Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run

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Splits and Results

Splits - runners' times of arrival at each aid station
Results - detailed results
Out of Race - Did not Start and Did not Finish
Section Times - Historical Fastest/Average/Slowest times between each aid station
Runners - Up to date Solo and VHTRC membership

Leader Board

Last Updated: 16:41:35, May 21 2016 (EDT)
Runners are sorted by time of arrival at most distant aid station.
Leader Board
1Brian Rusiecki1623:1519:15:14
2Jason Lantz1600:2420:24:57
3Greg Brant1601:0721:07:45
4Jake Rankinen1601:5821:58:58
5Nathan Leehman1602:4522:45:21
6Tim ODonnell1602:5422:54:34
7Brenden Lingg1602:5822:58:12
8Steve Hawkins1603:1523:15:37
9John Bruno1603:2623:26:32
10Kyle Kugler1603:2623:26:32
11Kathleen Cusick1603:3023:30:13
12Denis Cook1603:3623:36:40
13Caleb Yawn1604:2024:20:47
14Ken Niemimaa1604:2524:25:07
15Pierre Lequient1604:3824:38:06
16Rande Brown1604:3824:38:07
17Nick Pedatella1604:3824:38:31
18Guillermo E Ayala1604:5024:50:30
19John Robinson1605:0125:01:04
20Joshua Lundin1605:2925:29:59
21Ryan Staggs1605:3425:34:03
22Stephane Scaglione1605:3725:37:13
23Peter Diak1605:4125:41:21
24Shaun Daylor1605:4625:46:01
25Christopher Agbay1605:5525:55:10
26Sheryl Wheeler1606:1626:16:10
27Christopher Martin1606:2626:26:04
28Emily Harrison1606:4926:49:22
29Thomas Haine1606:4926:49:35
30Jason Maruccio1607:0127:01:30
31Jason Brady1607:0927:09:11
32Eric Harris1607:1627:16:16
33Douglas Wickert1607:3127:31:39
34Matt Smythe1607:3927:39:42
35Jim Harris1607:5727:57:44
36Brian O'Connor1608:1028:10:56
37Frederic Giguere1608:1228:12:02
38Kevin McNamara1608:1228:12:41
39Susan Donnelly1608:1628:16:33
40Jeffrey Bowden1608:1828:18:49
41Jose Orillac1608:3028:30:36
42Jeremy Lyons1608:4128:41:04
43Ronald Green1608:4128:41:16
44Paul Lefelhocz1608:4128:41:55
45Andy Lewin1608:4228:42:29
46Russell Dresher1608:4828:48:48
47Joseph Domask1608:4928:49:48
48Jack Kurisky1608:5028:50:22
49Greg Trapp1608:5228:52:52
50Matthew Vahey1609:0129:01:30
51Brett Wilks1609:1329:13:46
52Fred Tassinari1609:1929:19:30
53Patrick Heine1609:3129:31:16
54Larry Huffman1609:3529:35:26
55Matthew Brown1609:4029:40:17
56James Conway1609:4129:41:23
57Rhoda Smoker1609:4229:42:57
58Brian Kane1609:4429:44:51
59Jesse Fuller1609:4729:47:18
60Philip Yeager1609:5329:53:46
61Bryce Campbell1609:5429:54:25
62Pedro Soto1609:5729:57:00
63Levi Rizk1610:2330:23:52
64Patrick Kanold1610:3530:35:16
65Tom Page1610:4930:49:08
66Chad Cato1610:5830:58:26
67David Robertson1611:0531:05:27
68Jonathan Faryadi1611:1131:11:44
69Dave Herring1611:1231:12:31
70Bernard Pesjak1611:1331:13:06
71Adam Katkhouda1611:1631:16:16
72Jim Daniels1611:2031:20:18
73Martin Rouillard1611:2131:21:36
74Benjamin Ruest1611:2131:21:36
75Jocelyn Briggs1611:2531:25:01
76Olivier Jacqueau1611:2931:29:49
77Joanne Fenninger1611:3131:31:26
78Wilson Frazier1611:3431:34:01
79Richard Coughlin1611:3731:37:28
80John Peabody1611:3831:38:27
81Dan Aghdam1611:4431:44:50
82Dong Lin1612:1032:10:39
83Stephanie Dempsey1612:1232:12:28
84Laney Baris1612:1432:14:17
85Peter Mortimer1612:2132:21:02
86Rhonda Stricklett1612:2432:24:08
87Dani Seiss1612:2432:24:32
88Louis Kugel1612:2532:25:56
89Scott Lee1612:3032:30:40
90Alan Johnson1612:4032:40:57
91Maria Campos1612:4432:44:53
92Clint Langley1612:5032:50:26
93Eric McGlinchey1612:5732:57:48
94Bryan Slotterbach1612:5832:58:06
95Rob Tidwell1613:0533:05:30
96Larry Miller1613:0633:06:06
97Bob Anderson1613:1233:12:37
98Todd Sinclair1613:2033:20:36
99Alberto Vazquez1613:2533:25:07
100Geoffrey Hemgen1613:2533:25:27
101John W. Taylor1613:3433:34:38
102Sean Lawler1613:3533:35:05
103Quatro Hubbard1613:3933:39:26
104Keith Knipling1613:3933:39:26
105Denise Coll1613:4033:40:19
106Andrew Burnette1613:4733:47:41
107Ernesto Casarez1613:4733:47:41
108Laura Drake1613:4833:48:13
109Christine Strom1613:5433:54:43
110Michael Yoder1613:5533:55:11
111Stephane Lorre1613:5833:58:04
112Tim Kowtko1614:0534:05:07
113Steve Bodnar1614:1934:19:07
114Dan Rosenberg1614:1934:19:07
115Katie Keier1614:2134:21:27
116Christopher Hawley1614:2434:24:20
117Rob Hoyt1614:2434:24:28
118Roy Heger1614:2934:29:17
119Cherry Grassi1614:2934:29:35
120Terry Fife1614:3034:30:38
121Hannah LaBerteaux1614:3234:32:34
122Irving Bennett1614:3734:37:27
123Josh Howe1614:3734:37:27
124Jeff Pence1614:4634:46:41
125Al Campos1614:5134:51:45
126Jill Jacobs1614:5234:52:04
127Alan Gowen1614:5934:59:24
128Adeline Ntam1615:0135:01:28
129Michael Bottos1615:0235:02:15
130John Wirth1615:0335:03:31
131Michelle Schwartz1615:2035:20:10
132Joyce Fendley1615:2035:20:29
133Shelly Cable1615:2435:24:00
134Jamie Greenawalt1615:2435:24:00
135Sarah Curtis1615:2635:26:24
136Eric Thomson1615:2635:26:57
137Paul Ralyea1615:2935:29:19
138Vincent Swendsen1615:3135:31:11
139John Correiro1615:3535:35:12
140Kevin Mullen1615:3535:35:12
141Dan Lopata1615:3735:37:03
142Jayme Dubinsky1615:3835:38:21
143Shihab Shamma1615:3935:39:42
144Michael Jury1615:4135:41:50
145Larry Ferguson1615:4135:41:51
146Guy Towler1615:4235:42:13
147Sarah Smith1615:4435:44:40
148Alan Lagon1615:4535:45:47
149Sophorn Choup1615:5235:52:16
150K Mike Edwards1615:5335:53:19
151Leonard Martin1615:5335:53:31
152Anne Weaver1616:29dnf
153Allan Holtz1514:05dnf
154Mike Johnson1409:55dnf
155Jake Kruse1200:17dnf
156DeWayne Satterfield1200:56dnf
157Thomas Waldron1201:20dnf
158JIm Smucker1201:21dnf
159Michael Hannon1201:33dnf
160Rick Bennett1202:50dnf
161Laura Mooney1203:14dnf
162Kelly Fletcher1204:45dnf
163Mike Hannon1205:16dnf
164Alexandre Genois1222:25dnf
165Chris Dugan1103:11dnf
166James Heun1121:42dnf
167Ed Kirk1000:29dnf
168Amelia Kegan1001:22dnf
169Richard McCleary1001:22dnf
170James Blandford1016:47dnf
171Parker Terry1017:24dnf
172Kevin Hennessey1018:56dnf
173Amy Rusiecki1018:59dnf
174Ryan Nebel1019:49dnf
175Michal Kawecki1021:16dnf
176Nelson Hernandez1021:35dnf
177Julian Vicente1023:27dnf
178Gary Maier1023:59dnf
179Dan Nephin917:35dnf
180Ed Rangel918:24dnf
181Benjamin Ficke919:08dnf
182Michael Sperry919:59dnf
183Patricia Scott920:03dnf
184Dave Yeakel Jr920:23dnf
185Jim Chaney920:48dnf
186Jimmy Mauger817:54dnf
187Tony Escobar820:17dnf
188Brian Schmidt611:42dnf
189Bryan Burke512:56dnf
190Allen Phillips513:44dnf
191Kurt Luedke513:50dnf
192Sherry Meador514:34dnf
193Michael Nicolaides515:08dnf
194Chris Pabian411:12dnf
195Bob Coyne411:45dnf
196Cat Lawson412:14dnf
197Sebastien St-Hilaire309:43dnf

What's the Weather Like?

Click for Luray, Virginia ForecastDon't forget the U.S. Weather Service page. It takes some getting used to, but it is very helpful.

See for Yourself     

This is for those who want to see it. During the daylight hours, you can see what the weather is. Sort of. Is it overcast, sunny, or raining?

1. View from the Blue Ridge: You can see a live view of the Massanutten Mountains from the Mountain View Web Cam in the Shenandoah National Park. (More about the camera.) The camera is not in the Massanuttens, but it is pointing west toward them. The most distant ridge is in West Virginia. The two ridges in front of that are the Massanuttens. If you look closely, you will see Kennedy Peak and Edinburg Gap. The start/finish is between those two landmarks. It is not visible. This camera is above 3,000 feet. The Massanuttens are 2,000 feet. Fog that the camera sees may not be replicated on the course. Explanation of the camera's image:
Web Cam Detail

2. View from Page Valley: This camera is south of Luray and points, we think, to the east -- the Blue Ridge. The Massanutten Mountain is behind the camera. This weather, however, should be similar to that at the race. Luray Weather Cam

MMT 2016 Live

Start: 4:00 a.m., May 14, 2016

Fort Valley Time Now 13:28:16
Time Since Start not race day
Sunrise/set on May 14 6:02/20:19


That's All, Folks! Full results.

Run Info

The Updates

Sunday 16:02 There were 151 official finishers. (That compares to 120 finishers last year when we had two more starters.) The initial results are on this page. Be sure to come back for more results, reports, etc. Thanks to all volunteers for a great weekend!

Sunday 15:06 The last aid station is closed. It looks like we could have 152 finishers.

Sunday 11:33 Only one aid station is now open. It looks like about 150 people will finish. That would be a relatively high finish rate. Last year in warm weather and with two more starters, there were only 120 finishers. Heat is worse than mud?

Sunday 10:55 Sheryl Wheeler lowered the course record for senior woman by 35 minutes. Sheryl held the previous record set in 2013. She was the female MMT champion in 2010. Today was her fifth MMT finish.

Sunday 09:39 Susan Donnelly has completed her 15th MMT. She will stay fourth, and first woman, on the all time list. The three ahead of her are here also. Keith Knipling and Roy Heger are out on the course, each looking for finish 17. Gary Knipling is here, but not running. His 18 finishes will continue to be the most by anyone.

Sunday 09:38 It's still below 50 degrees here!

Sunday 05:48 Good morning! It's 43 degrees as the sun comes up.

Saturday 23:50 There are 174 people in the race. Last year, only 120 finished. What will happen this year? There is a lot more time to go. It's cold out there. What will happen?

Saturday 23:22 Brian Rusiecki wins his second MMT in a row.

Saturday 21:50 The two leaders, Brian Rusiecki and Kathleen Cusick are each ahead of their pace last years. If they hang on, the top two will repeat from last year. Is this the first time that this has ever happened.

Saturday 18:30 There was one more shower. Maybe it's over for awhile? It's 58 and breezy.

Saturday 15:08 It's stopped raining for now. One half inch so far. 60 degrees.

Saturday 14:12 One third of an inch of rain so far. And still coming down.

Saturday 13:58 This is real rain. Not violent here, but pretty heavy.

Saturday 13:48 Our Internet access this year is not great. If you haven't seen an update for awhile, it may be that we can't upload. It seems to eventually work!

Saturday 13:37 It's raining and the temperature has dropped to 56 degrees.

Saturday 11:19 We do have times from Powells Fort, but it will take awhile to record them.

Saturday 10:53 The radio at Powells, AS 4, had problems. We may not have times from there very soon. We do have coverage at Elizabeth Furnace, AS 5. Also, the clear skies are gone!

Saturday 09:20 It's 65 degrees and sunny now. We expect storms this afternoon, but no rain after that.

Saturday 08:48 There was a large group in the lead at the Edinburg Gap aid station. Kathleen Cusick had a substantial lead in the women's field.

Saturday 08:23 All 197 starters made it to the second aid station, Edinburg Gap. We will have the splits up soon.

Saturday 04:17 There were 197 starters in 42 degree weather. The stars were out. Everyone is looking forward to a great day! Our first update with the times at Edinburg will likely be about 10 am.

Friday 20:48 It's 56 degrees at the camp. Will be a cool start.

Friday 20:45 Most are checked in. It's very nice now. The calm before the storm!

Friday 15:02 Up to 76 degrees. Nice weather. The cast is assembling.

Friday 13:35 It's not raining now. It's 72 degrees at race headquarters but feels warmer because it is humid. Fort Valley is beautiful!

Thursday 17:23 Looks like great weather but muddy conditions. Those rocks may be better than the mud. But it will will be fun.

Here are a points you should remember:

Our Plans

We will be radio headquaters near, but not at, the finish line. We may have Internet access where we will be. We hope that the walk to upload data that we had to make in past years will again not be necessary this year.

We hope to have our first update by noon on Saturday. That should confirm who has started and should have the results from the first major aid station at Edinburg Gap, 12.1 miles. Then we will try to upload as often as we can.

We have learned there is much room for error. Most of our information will be accurate. Some will not be.

If you have a question or want to understand the process better, check out the frequently asked questions.

If you are interested in the updates, let us know. Late at night, it helps to know someone is out there! You can reach us at

by Anstr Davidson

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