Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run

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Accommodations reservation is now closed. If you want to camp, there should be plenty of space. There may be sukkah cots or cabin bunks available to those without reservations on Friday of race weekend.

The Caroline Furnace Lutheran Camp offers great opportunities for inexpensive lodging at the start. This is rustic (think summer camp), but comfortable. There are three types of lodging available. All are located a short distance from the start/finish area.

See the camp map for the approximate locations of these sleeping locations.

  1. Cabin bunks. There are six cabins available. Each unit has bunk beds, sleeps 12, and has a half bath. The cabins are clustered near the bathhouse. The bathhouse has showers. You will share a cabin with others. More on Camp Web site
  2. Sukkah cots. There are six sukkahs available. Each sukkah sleeps eight. These are "three-season" cabins with screened walls. There is no electricity and no bathroom facilities in the units. There is a central bathroom building nearby. The bathroom building has electricity. The sukkahs are a little further from the start (about ¼ mile further), but they are quieter. More on Camp Web site
  3. Camping. Tent and car camping is available. (Sleeping in your car is considered camping, and you must pay for it.) Camping is permited near the cabins or the sukkahs and their bathhouses. No hard-sided campers (RVs, etc. are allowed.)

The cost for the weekend (Friday through Sunday, but not Sunday night) of these facilities is:

    Cabin bunks: $30 per person.
    Sukkah cots: $10 per person.
    Camping: $10 (additional people in same tent or car $5).

General considerations:


If summer camp isn't for you, you can consult our guide to motels in the area.

Reserving and Paying for Camp Accommodations

It's too late to reserve accommodations. We are sold out of bunks. There is plenty of space to camp (though the good spaces go first). There are a few sukkah cots left which will be available at the door, first come, first served.

Use this form to make a reservation. Remember, you need to be on the entrants list to make a reservation. You can use this form to reserve housing, meals, or both.

Reservation Form

Enter your name and e-mail address exactly as you did when you entered the event.

Cabin bunk $30
Sukkah cot $10
Camping: $10 (additional persons in same tent or car $5)

These are in addition to any you paid for in the registration process. The next page will list those.

You will pay directly to the Camp at the door with cash or check (payable to "Caroline Furnace" or just "CFLC") for accommodations. Money for food is paid to the VHTRC. Neither the Camp nor the VHTRC takes credit cards.

These accommodations are provided by the Caroline Furnace Lutheran Camp. The Virginia Happy Trails Running Club is not responsible for them.

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