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The Ring

September 3-4, 2011
71 Miles on the Massanutten Trail
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Times are time of day on a 24 hour clock for all aid stations. Start was at 7:00 AM. All data came from Quatro to whom questions or comments should be directed.
PlaceNameSexAgeStateCheck Point MilfordCamp Roos Crisman Moreland Edinburg Woodstock PowellsFinishTotal TimeComment
Mileage 13.1 25 34.3 40.7 48.7 56.9 62.7 71.1  
Previous best (2009) 9:26 11:46 13:45 15:13 17:02 18:48 19:58 21:46 14:46
Previous slowest (2009) 10:30 15:40 19:35 20:57 01:20 05:50 08:05 11:47 28:47
1Rande BrownM41PA 10:1813:0115:4117:4020:0022:3500:0202:3019:30overcame jinx that knocked other leaders out of race
2Cam BakerM34PA 10:2813:3416:2918:3020:5323:1500:4203:2620:26removed asterisk of Reservoir re-route in 2010
3Kari BrownF37PA 10:1813:2116:1018:1020:5323:4501:4103:5920:59used race as Womens Half Marathon training run
4Jeff BestM49VA 10:0613:1216:2518:3921:3101:1503:1606:2123:21shiny white VHTRC shirt made ash grey by The Ring
5Kim Love-OttobreF45OH 10:5614:3117:5020:1423:2402:4904:4808:0125:01great time, despite dragging Harris over course
6Jim HarrisM47OH 10:2414:3117:3120:1323:2002:2504:4808:0125:01spent night section socializing on trail
7Rhonda StricklettF37MD 10:3514:0617:1919:4323:0002:3504:4208:2125:21great time, despite dragging Gowen over course
8Alan GowenM61MD 10:3514:0617:1919:4323:0002:3504:4208:2125:21still looking for his Ring belt buckle
9Yukiko NishideF49NY 10:3213:5517:0619:1922:3002:4204:4808:2825:28good heat runner refused ice at all aid stations
10Hiroyuki NishideM50NY 10:3213:5517:0619:1922:3002:4204:4808:2825:28only led Yukiko off course once
11Brian BeduhnM40NC 11:0215:1019:0220:4400:5004:2706:4510:2927:29very steady all day and through the night
12Jeff GuraM52MD 10:5614:4417:5620:0200:3504:4607:3811:3928:39again showed toughness & stamina, as with CAT 100 finish
 David PloskonkaM29MD 10:0412:4215:1516:5719:3002:56xxxxxxDNF1st runner to be Sniped from the front
 Doug SullivanM49DC 10:2913:3917:1519:4223:24 03:00 xxxxxxDNFride back to Portobello and sleep too tempting
 Jonathan Loewus-DeitchM24DC 09:5212:1415:0316:5819:30xxxxxxxxxDNFminimal shoes plus maximum rocks = DNF
 Brennen WysongM41NY 10:2013:1216:0118:2521:03xxxxxxxxxDNFno socks plus Massanutten rocks = DNF
 Vicki KendallF58VA 10:2913:3416:2918:3721:03xxxxxxxxxDNFcontinues to accumulate more valuable DNF mileage
 Stephen CooperM57MD 10:3013:1216:3018:3721:03xxxxxxxxxDNFfinally allowed to drop at first Gary-free AS
 Bill BreidenstineM46PA 10:2413:3417:1020:0200:50xxxxxxxxxDNFfirst runner to lose breakfast on the trail
 Matt SmytheM30VA 10:2013:4117:0419:19xxxxxxxxxxxxDNFpurple East Carolina race shirt not heat reflective
 Kerry OwensF48DC 11:1514:2917:3519:41xxxxxxxxxxxxDNFGun times shown - subtract 30 minutes for chip time
 Mark ZimmermannM58MD 11:1115:1118:5322:02xxxxxxxxxxxxDNFSoy products + poor processing = DNF
 Marina BrownF45VA 10:5114:5218:5122:13xxxxxxxxxxxxDNFrunning poles not effective as hoped on rocky trails
 Jim DanielsM38VA 10:4014:1417:37xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNFdropped so he wouldn't miss college football night
 Alisa SpringmanF36VA 10:4014:1417:37xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNFvictim of Rick Kerby's beer cooler, but did better than ND
 Gary MaierM58NY 10:3214:1317:46xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNFmissing his running buddy Rick this year
 Tim KnappM42OH 10:5614:4518:00xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNFtook a sprained ankle to induce the only Ohio DNF
 David WollM46VA 10:3814:4518:40xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNFwife Cindy set up impromptu aid at Veech Gap
 Lawrence BartlettM57MD 10:5614:45droppedxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNFpulled the anti-Bailey; caught on Stephens Trail loop
 David QuiveyM48VA 10:5614:47droppedxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNFfell at base of Waterfall, and couldn’t get back up
 Jason LantzM30PA 09:5113:26xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNF1st victim of using hand-helds instead of hyrdation pack
 Bob AndersonM64VA 10:5014:54xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNF1st victim of the day's humidity

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