Stone Cat 50 Mile and Marathon Trail Races

Saturday November 8, 2003
Ipswich Mass.

“Look Maaatha!!! It’s another Dunken Donuts!!!” I had never seen so many Dunken Donuts in my life. They were everywhere. Thicker than ATMs. Drove by every one of them too, until early Sunday morning. I just couldn’t take it anymore. We hit one in an Exxon station and I dropped two chocolate iced before we left the store. The bastards wore me down. But aside from this moment of culinary weakness, the rest of the weekend was too much fun. Four Ridge Runners and at least another dozen Virginia Happy Trails folks, journeyed to Ipswich Mass for the Stone Cat 50 Mile and Marathon Trail Races. These races are put on by a great group of fellow runners known as the “GACers” which stands for Gil’s Athletic Club. Some of you might remember them from past Bull Run Runs. They often descend en masse for this VHTRC event. Anyway, Jeff “the Washman” Washburn, Jimmy “Gilly” Gilford, and the rest of the crew hook up with a local brewer, Mercury Brewing Company, and put on an all dirt trail race over a 12.5 mile course through the Willowdale State Forest and the Bradly Palmer State Park. That’s right, all dirt. No asphalt. Oh sure they threw down a few leaves, a little puddle of mud, and a rock or two to slow things down a bit but that’s just to spread out the field so that the keg line at the finish isn’t all jammed up. Now that‘s what I call planning! Smart folks these GACers. And very hospitable as well. Beers at Gilly’s on Friday night, beers at Gilly’s on Saturday night, beers, Mimosas, Bloody Marys, and brunch at The Washman’s on Sunday morning. Man, did I sleep well on the plane coming home. Thanks again GACers!

And Congratulations to all our runnners!

Tom Corris