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VHTRC Photos

Before 2002

Thanks to several people with cameras, both digital and old fashioned, we have bunches of pictures on the VHTRC Web site. Until early 2002, this page is the main reference point to many of the pictures on this site. Since early 2002, however, the pictures are linked form the event that they relate to. For pictures after that date, go to the item about the event in the news archives ("Old News") or, if it is a major VHTRC event, to the page for that event.

We welcome submissions of pictures in digital form. Please give us notice before you e-mail a large number of photos. We will give you credit for your pictures if we use them.

Here are links to the photos taken in early 2002 and before. They are listed more, or less in chronological order. If you go to the real old ones, there are some broken links. We started with only two MB of space and we snuck some on to the American University server. Somewhere, they got lost so those links are dead.

  1. First photo page--prior to June 98
  2. Second photo page--June 98 to March 99
  3. Third photo page--Photos from March 99 thru end of 99
  4. Fourth photo page--Photos During 2000
  5. Fifth photo page--Photos During 2001 (first part)
  6. Sixth photo page--Photos During 2001 (Fall-Winter)
  7. Seventh photo page--Photos During 2002

Other Pictures


Many people have contributed photographs to this site. I have not always been as good with photo credits as I should. Major contributors of pictures over the years have been Jeanne Christie, James Moore, Larry DeHof, Gary Knipling, Chris Scott, Bob Coyne, and Brenda Davidson. If you see a picture you took and I did not give you credit, let me know. And my apologies!

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