The Womens Trail Half Marathon

A Message from the VHTRC

September 12, 2001

The run will occur as scheduled.

The half marathon trail run will be held as scheduled this Saturday. We have given considerable thought to whether to hold the race. However, the goal of terrorists is to create an atmosphere of terror, helplessness and paralysis among the U.S. population. We do not want to support their goals by canceling or postponing the race. At the same time we can’t hold the run without acknowledging the terrible events of the week.

This year we will have a moment of silence in honor of the lives lost, their grieving family and loved ones, and the heroic efforts of the emergency support personnel and volunteers who continue to work find survivors. We will pass out the lyrics to “Happy Trails” to all race participants and volunteers. Normally, this song is sung by our male volunteers to add a note of humor to the event, but the lyrics are also appropriate to saying farewell. We also plan to fly the American flag at our event in honor of all the Americans who lost their lives.

If you would like to make a donation to the American Red Cross to assist rescue efforts, we will take money, checks and names and forward this in one check to the Red Cross. If you are not able to attend the event due to the events of the past week and would like us to forward the $20 you paid for registration to the Red Cross, we will do that as well: provided you send us an e-mail stating your wishes. We will post the names and amounts donated and sent to the Red Cross on our website. (You may also make your own donation to the Red Cross directly. The Red Cross Web site seems, however, to be very busy. You can try the site for the Arlington County Chapter.)

We urge you to come and participate in the race. It is important to connect with others, to talk and share experiences and be with people in times like this. It reaffirms our humanity, the interconnectedness of our lives, and caring and compassion that we give and receive in our daily lives.

Come run with us!

Co-Race Directors
Jeanne Christie and Colleen Dulin

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