JFK 50 Miler

Saturday November 22, 2003
Boonsboro, Md.

The Canal is long and quite the bore
And it stays like that all the way to Dam 4
There’s a river on the left
There’s a ditch on the right
And it stays like that too, just for spite
But the thing that really gets me
The thing that’s no fun
Is it’s so bloody flat
That you actually have to run
And what fun is that? Not much for me
Not like up on Weverton, back on the AT
Where there’s rocks and there’s roots
And there’s slippery stuff too
So I walk quite a bit
And I take in the view
But then it’s all over
And down the Cliffs you must come
‘Cause you’re on the Canal
And to Dam 4 you must run
Unless nobody’s lookin’

Tom Corris