TEAM SLUG Redeye 50K Trail Run

January 8, 2000 - Triangle, VA

Although TEAM SLUG regretted moving the Redeye 50K Trail Run from its traditional New Year's Day date to January 8th, the participation level doubled. However, since the event is a Fat Ass and the Team motto is "Start Slowly - Ease Off," we will go back to running on January 1st next year. That should slow down the fast runners, drive away the crowd and continue to prevent the VHTRC President-for-Life from finishing.

Mother Nature and the Prince William Forest Park provided the perfect setting for a great run. The sky was clear and the starting temperature was 25 degrees, warming into the upper 40s as the day progressed.

It soon became apparent that the lead runners were actually racing instead of grazing at the aid table, another SLUG tradition. Their competition continued for the entire event, with Derrick Carr crossing the finish first in 4:12 followed by Prasad Gerard (4:13) and Scott Mills (4:17). The lead female SLUG was Selena Smart with an excellent 4:36 finish, she was followed by Regina McNamara and Carolyn Gernard. The coveted title of Official SLUG was taken by Amanda Preble, she will be awarded with a free entry in next year's event and lifetime bragging rights. This is way too much detail for a slug run.

Following is an alphabetic list of all 59 participants, 28 of whom ran the entire 50K - 8 of the runners ran marathon distances. Bagel Bill Sublett and G-Man Grayson are listed, however, they ran the 50K on January 2nd so they could assist with the event on the 8th. Since the sign up sheet was sloppy some of the names may be misspelled and errors may be present, if so contact G-Man at: . Results will be submitted to Ultrarunning in the near future. Thanks go to the Brewmiester for posting the event on the VHTRC web site.

Name Age State 50K Finisher
Roger Allison 56 WV X
Bill Armstrong 46 VA 
Craig Barnabee 35 MD  
Pat Brennan 41 VA  
Mike Campbell 50 VA X
Barry Capelli 52 VA  
Derrick Carr 38 VA X
Karen Culp 39 VA  
Anstr Davidson 54 VA X
Larry DeHof 49 MD  
Karen DeLap 30 VA  
Colleen Dulin 31 VA  
Stanley Duobinis 49 MD  
Russ Evans 40 VA  
Joe Fox 37 VA X
Bob Gauvin 47 VA  
Bob Gaylord 51 VA X
Prasad Gerard 41 MD X
Carolyn Gernand 51 VA X
Dan Grayson 51 VA X
Mike Hart 44 VA  
Jeff Holdaway 41 VA X
John Hruby 33 VA  
Eric Ivey 27 MD X
Keith Janssen 40 VA  
Lou Jones 55 VA X
Nic Lanzetta 47 VA  
Wayne Lapham 53 VA X
Regina McNamara 31 VA X
Valerie Meyer 41 VA  
Scott Mills 48 VA X
James Moore 55 VA X
Kieth Moore 30   X
Christine Norris 31 VA  
Kevin O'Connor 52 VA X
Noelle Olson 33    
Andresa Padden 36 VA  
Rich Pakowski 30    
Amanda Preble 35 VA X
Mark Prescott 40 VA  
Jeff Reece 40 VA  
Peyton Robinson 40 VA  
M. Robert Saraniero 25 VA  
Margie Schlundt 46 MD  
Chris Scott Old VA  
Selena Smart 31 DC X
John Sondermann 46 VA X
Stan Spence   VA X
Kat Stone 42 VA X
Bill Sublett 44 VA X
Tom Trask 53 VA X
Paul Walczak   VA  
Bill Wandell 56 MD  
Mike Weber 44 VA X
Neil Whiteman 37 VA X
Ken Williams 55 VA  
Pam Williams 49 VA  
Charlie Wojick 47 VA X
Phil Young 47 VA X

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