young runners, Niko Economos, age 7, 30:32, and Susanna Daniels, age 8, 35:46, Susanna coming all the way from Front Royal to run virtually along the Potomac River. Oldest 4K finisher was Leesburg’s Terrence McCarthy, age 75.

The trail runs were a successful fund raising event for Gulf Branch Nature Center and Potomac Overlook Regional Park. The two parks will split $1,350 with all entry fees going to the two parks.

The race would not have been possible without the enthusiastic support of volunteers from Virginia Happy Trails Running Club, Anstr Davidson, Monty Johnson, Vicky Kendall, Wendy Marszalek, Paul Sherlock, Jim Cavanaugh, Rosalie Demoney, Dan Stevens and Joe. Also providing invaluable support is the staff of Potomac Overlook Regional Park and the Donaldson Run Recreation Assn.

In a continuation of a long tradition of the event, awards were contributed by the Mad Bomber.

[There are 64 photos from the run on the VHTRC Flickr site. That site has the original, high resolution versions of the photos. You may download a photo for any non-comercial purpose. Not all shots are of great quality.]


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Place Name Age Sex City Time
4 KM (48 finishers)
1Justin Fritzius26MPurcellville15:44
2Bernardino Ochoa27M Alexandria16:59
3Stephen Thomasch22MDC17:09
4Ryan Carroll16MArlington17:51
5Christopher Blagg13MArlington19:20
6C. J. Blagg44MArlington19:35
7Agatha Engel32FAlexandria20:30
8Dan Carroll47MArlington20:49
9Valentine Votinov25MSpringfield22:18
10Ruth Gordon41FArlington23:06
11Alec Blagg10MArlington24:42
12Patty van t'Hooft47MMcLean25:40
13Bob Weiner63MAccokeek25:44
14Eureka Vaughn23MAlexandria25:55
15Tammy George40FBristow27:15
16Steven Summers23MCentreville27:23
17Suman Krishnan23FArlington27:37
18Eren Guendelsberger15MArlington27:46
19John Guendelsberger59MArlington27:53
20Terrence McCarthy75MLeesburg27:54
21Jessica Hollandsworth25FFairfax27:00
22Andrew Schneider35MArlington29:12
23Elaine Hess35FArlington28:00
24Melissa Davis25FArlington30:09
25Brendan Lindsey27MArlington30:09
26Janet Blagg43FArlington30:18
27Niko Economos7MArlington30:32
28Emelie Daniels10FFront Royal31:29
29Nancy Daniels39FFront Royal31:29
30Laura Economos45FArlington31:35
31James Austin36MArlington32:49
32Lou Liquori30MArlington33:08
33Lauren Baker29FAlexandria31:29
34Cinbrielle Economos11 Arlington34:18
35Lucille Sherlock11FArlington34:19
36Angela Ammerman26FStafford34:27
37Gayle Martin43FAlexandria34:52
38Gina Morelli30FArlington34:59
39Alexander Lipscomb 34MArlington34:59
40Susan Schneider43FArlington34:11
41Jeff Daniels41MFront Royal35:46
42Susanna Daniels8FFront Royal35:46
43Amanda Moss30FArlington35:14
44Melissa Grinnell28FAlexandria35:14
45Ami Moore35FAnnandale36:45
46Stephanie Bates37FFrederick37:20
47Mary Glass60FArlington43:30
48Sandi Beaulieu32FAnnandale44:40
8 KM (85 finishers)
1Edi Turco37MArlington32:59
2Michael Lucke28MArlington38:05
3Chris McGarrigal36MVienna38:34
4Greg Loomis36MArlington39:03
5Fabrice Beaulieu29MAnnandale39:26
6Keith Buell34MFalls Church40:04
7Jim Economos45MArlington40:30
8Robert Parker32MAlexandria43:30
9Mike Grinnell MAlexandria43:35
10Daniel Greenberg26MPotomac43:50
11Scott LeCount38MAshburn43:54
12Jen Norris39FMcLean45:10
13Joe Aroneo22MArlington45:58
14Keith Jankowski28MArlington46
15Barry Nobles43MFalls Church46:24
16Sean Flanagan36MArlington47:20
17Ron Worden46MSpringfield47:34
18Kipp Snider42MArlington47:37
19Amy Greenberg23FPotomac48:04
20Manny Pais53MFairfax48:25
21Martha Huizenga43FDC48:40
22Robert Holczman35MManassas48:59
23Daniel Diem27MManassas49:20
24Mark Norris44MMcLean49:34
25Kelyn Soong 23 MSilver Spring50:13
26Paul George43MBristow50:32
27Francisco Bazan MWoodbridge51:43
28Simonetta Nussio36FArlington52:03
29Cristi Wilson55FRichmond52:35
30Marcy Giannunzio30FAlexandria53:22
31Mike Cakouros34MFairfax53:39
32Lauren Golden25FArlington54:13
33Lisa Brousseau43FArlington54:27
34Allen Ammerman27MStafford55:04
35William Norton29MBethesda55:20
36Allison Elsaesser FArlington55:20
37Tracy Montgomery40FFalls Church56:37
38Katie Dougherty27FDC56:38
39Cindy Smallwood50FFairfax58:26
40Sara Mariska29FArlington58:25
41Victoria Sievers27FArlington59:12
42Arden Sperty33FArlington59:33
43Cathy Hovis41FFalls Church59:33
44David Giroux38MArlington1:38
45Greg Wilska38MVienna1:39
46Jason Smith34MAlexandria1:01:08
47Ada Smith40FAlexandria1:01:08
48Margi Weaver36FAlexandria1:05:00
49Faye Lafontaine25FFairfax1:05:07
50John Dever52MAnnandale1:05:30


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The Mad BomberPrizes included hats from the Mad Bomber!

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Ed Demoney is the director of this event.

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