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Massanutten Mt Trails 100
2007 Report, Results, and Information

All 2007 MMT information -- including results, splits, reports, and photos -- will be linked from this page. Come back to check them out.

Marti Kovenor
Marti Kovener just after her win

First Report

The 13th Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 was a year of firsts. It was the first MMT win for Karl Meltzer. Karl's third time was a charm. He was third in 2005 and second last year. This year, he was not to be denied as he finished well ahead of second place Todd Walker. Meanwhile, Marti Kovener won the first 100 miler she entered. Kari Brown was second and it was also her first 100. Todd Walker and Keith Knipling were second and third overall.

Karl Meltzer
Karl Meltzer, here at Edinburg Gap, finally adds MMT to his impressive record of tough 100 mile wins

Friday's weather was wet and cold, but race day dawned clear. Other than a bit of wind and a feeble drizzle, the weather was nearly perfect.

New this year, the VHTRC sound system serenaded the runners as they dined at Café Furbutt at the finish line.

Not new this year were performances by the "usual suspects." Tom Sprouse finished his 13th MMT. Yup, that's all of them. Gary Knipling finished his 10th MMT. He is one of only three people to have run 10 or more MMTs (John Geesler and, of course, Tom are the other two.) Five people moved to eight finishes on the all time list -- Bob Anderson, Roy Heger, Keith Knipling, Mike Monyak, and John Prohira.

The event ended with an emotional finish. Hans-Deiter Weisshaar was having a rough day. He could only walk to the finish line and that, bent sideways. Three other runners were with him. None would leave him to run across the line. They walked together showing their camaraderie with a bloodied, but not beaten warrior.

As always, the success of the event was due to the work and organization of RD Stan Duobinis assisted by the many hard working volunteers.

Congratulations to all the runners and thanks to the volunteers!

If you have any comments on the race, RD Stan Duobinis would welcome them. You can send an e-mail to Stan

Note: We welcome the submission of reports and photos that we will either post here or link to. Contact Anstr Davidson at in this regard.

Finishing Rate


This year's MMT went back to the more common finishing rate. This is in contrast to last year's high finishing rate.

Last year's report said, "[The 2006] finishing rate was certainly a result of the excellent weather. It never got hot and, at night, it was cool but not cold. But some of the high rate seemed to be the result of better preparation for the run. Each year, a number of runners show up who have no clue what they are getting into. This year, there were fewer runners in that category."

While the number of clueless runners in 2007 did not go back up, it seemed that many runners this year, for whatever reason, were just not as prepared for the run as they should have been. Additionally, all agreed that the course was harder, or at least slower, this year than last.

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Post Run Food
This year, thanks to Quatro Hubbard and his volunteers, all finishers had breakfast or lunch at the Furbutt Café