Not so Hot TWOT

There were no finishers at the 2014 running of Hot TWOT, run in conditions that were anything but hot (drizzle early, then cloudy the rest of the day, with temps around 50 that persisted the entire day). There were fine performances by the single loop runners, however.

Andrew Jenner set a blistering pace and finished his loop of the Wild Oak Trail in 4:45. He was driven to finish in under 5 hours, and he did it with plenty of time to spare, making it look easy in the process.

The first woman to finish was Elena Bragg, and at 21, she may well be the youngest runner to complete a loop at TWOT or Hot TWOT. Elena and her day-long TWOT companion, Adam Katkhouda, had been on these trails as successful pacers at Grindstone the week before.

Dan Hylton sought to break 7 hours for his loop, and successfully achieved his goal.  Dan also discovered that RD Dennis Herr's favorite post-run beer is Yuengling Black & Tan.  Not that anyone was having a beverage in the TWOT lot at the finish, but if they had been so inclined, they would have both appreciated pouring Black & Tan's into their cups to celebrate Dan's finish.

John Nelson finished the 19th loop of his long and distinguished TWOT career. Ed Rangel, after overcoming some early issues locating and staying on the right trail, picked up the pace to finish with a very strong closing stretch.  Jay Finkle led his wife Anita and the indefatigable Dru Sexton to a solid one loop finish.  This was a week after Jay finished yet another 100 mile race - he now has over 60 finishes in 100 milers! 

And in late breaking Hot TWOT news, Antoinette Landragin, thwarted by last minute work responsibilities from getting in her loop(s) of the Wild Oak trail, received special dispensation from Dennis to come out on the Monday, Columbus Day holiday, for a half on the books, half off the books, Hot TWOT.  Antoinette broke out of her comfort zone and ran her loop in the Anti-Clockwise direction.  Despite her fears that this new direction would lead to her becoming lost at some point, she not only successfully completed her 27+ mile loop, but she broke her previous personal best with a time of just over 7 hours and 19 minutes.  She ran dry after 19 miles, so fortunately Dennis had plenty of refreshing beverages waiting for her back in the TWOT lot.

Thanks to RD Dennis Herr for once again hosting this event.  Due to diminished interest in the October version of TWOT, the Hot TWOT may be discontinued(?) or perhaps moved to a Hotter part of the race calendar.  Check the website in 2015 for an update.  Meanwhile, start training for the original - TWOT will be held on Valentines weekend, 2015.

Results and a few photos can be seen here.