What Does this Check Box Do?

This check box changes the result of clicking on a link. It toggles between opening the external linked page in (1) the same window and (2) in a new window. (It does not change the behavior of linking to a page on the VHTRC site. These will always load in the same window.)

So What's the Point? Normally, when you click on a link, the new page is loaded in the same window. The starting page goes away and the new page is displayed. To go back to the starting page, you use your browser's BACK button.

What's Wrong with That? If you don't want to go back to the starting page, then nothing is wrong with that. But if you want to go back to the starting page, it can be a long journey if you have surfed the new site or even visited third or fourth sites. You can get lost. If you keep the starting window open, it's like keeping your finger at your place in a book while you consult other pages. You can flip back to the starting page more easily.

Why not Open a New Window All the Time? The new window has problems also. When you open a new window, its BACK button doesn't work. You have to close or minimize that new window to get back to the starting point. Also, you can end up with a proliferation of open windows. Finally, if the new window opens full screen (this happens with Netscape frequently) you might not even know that you are in a new window. You will click your back button fruitlessly and think nasty thoughts about the web designer.

Choice. So the VHTRC site gives you a choice. You can have it either way. Commercial sites often make you open a new window for links. These sites hate to let you go, and want to keep their window open. We let you choose to do that or not. Take you pick! You can change the option on the page for this session only, or you can change your personal settings so that your choice is retained for future sessions.

How to Set This Option

To set the option only for one page and only for the one time it loads, just check or uncheck the box on the page.

To set the option for all the pages that have this feature and for future visits, go to your Personal Settings Page.

Currently, this feature is available only on the News and Links pages.