Crossing Popes Head Creek
Crossing Popes Head Creek

The Bull Run Run 50 Mile

Clifton, Virginia
April 13, 2019
Start: 6:30 a.m.
Entry Opens: November 15

This is no longer (as of the 2019 race) the active Bull Run Run website. For information on BRR, please visit the current BRR site for information on this year's race.
2018 Results, Reports, and Photos

The Bull Run Run is a beautiful, tough run on the Bull Run-Occoquan Trail in Northern Virginia. The VHTRC was formed in 1992 to sponsor the first Bull Run Run in April 1993. The 2018 event will be the 26th. Come join our celebration!

The run's unique character includes a Civil War theme that respects the battles that occurred here over 150 years ago. The theme includes a competition between runners from the North and the South.

The BRR is a difficult challenge, but many have finished it. It is neither easy nor brutal. If you like to run trails, come enjoy a day in Virginia's spring beauty as we honor those who fought here. To see what Bull Run Run is like, consult the 2017 results, report, and photos. Also, if you are interested in what the course is like, see the course page.

First Logo
The First Bull Run Run logo
designed by Pete Scott
This will be the 26th Bull Run Run. We will celebrate over a quarter century of running in the bluebells! We hope that many of the old veterans will be back to pass the torch to the rookies. Even if you can't run, we will find a place for you. Appropriately, the Bull Run Run, which is dedicated to fun, has now lasted more than six times as long as the real war, which was not fun at all.

If you have any questions not answered on this Web site, please contact Quatro Hubbard, the race director. Thanks!

Join us on April 7 -- 26 Years!

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Day of the first real battle:
"This has been the most exciting day yet. We have heard the guns all day from the battle which has been raging at or near Mannasses Junction. There is no news that can be relied on public tonight, only that a terrible fight has been going on all day. Reinforcements have been going over all day and last night. 12000 have left the City. A Regt passed the church during services this morning and a train of Artillery dashed by. A most excited crowd at Willards and all sorts of rumors afloat."

- Diary of Horatio Nelson Taft, Washington, D.C., July 21, 1861. More information

After the first real battle:
"The last five miles . . . was perfect misery, none of us having scarcely strength to put one foot before the other, but I tell you the cheers we rec'd going through the streets of Washington seemed to put new life into [us] . . . ."

- Corporal Samuel J. English in a letter to his mother after the First Battle of Bull Run, July 21, 1861. More information
The Battlefield for the Bull Run Run

Map of Course Area
A contemporaneous map of the first battle, July 1861. This part of the map shows the entire course of the Bull Run Run as well as the scene of the battle itself. We have marked some important points on our course in red. The map was published in Washington in 1861 and comes from the Library of Congress.