Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run

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There are four towns near run headquarters that have hotels, restaurants, and shopping. Here are the distances with links to maps and hotel locations. New Market is the only town that requires using a dirt road.

All routes involve a hill. Route 675 to Woodstock and Mt. Jackson is probably an easier hill than route 675 to Luray.

The table below lists the four towns with hotels. The distances and travel times (in minutes) are from Google Maps. There are links to a map and list of hotels for each town. On each Map to Start, "A" is the hotel town in question and "B" is the MMT start/finish.

Town Distance
Map to Start Hotels
Mt. Jackson
New Market

* May take you on the Moreland Gap Road (or offer it as an alternative), which is unpaved for much of the way. It is a good road, however, and any car should be able to use it. You can go north on 11 to 675 for a longer, but paved route. From New Market, you could take the Crisman Hollow Road, but it isn't paved either, and it is not as good a road as the Moreland Gap Road.

Which town is the shorter journey from your home? Obviously, that depends on where you are coming from. But if you are coming from the DC area or a Washington area airport, Woodstock and Luray are a toss up. Woodstock is a bit longer in distance but shorter in time. From DC, it's freeway all the way to Woodstock. To get to Luray from DC, you must take either US 211 or US 340. Neither are freeways.

Your GPS: Here are the coordinates of the entrance to the Camp : 38.740131,-78.511115.

Map from Google Maps

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