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2000 VHTRC News Archive

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  • Redeye 50km Report and Results--Jan 8

    Little Bear

    Click for bigger image Ringer Crashes Cold Pre-Christmas Training Run: Some guy named "Ian" showed up at a cold run in Rock Creek Park on December 23. He could barely keep up with us. We admonished Ian that, while we don't run fast, you need to do more than a walk. Ian promised to improve his training and see if he can do better the next time he is in from Seattle. The rest of us had a good run as we dragged Ian through the park. There are a few pictures in the photo album including a couple of the tunnel that we use to start the run.

    Read the Report of the VHTRC Winter Solstice Celebration

    Fat Ass 50km A Wet Fat Ass 50km: Courtney Campbell won the VHTRC's annual Fat Ass 50km, this year named the "Pang Pigu Wu Shi Gongli." 68 people started the run, and 40 finished. Several had Do Loop stories and one person discovered the "Don't Do Loop." Photos | Results | Photos on IPlayOutside.com

    The Nash RamblerTrivia Contest--a Winner Already: Gary Knipling took time out from conducting unnecessary medical experiments on young male cats to go check out the milage on the Nash Rambler in the Do Loop. He will get the real cool prize when I figure out what it is. I will not disclose the actual milage. Let that be the secret to get in the inner sanctum of the VHTRC. You gotta go out and find it out for yourself. And no fair writing it down. If I can remember it without writing it down, you can. (It is made easier by the fact that some digits repeat themselves.)

    Gang at the Start Read Reports from Valerie Meyer and John Dodds on the Potomac Heritage 50 km: Valerie's report is recently added and it joins John's fictional report. (The part about the bridge is all made up.) ...Pictures in the VHTRC Photo Album | Report by John Dodds | Report by Valerie Meyer

    My name is Furbutt! Say Hi to "Furbutt"! The election returns are in for the name of the VHTRC bear. It's "Furbutt" by a landslide. (Well, it's a landslide compared to a certain other election that isn't finished yet.) The name "Furbutt" was suggested by Mike Weber who wins the coveted prize. The prize is one of the cool scarfs that Ed Schultze brought to Andiamo. The results are below. Thank you to all who voted!

    Name the Bear Results




    Running Bear


    Pat Buchanan


    Da Bear


    NOTE: We recieved 7 votes from Palm Beach County, Banana Republic of Florida, for Pat Buchanan. We are assuming that these voters wanted to name the bear "Al Gore." "Furbutt" beat both "Al Gore" and "Pat Buchanan" so we don't need a hand recount.

    At the finishGreat Day at JFK! Many VHTRC members were at the JFK 50 on November 4. The weather was nearly perfect. The two-week earlier date and the late fall foilage made for some green trees and a different look to the race. Many VHTRC members particpated. Results are on the JFK Web Site. Photos are available now in the Photo Album.

    More JFK Photos in Photo AlbumVHTRC Members Excel on JFK Teams: The JFK 50 results brought news of several VHTRC members who were on high-placing teams. Ian Torrence, who placed third overall, was on the winning Montrail team. Prassad Gerard, Keith Moore, and Mike Campbell's team placed second. Russ Evans was on one of the many Reston teams. His team got sixth. Meanwhile, Mike Weber was on Team Marine that won the Kennedy Cup (for the top military team). None of these people, however, ran for a team with "VHTRC" in the name! :-(  Not that we care, do we? One other interesting item. There were no all female teams that finished the minimum three members. Ladies? Next year? JFK Photos added 12/25 | JFK Website | Photos on IPlayOutside.com

    The Double: Bob Coyne, Kevin Sayers, Chris Scott, Carolyn Gernand, and Ed Schultze ran the Marathon in the Parks after running JFK the day before. A picture of Chris Scott and Colleen Dulin (who did not do JFK) is in the photo album. (As usual, I am sure that someone else did this. Let me know if you did.

    Bill VanAntwerp Wins Age Group at Triathalon: Bill VanAntwerp won his age group in course record time at the Great Floridian Triathalon on October 21. He lowered the course record by about 20 minutes. Congratulations Bill! ...See Bill in training.

    Horton's Race: It was a great day for the Mountain Masochists 50 Mile Trail Run. On just looking through the results the first time, saw that several club members finished including Ian Torrence (3rd overall), Rebecca Trittipoe (2nd woman), Colleen Dulin (3rd woman), Bill Gentry, Ben Clark, the Knipling boys (Gary and Keith), Gyula Kiss, Rollin Stanton, Chris Scott, Ed Schultze, Bob Coyne, and Bill Turrentine. (As usual, I am sure I left someone out!) Courtney Campbell and Janice Anderson won. ...David's web site | MMTR information.

    Run at Mile 11Andiamo -- Let's Go! Andy Peterson Wins Andiamo 45.5 Mile Run: Andy Peterson led the field at the Andiamo 45.5 Mile run of the W&OD Bike Path. The weather was nearly perfect. Results, a report, and pictures are now available.

    Frank Probst Leads VHTRC Field at Arkansas Traveller 100: Frank came in 16th and set the course record for his age, 22:36, at the Arkansas Traveller 100 mile, October 7-8. John Weitzel and Ed Demoney also finished. Both Margie Schlundt and the Ancient Brit, Lou Myers, were cut off at the 85 mile aid station. The results are on David Blaikie's Ultramarathon World. The AT100 site is not yet updated.

    Team VHTRC TEAM VHTRC Fourth at the Venture Quest: On October 1, Team VHTRC took fourth overall at the Venture Quest sponsored by Hemlock Overlook Regional Park. The team, composed of the Knipling father-son duo (Gary and Keith) and President Joe Clapper, was the first all-male team and the first master team. (That means that three teams with girls beat them. Also, there must not have been any drug testing.) Team VHTRC had the largest rooting section since Gary's close family came in numbers that Joe conservatively put at 120. The picture above is used by permission of Venture Quest. For more pictures, go to the Results and pictures are on the Venture Quest website. You will note that Keith has a cool bike shirt on while Gary and Joe just have cheezy t-shirts. There are also pictures in the VHTRC photo album.

    Derrick Carr at the HAT RunCarr Seventh at Angeles Crest: Derrick Carr was seventh at the Angeles Crest 100 Miler in 22:11. Kevin Sayers and Bill Sublett also finished. Results are on the AC web site.

    Harpers Ferry from Loudoun HeightsQuad State Quad Buster: Read Chris Scott's report from the Quad State run on September 23. Harry Smith has also added comments. Pictures are in the VHTRC Album. (You will note that most of the pictures are of Chris Scott and James Moore. If you want to be in the pictures, stay with the photographer!) Thanks to Chris and Rick Hamilton for organizing this event. (Go buy a car from Rick!) Also we ate some paw paws. There are still a few out there!

    Training Run Participants--August 26Women's Half Marathon: Full results, splits, age group rankings, awards, pictures, and now a story are available. This is yet another VHTRC event that has taken off. Next year we will probably have a limited field and no race day entry. ...WDF 2000 Results Page

    Frank at Potomac Overlook RunProbst Shines at 24 Hour Run: On September 16-17, VHTRC masters star Frank Probst ran 118.0280 miles at the Olander Park 24 Hour Run. He was first in his age group and ninth overall. (Excuse me, how can they take this out to four decimal places? That's about six inches. Only the USATF would do that.) MMT veteran John Geesler won the event. VHTRC member Charlie Wojic finished in 145th. As usual, I am sure I missed others. ...Results

    Selena SmartConestoga Trail 10 Miler: On Sunday September 24th, Selena Smart, Karsten Brown, and Kathy Smart ran the Conestoga Trail 10 Miler south of Lancaster, PA, a race which Karsten describes thusly: "Mile for mile, the hardest ten miles I've ever run." He says that the elevation profile was like a bad EKG and the trails were steep, slippery, and bee-infested. "Many times during the race," says Karsten, "I heard, 'Aah! Bees! Bees! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!,' echoing through the woods." Selena finished as second woman overall in 2:08:45 (a week after tying for second at the VHTRC Women's Half-Marathon); Karsten ended up with a 2:49:40 and one bee sting; and Kathy was the top woman 50-59 in 4:11:28.

    Ian Torrence Wins Superior Trail 100: On September 9, Ian Torrence ran a 18:59:58 to win the Superior Trail 100. His report on David Blaikie's Ultramarathon World site. Wasatch was the same day. I saw some familiar names in the finishers list (Sue Johnson, Tom Green, Bert Meyer) but no VHTRC members. I am sure I missed someone again. On the next weekend, Patti Harden was the first master woman at the Garden State 50 Mile in a good, sub-9 hour time. (Results) This event received good reviews, which is what you would expect from race director Robin Rossow. Superior Trail Web Site | Wasatch Front 100 Web Site

    Team Booz Allen gets 29th at the Eco Challenge: VHTRC member Maureen Moslow-Benway and her team from Booz-Allen & Hamilton finished in 29th place, out of over 70 teams, at the Eco-Challenge in Borneo. Full information is available at www.ecochallenge.com. We will be eager to read Maureen's report when she returns. ...Maureen's report on her team before she left | story on the MetroSports Washington website.

    Before the run at the Stone BridgeLabor Day Weekend Training Run: We had a good run at the Manassass Battlefield on Saturday, September 2. The rain held off and the course was flat, interesting, and pretty. We sort of got lost, however. We did a lot of running across fields with poison ivy and ticks. Douglas Durham and I saw a Copperhead. It was small. This is a great place for a run, especially if you don't want hills.

    King JordanLeadville: VHTRC member King Jordan finished his umpteenth Leadville Trail 100 miler on August 20. Mike Walsh also finished. (Appologies to Mike for missing him the first time around.) Chad Ricklefs won the event. He had finished second at MMT. Other MMT finishers whom I saw were Monica Scholz and Hans-Dieter Weisshaar who are doing them all. ...Results from the LT100 Site

    The Squash: Here, for posterity, is the actual squash from my garden. (If that link didn't work, try this one).

    Catoctin 50km: The weather was beautiful but the trail still sucks! Many of the usual VHTRC suspects showed up for the Catoctin 50km. RD Kevin Sayers put on a great event. The trail is rocky and slow. But it's all trail and it's beautiful! At least one participant earned a "Scotty." (There may be others. If you earned one, let me know.) A few pictures are in the VHTRC photo album. The results are on Kevin's site.

    StartersCatherine's Fat Ass: There are now several photos from Catherine's Fat Ass 50 km. Ed Schultze, Gary Knipling, and now Bunny Runyan have sent in pictures which are in the VHTRC photo album. There a a couple of people I don't recognize. If you can identify anyone, please let me know. The results are on David Blaikie's site. ...CFA website

    Marge Schlundt Finishes Seventh at the Badwater Ultramarathon! On July 29, Marge was the seventh woman in this grueling run from the lowest point in Death Valley to the base of Mt. Whitney--135 miles. The results are on the Badwater web site. There is probably a picture of our heroine there some place too. Other East Coast people did well. Tim Hewitt was the first American to finish and Bill Koppenheffer also finished in a good time.

    Vermont 100: Prasad Gerard led the VHTRC contingent at the Vermont 100 miler on July 15-16. Prasad was 20th place, followed by John Dodds in 40th, Frank Probst in 48th, Susan Briars in 109th, Ed Schultze in 122nd, John Prohira in 133rd, and Phil Hesser in 157th. Courtney Campbell won the race in 14:19. That is off of Mike Morton's record of 14:08. Ann Trayson won the women's division in 16:04 which is an hour under her prior course record of 17:11. The results are available on the Vermont 100 web site. Check out John Dodds's Report.

    Horton Third, Mills Seventh at Hardrock! Kirk Apt won Hardrock in a record time of 29:35:00. VHTRC member David Horton was third in 30:12:23 and Scott Mills, was seventh in 31:11:05. Scott did this two weeks after finishing Western States and trashing his feet. John DeWalt came in 44th at 44:28:00. Unfortunately, Joe Clapper had to drop because of vision problems (an old concern that he had, we all thought, finally licked). This is really sad. Joe was in super shape and ready to do very well. MMT women's winner Sue Johnston won Hardrock. Other MMT finishers who finished Hardrock were Johnathon Worswick, Greg Loomis, Scott Eppelman, and Hans-Dieter Weisshaar (who is doing a billion 100s this year). The results are now on the Hardrock site.

    Mills Sets Western States-Hardrock Record: Scott Mills is one of a small handful of runners who have done both WS and Hardrock in the same year. Of these runners, he has the fastest total time--by far. He is one of only two people who have done this twice. What did our hero say upon crossing the finish line at Hardrock this year? It's reported to be: "I am never going to run 100 miles again!" Don't worry, he says that every time! Stan Jensen assembled the WS-Hardrock data and it's on his site. Meanwhile, Andrea Feucht has posted photos from Hardrock. The second page of photos contains one of Scott Mills finishing (with Joe Clapper cheering him on), and one with ultimate stud, John DeWalt. (Warning, these last two images are very long downloads!)

    AT Run in Shenandoah National Park: Bill Sublett and Russ Evans have reported on their 100+ mile run of the Appalachian Trail in the Park over June 23-25. Bill, Stan, and Margie finished the whole thing. Several others participated during parts of the run. The logistics and car shuttles were a big problem. Bill reports, "We had several neat animal sightings including 3 bears and a rattlesnake." Guess Gary Knipling wasn't there!

    Western States: Ed Demoney helped daughter Lisa manage the finish line at Western States. He reports that Scott Mills's feet were really trashed after the run. (Joe has confirmed the same thing by e-mail.) Ed reports, "[Scott] said...that [Hardrock] was definitely out this time. I suspect that cold mountain air will prove sufficiently healing for him to run HH although he almost broke up at the finish line in considering HH possibilities." I join Ed in predicting that Scotty will be on the starting line next weekend at Hardrock! Anyone want to bet against it?

    At least five VHTRC members finished Western States including Ian Torrence in 11th place (one behind Ann Trayson), Scott Mills in about 30th place, and at around 25 hours, Keith Moore. Mike Campbell, and Prasad Gerard. Ed reported about the race, "It was a tough year for the runners although the weather wasn't all that bad. Apparently it was hot early, after reaching Emigrant Pass, and hot and dusty later as expected." ...Results

    Participants in Run from Anstr's HouseRun und Fest: We had a hot run on June 25 along the Potomac Heritage Trail followed by a lot of liquid rehydration. It was fun--I guess.

    Laurel Highlands: Frank Probst reports:

    "It was hot. The shade and breeze helped some, but by noon I was feeling the heat and could see a daylight finish going down the drain. Courtney Cambell took off like a man on a mission. When we got 100 yards out of the start, he had a 40 yard lead on us. Although he had a great run, the heat got him too. His 11:15 time was awesome, but about a half hour slower than last year. From our area, Johnny Raney (not a club member) had a good run and was 3rd, John Dodds was 4th, I think I was 7th, and Eric Ivey ran in with first woman, Deb Reno, tied for 9th. So the club had three in the top ten. My time was 17:38 and I would have either been last or next to last official finisher under the old time limit. This year the time was extended to 22 hours. I did not hang around after Eric finished. They figured about a 50% of the starters made it through the last aid station. [23 finished out of 46 starters.] It would have been a disasterous finish rate with a 18 hour time limit. There were 49 individual runners signed up, but I do not know how many actually started. MMT course marking partner Keith Dunn and club member John Weitzel started, but I do not know if they finished [they did]. From a pure trail run standpoint, that trail has to be one of the top courses around. Looks like you guys had a nice party." ...Laurel Highlands Results (click on "Results")

    Gary finally finds bears!Volunteer Party Another Success! On June 10, we had the party for VHTRC volunteers at the Capital Yacht Club. There was great food, plenty of refreshments, and fun for all. The first "James Moore Award" was given to James and Rebecca Moore. ...Read the report and check out the pictures.

    Double Trouble 25k and 50k: Karsten Brown went to the Double Trouble 25K and 50K near Reading, Pennsylvania, and I saw a couple of VHTRC members there. Karsten finished the 25k in 57th place with a time of 2:38:33. David Horton and Muffy Lanham each did the 50K. Selena Smart finished the 25k and her mother Kathy (a member of Karsten's Shenandoah Valley Runners), won the 50k 50-59 age group award.

    Derrick Carr Third at OD: Derrick Carr placed third at the Old Dominion 100 Miler on June 3 (yes, he finished the same day he started). His time was 18:07. Other VHTRC members who finished were: Jeff Holdaway, 12th in 21:37. Ben Clark, 30th in 23:20, Kevin Sayers, 38th in 25:50, Jean Heishman (fomerly "Lichtenberger" I presume), 40th in 26:04, and John DeWalt, 55th in 27:09. Jim Garcia won in 15:50, and Jim Kirby from Seattle was second in 17:01. Several runners, including Kevin, did both MMT and OD. Results, a report, and photographs are now available on the WVOutside site.

    VHTRC at Run for Wetlands: Bill Turrentine, Jeff Reed, Anstr Davidson, Larry DeHof, Jeanne Christie, Valerie Meyer, and Brenda Davidson finished the Run for Wetlands 5k in Arlington on June 10. It was warm! The names are in their finishing order. Had it been a 6k, Larry and Jeanne would have beaten me. I was dying out there! ...Run for Wetlands web site | Pictures on DC Roadrunners site including ones of Larry, Jeanne, Valerie, and me.

    Luna MothVHTRC Runners Get Back to the Trails: There were at least two groups out on the trails this weekend. Bill Sublett, John Dodds, Mike Gholson, Arthur Wit, and Russ Evans ran about 25 miles from Black Rock Gap north to Swift Run Gap, in the southern section of the Shenandoah National Park. Gary Knipling and Randy Snyder organized a run on the Dickey Ridge Trail in the north portion of the park. That group went up the Dickey Ridge Trail to the AT, then north on the AT to the 4-H Center, and then up Nickerson Hollow to the Dickey Ridge Trail and back down. It was a great run and somewhat nostalgic for me as the 4-H and Nickerson bring back memories of OD in the '80s. Gary had hoped to see a bear, but his hopes were dashed again. But we did see the Luna Moth at right. It was cool. These are the kinds of runs that the VHTRC is all about. There are pictures of the Dickey Ridge run in the Photo Album.

    Brenda's First 5km! Club Membership Chair Finishes first 5km: Brenda Davidson finished her first 5km at the Race for the Cure. She ran well, but a few people were ahead of her. There are more pictures from this event in the VHTRC album. (Ok, there is some nepotism here. Don't bother sending in information about your 5km.)

    Capon Valley 50km: In the run up to Hardrock, Joe Clapper served notice on David Horton by beating him at the Capon Valley 50km. Courtney Campbell won the event. Several VHTRC members finished. A report, results, and photos are on the WVOutside.com web site.

    24 Hour Relay for Life: On May 20-21, Carl McClure did the Relay for Life at Reston's South Lakes High School as a solo 24 hour. The event raised money and awareness for cancer research. Carl walked most of the way and jogged occasionally to break up the monotony, for a total of 260 laps, or 65 miles. Carl raised nearly $900 for cancer research.

    61 Finish Brutal MMT: 128 runners started the 2000 MMT and 61 finished. Ian Torrence and Sue Johnston were the big winners, each repeating earlier victories. The temperature rose into the 90s, thunder storms brought hail, there was a brush fire, and a snake bite. The results are now ready, the all time lists were updated, and there are now pictures from race day. Both the arrival splits and the split times between aid stations are ready too! (Thank you Valerie Meyer!) Contractulations to all the runners and thanks to the many volunteers! Results | 2000 Report | pictures | MMT Home Page

    VHTRC Runners at PATC Dogwood Half-Hundred Hike: Scott Mills, Derrick Carr, and Joe Clapper tied for first place at the PATC's Dogwood Half-Hundred Hike on April 29. Their time was 5:42 for the 50 km distance. Ed Demoney was 32nd out of 232 starters at 8:43. Jeanne Christie and Larry DeHof (previously misidentified as the other Jean and Larry), Bill Wandel, and Carolyn Gernand also finished. The course uses many of the same trails as MMT. The results are on the PATC web page. (Report from Ed Demoney.)

    G.A.C.'s winning teamBull Run Run Records Fall at Eighth Bull Run Run: Courtney Campbell and Christy Cosgrove each set course records as they won the mens and women's divisions of the Bull Run Run on April 15. The G.A.C's came in force as 25 Yankees from Massachusetts invaded the south. Results and, now, photos!

    Joe Clapper on the Tuscarora TrailJoe Clapper's Tuscarora Trail Run: Joe Clapper ran the Tuscarora Trail in 94 hours, 27 minutes, which is now the record. More pictures and reports on the event are now available. Gary Knipling sent me more pictures of Joe from Fetzer's Gap to Elizabeth Furnace. ..Go Straight to Pictures

    Stan and Margie Before the StartBill Sublett and Margie Schlundt finish Umstead 100: Unless I am missing something, only two VHTRC members finished the Umstead 100 in North Carolina. Several others finished the 50 miler. Bill Wandel sent me some good pictures that are in the VHTRC Photo Album. The Results are on the Umstead site. Speaking of results, the Barkley results are now available. No one finished. Surprise.

    James Moore FinishingChris SctooHAT Photos Now Available: Derrick Carr led a large VHTRC Pack at the HAT Run held on March 25. Almost 300 runners started the event. Derrick was the third male to finish, but fifth overall. Two female ringers showed up (one was a 2:38 marathoner) and got third and fourth. The weather was nearly perfect with only a smattering of rain. Many VHTRC people were there. I only got three pictures and they are in the album but Jeff got many more. ... Results | ...HAT Run site | ...Jeff's Pictures

    Probst Wins Age Group at 100km National Championship: On March 25, Frank Probst won his age group at the GNC 100km in Pittsburgh. That event was the 100km national championship. The results are on David Blaikie's Ultramarathon World.

    The Mad BomberPerfect Weather for Potomac Overlook Trail Runs: Great weather, two course records, and a large field made the Potomac Overlook Trail Runs a great success. Complete results and a report from Ed Demoney are now available as well as pictures. Be sure to see everyone checking out the hats! Thanks to Ed Demoney for putting on a great event!

    Training Run on March 18: Fourteen people showed up at this run in Rock Creek Park. It was cool but clear. Six of us went the whole way. Rock Creek is the best kept secret around. Miles of trails inside the city and we were home by noon. (Not to mention the expensive gas we did not use!) There are three pictures in the Photo Album.

    Work Party Participants Work Party The VHTRC trail work party on March 4 was a great success! Twenty-two people worked on the trails. Read the report and check out the pictures. It wasn't all just work!

    The Girls of the C4PClapper Excels at Foreplay! Many new pictures of the Coyote Fourplay and event reports are now available! More new pictures every day! Joe Clapper showed his skill at the Coyote Foreplay in the hills and mountains around Ventura, California. Over 40 people participated in this year's event held during February 17-20. No woman finished the entire 127 mile course. JABOY Bozo(Women did not find the Foreplay as satisfying.) The C4P, a crazy idea from the mind of Chris Scott, aided and greatly abetted by the JABOYS--Marie, Suk, and Mike--is four days of running fun in the beautiful California Coast Range. Three other VHTRC members joined Clapper in Foreplay--Gary "Jack Daniels" Knipling, Colleen "cute toenails" Dulin, and Anstr "I promised I wouldn't bitch about the course, but I did anyway" Davidson. Go to the updated Coyote Fourplay page for extensive report, results, and information. Editor's note: Please check to see whether it's "Foreplay" or "Fourplay" before posting this on the Internet!

    Mt. Mitchell 40 Miler: VHTRC runners performed well in a competive run over the East's highest mountain on February 26. Scott Mills reports, "Derrick Carr ran an incredible 7th place in a very tough field in 5:45 only 52 seconds behind David Horton. VHTRC captured the top three Masters awards with Horton 1st (5:44), Scott Mills 2nd (6:08), and the amazing running machine of Joe Clapper in 3rd (6:28)!" Joe did 127+ miles last week at the Coyote 4 Play and then this. Partial results and a story are available on David Blaikie's site.

    Holiday Lake 50km: Eric Ivery and Frank Probst led a large VHTRC field at David Horton's Holiday Lake 50km held on February 19. Frank was the first grand master. Reports, the results, and picturs are available on David's site. Be sure and read Frank's report.

    Rocky Raccoon 100 Miler: Jeff Holdaway reports: "There were at least four VHTRC members who went down to Huntsville, Texas this past weekend [Feb 5-6] to run in the Rocky Raccoon 100. This was a "no excuses" race with perfect temperatures and excellent course conditions. Approximately 140 runners started with 91 finishing under the 30 hour cutoff. Jim Garcia humbled the rest of the field with a winning time of 14:35. Janice Anderson obliterated the women's course record with a time of 16:03. She was third overall. As for the local contingent, Frank Probst turned in his usual strong performance with a time of 18:30 and 8th place. Jeff Holdaway dropped his 100 mile PR by 2 1/2 hours with a 20:32 finish and 17th place. (He was in 15th place with 1/4 mile to go, but had his flashlight go out and wandered in the woods for five minutes before finding the finish line.) Ed Demoney finished strong with a time of 27:12 and 71st place. Carolyn Germand, looking for her first 100 mile finish in six attempts was running well until the cutoff time demons caught up with her and she had to drop at mile 70. Overall, a great day (and night) for a run in the woods." (Editor's note: Peyton Robinson was 45th in 23:17:27) ...Results and Report on Ultramarathon World

    The EagleClick for Larger PhotoLow Eagle Count but High Fun Factor at Eagle Run IX: The bad weather held off as 36 runners toured Mason Neck in search of Eagles. We only spotted three--all on Pohick bay. (Picture of one of the eagles.) The trail was covered with still-fresh snow. Gary put on his typical bash with several aid stations, briefings, course markings, and the now-required pizza that arrived right on time. As always, the VHTRC offers a money back guarantee on the Eagle Run. If you weren't satisfied, let us know and we will refund your entry fee in full. Check out the Eagle Run pictures.

    The Moon Moonlight Run: It was cold, snowy, beautiful, and fun. Ten souls braved 7 weather on the VHTRC Moonlight Run on Jan 21. ...Read the report | Pictures in 2000 Photo Album

    Oh Dark Thirty: Eleven people got up early to brave the cold and do about 25 miles of the MMT course on Saturday, Jan 15. The sky was clear and the wind not too bad. Thanks to Bill Sublett's organization, we had a good run with water and even some food. The trail is in good condition. There are a few trees across the trail, but nothing you can't step over or walk around. The best sight of the day was a cow returing to its pasture by jumping over the fence. Runs like this are what the VHTRC is all about! ...Pictures in 2000 Photo Album

    Team SlugDerrick Carr Wins Slug Redeye 50km: Derrick Carr caught Prasad Gerard at the end to win the Redeye 50km put on by Team Slug on January 8. Dan Grayson's Report and Results

    RRCA Top Site Award 98RRCA Top Site Award 99VHTRC Web Site Breaks Winning Streak! The VHTRC web site did not receive the RRCA Top Site Award for 2000. The VHTRC had won the award for 1998 and 1999. The RRCA gives awards to three "large" clubs and three "small" ones. We previously won in the small category. Unfortunately, many people joined the club in the last year so we are now "large" and had to compete with the big dogs. We missed the three-peat! Oh well, we put on good runs and that's what counts! Wait 'till next year!