Running to Fight Breast Cancer

James Moore's Roundtrip Run of the C&O Canal Tow Path

Jim's total elapsed time was 228 hours and 1 minute.

Letter to Komen Breast Cancer Foundation



Jim Kisses the Zero Milepost He finished! My pictures of the finish are now on the photo page. Skilled photographer that I am, I missed the actual finish, but I do have a picture taken half a second after the finish. Jim is dumping his belt, never to wear it again! (For awhile, anyway.)

Jim Moore has completed a through, round trip run of the C&O Canal Tow Path. It was long, slow, and tough, but he did it.

Those who know Jim, know that this was not just another run for charity. Jim likes to run long distances. In 1999, Jim ran the canal out and back with his wife Rebecca supporting him on a bike. He did all but 40 miles of the trip then. He also raised over $4,000 for charity. This year, Jim had added motivation to raise money to help find a cure for breast cancer. So he ran because he likes to run, and to help a good cause.

Many, many people helped Jim. I will let him thank them because I don't know them all. There were two women, however, who were critical to Jim's success--wife, Rebecca and crew chief Carolyn. These two gave days of their time and worry to Jim's cause. Thanks ladies!

Make a Pledge!

Jim with Justice DouglasIf you would like to make a pledge to honor Jim's run, you are welcome to do so. The pledges have been rolling in. Chris Scott got the ball rolling with a pledge of $200. You can join him in the Chris Scott Club. Then, Larry DeHof has created the Essential Massage Challenge. He will donate a dollar for each mile that Jim completes. You can join Larry. If this is all a little steep for your blood, any donation of any amount will be gratefully received.
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MP 0The Start: Jim started at 6 AM, Wednesday, July 18 at Milepost 0 and finished there at 6:01 PM, Friday, July 27. Milepost 0 is located near Thompson's Boathouse at the mouth of Rock Creek, just upstream from the Kennedy Center and the Watergate Hotel.

To find the actual milepost, cross the bridge that leads to the boathouse and then take a left at the end of the bridge and go behind the boathouse. On the other side, you will see another bridge to a small island in the mouth of Rock Creek. The milepost is on that island. Click for picture


Current: $9000 !

How to Make a Contribution

Essential Massage Challenge
$1 Per Mile

Larry DeHof
Jeanne Christie
Patti and Danny McDonnell

Chris Scott Club
($200 or over)

Jim and Kathleen Cavanaugh
Bob and Eileen Coyne
Anstr and Brenda Davidson
Ed and Rosalie Demoney
Stanley Duobinis and Margaret Schlundt
Russ Evans and Beth Lannon
Alan and Pam Gowen
Gary and Charlotte Knipling
Scott Mills and Jean Mason
Richie and Laurie Schuller
Chris Scott
Bill and Barbara Wandel
Phil Young

Century Club
($100 - $199)

Frank Cirillo
Judith Duval
Bonnie and Dan Grayson
The Hinte-Anderson-Trail Run
Monty and Diane Johnson
Steven and Violane Leacy
Nancy Lin
Joe and Kathy Malinowski
Mike McCumber
Benjamin and Joyce Schlesinger
Ed and Michelle Schultze
Teresa Ferrante/Russel Smith
Lois, Sara, Johnny, and John Snyder


Kathy Anderson
Carl Bailey
Sara Barzmehri
Benjamin Blustein
Gena Bonini
Charles and Deborah Both
Michele Burr
Meredith Burrell
Stanley and Mary Carroll
Ted Coleman
Bary Compton
Charles and Ailsa Conley
Bob Cooper
Tom Corris
Stephen Curran
Sharon Davis
Stacey Day
John Dodds
Christine Dosier
Colleen Dulin
Kathleen and John Egbert
Barbara Ellison
Malinda and Willie Epperson
George Estes
Johnnie and Gwen Farrio
Tara Filicicchia
Janet Ferguson
Steve Gass
Gene Gatens
Clair Gregory
Theresa Green
Ron Grill
Jeffery and Ilene Gutman
Timothy and Judith Hall
Florence Hamn
Chris and Elaine Hammond
Willistine Harris
Burl Hickman
Emily Jackson
Jerome Jackson
Ed Janusz
Alicia Johnson
Mike and Pat Johnson
Lou Jones
Steve Joyce
Michael Kirkpatrick
Morris and Lynn Kletzkin
Carol and Martin Kolsky
Neal and Sandra Latta
Paulette Leeper
Joan Lewis
Mary Lewis
Brad Maconaughey
Ryan Manning
Marie Marshall
Barbara McCoy
Eugene and Shirley McKenzie
Denise Moore
Dorothy Moore
Lisa Moore
Gregory Moroz
Ray and Barbara Murray
Justin Morris
Leslie Beech-Morris
Mattie and Ida Morse
Carol Moses
Tom and Nora Newton
JJ O'Brien
Peggy Odem
Anne and Steve Pastorkovich
Nancy Peters
Jervie and John Petty
Leonard and Lesley Pulley
Janice Reilly
Bunny Runyan
Mario Sacco
Ancqueline Salley-Jackson
Evan Sandt
Sharon Seeley
Jemima Selvanathan and Arul P. Aburvasamy
David and Rebecca Sheu
Phil Silas
Lester Silverman and Patty Abramson
Denise and Arthur Smith
Michael and Kathleen Smith
Milcy Smith
Linda Sullivan
Barbara Szoradi
Phyllis Tate
Marian Thompson
The Ties that Bind (Sharon Snow)
Vivan Toler
Rick Tryon
Philip and Helene Tucker
Bill and Luanne Turrentine
Dalbir and Amarjit Ubee
Richard and Susan Ugelow
Crash and Burn Ultrarunners
John and Trina Warden
Diane Weaver
Larry Whittaker
Solomon and Linda Williams

How to Make a Contribution

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