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2001 VHTRC News Archive

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Other Archived News:

Little Bear
  • Redeye 50km
  • Inauguration Day Run
  • Eagle Run
  • Derrick Carr Third at Uwharrie
  • Michelle Burr wins Rocky Raccoon 100
  • Work on Ed's Trail
  • Dale Evans Dies
  • President's Day Runs
      --Wild Oak 100
      --Holiday Lake 50 km
  • Bull Run Trail Training Run
  • Forest Service Meeting
  • Work Party
  • GNC 100 km
  • HAT Run 50 km
  • Coyote Four Play
  • SLR Fairfax Fatass
  • Potomac Overlook Trail Runs
  • Training Run on Bull Run Trail
  • Umstead
  • Maryland Training Run
  • Dogwood 50km
  • Bull Run Run
  • RRCA Topsite Award
  • Promise Land 50k
  • Volunteer Party
  • Capon Valley 50 km
  • Memorial Day Training Run
  • Sulphur Springs 100 Miler
  • MMT 100
  • OD 100
  • AT "Leapfrog" Adventure
  • Laurel Highlands
  • Stan and Marge
  • Mohican 100 Miler
  • Western States 100 Miler
  • Anstr's Run und Fest
  • Valerie Meyer Wins Award
  • MMW Trail Completed
  • Bike and Tie on the C&O Canal
  • Moonlight Run
  • Hardrock 100
  • Vermont 100
  • Badwater
  • Catherines Fat Ass
  • Catoctin Trail Run 50 km
  • Leadville 100
  • Cascade Crest 100
  • Haliburton Forest 100
  • Olander Park 24 Hour
  • Wasatch 100 Miler
  • Superior Trail 100 Miler
  • Jim Moore's Run of the C and O Canal
  • Angeles Crest 100
  • Women's Trail Half Marathon
  • Venturequest
  • Quad State Quad Buster
  • Arkansas 100
  • Phil Young Directs Swin
  • Barbara Fitz Dies
  • Deb Reno - Steve Pero Wedding
  • Mt. Masochists 50 Miler
  • Marine Corps Marathon
  • Potomac Heritage Trail 50km
  • Veterans Day Run
  • Marge Burley at Ironman
  • JFK Marathon Double
  • JFK
  • Rock Creek Park Training Run (Nov)
  • Moomlight Run
  • Fat Ass 50 km
  • 50km Championships

    Greg Loomis Fifth at 50km Championship: On December 29, Greg had a time of 3:54 on a cold day. Derrick Carr was 12th according to Greg. Partial results.

    Nui Loa Okole 50 km: NEW! There are new photos from Gary Knipling and John Dodds's Report. December 15 was yet another great day for running. Cool, clear, and dry. Almost 100 runners participated in this, our 10th running of the event. Results and a report of a sort. Also, check out the photos in the VHTRC Photo Album.

    Report from California: Chris Scott was in California (what's new!) at the OTHTC High Desert 50K Ultra and 30K runs in Ridgecrest. (Ridgecrest is at the beginning of the Sierras in the Inyo Valley.) There he saw VHTRC members Randy and Sharon Snyder who now live in Reno.

    John Dodds: See the article about John in the on-line magazine, Citzen Airman.

    The Moon -- actual shot from Anstr's cheapo camera!Large Group Enjoys Perfect Conditions at Moonlight Run: On November 30, 23 runners ventured out during November's "Blue Moon" to do the VHTRC Moonlight Run. The conditions were perfect. No leaves on the trees, but the temperature was not cold. The moon was very bright. No one got lost. It was a great time had by all. Report on Moonlight Run Page | Photos | Report by John Dodds

    Bear in the WoodsDamp Run through Rock Creek Park: On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, six stalwarts ran through a damp but pretty Rock Creek Park. We ran slowly so that Michele could keep up but we had to warn her that next time, James and I won't cut her any slack. We saw many animals in the park, including several bears, an eagle, and a hawk. At the end, Mr. S. Adams dropped by. I joined Jim Moore as the proud owner of a Talking Beer OpenerTM. Keith and Chris admired it while drinking Koolaid. If you want your own talking beer opener, you can go to the Web site where you can even hear the sound! ...Photos

    Before the Start Mike Campbell Leads VHTRC Field at JFK: Mike won the 50-59 age group and was 33rd place overall in 7:27:52. Fellow VHTRC runner Frank Probst was second in that age group. In nearly perfect weather, Chad Ricklefs won the 39th JFK 50 on November 17. Dave Dunham, Clark Zealand, Sean Andrish, and Greg Loomis followed Chad. In the women's race, Laura Nelson beat Sue Johnston. Meanwhile, back in the pact, there were many VHTRC members. Most impressive, however, were Anna's Restonites. There were thousands of yellow jersey's from the people from Reston. The JFK Web site was up for awhile today, but seems to be down again. The results are on David Blaikie's site. Alsok check out the video of the finish on Peyton's site.

    The Double: Ed Schultze and Kevin Sayers completed the "double" by running the Marathon in the Parks in Montgomery County the day after running JFK. Also finishing the marathon were Brian McNeil, Phil Silas, and Amanda Prebel. (Thanks to Ed for the report.)

    Marge at the Ironman: Marge Burley, who ran much of JFK with Abby Glassburg, got third in her age group at the Ironman Triathalon in Kona, Hawaii. ...Results

    Veterans Day Run: Seven of us took a Veterans Day tour of Washington and many of its monuments to the nation's wars and its military. It was a beautiful day and we were early enough to miss the big crowds. At the Korean War Memorial, we paid respects in behalf of the Ancient Brit and the British participation in the United Nations effort. We made it as far as the Grant Memorial in front of the Capitol. (That is poop below his horse, isn't it?) We then came back across the Fourteenth Street Bridge and paid our respects at the Pentagon. Finally, in the spirit of the day, we bravely captured a battle flag for the club trophy case. The battle flag was seized when fleeing troops abandoned it along Route 110. Gary particulary thought it appropriate that we subdued this nefarious and quite prevalent foe. ...Veterans Day Run Photos

    On the Potomac Heritage Trail 2001Potomac Heritage 50 km: Great weather and wonderful support from Larry, Jeanne, and Dan Grayson made for another fantastic day in the woods at the Potomac Heritage Trail 50 km on November 3. Event director, Larry DeHof had it all planned out. Plenty of aid, course markings, and a big spread at the end for cholesterol and grease reloading. Mr. S. Adams also dropped by. The entire run was inside the beltway and yet we saw plenty of wild life including a buck with a big rack. (Ok, I don't know what is considered a "big rack" (on a deer anyway) but this one looked pretty impressive.) If you missed this run, you missed this run! NEW! I added Russ Evans's pictures at about 6 PM Sunday evening. His pictures are better than mine. Photos in the Photo Album | Potomac Heritage Trail Run Page

    Marine Corps Marathon: Several MCM finishers have been reported. The list as of now: Scott Mills, Derrick Carr, Tim Stanley, Phil Young, Carolyn Gernand, Prasad Gerard, Lou Jones, Bill Turrentine, Jim Cavenaugh, Tom Corris, Mary McMurray, Joe Malinowski, Jaret Seiberg, Kerry Owens, Melania Saraniero, and Ed Demoney finished. Also finishing was club member Lou Meyers of England. Tha "ancient Brit" finished carrying the Queen's colors. Anyone else finish? ...Results

    Mt. Masochists: David's Mountain Masochist 53 Mile run is the high point of the fall dirt road running season. Results are on David's site. While many VHTRC folks did well, the major news for the club was the Male 50-59 age group where Frank Probst, John Guendelsberger, and Bill Turrentine got second, third, and fourth. Note that Frank's age is way at the end of that age group, but he still lost to 52 year old Rick Schick by less than five minutes. Read John Prohira's Report on David's site.

    Deb and SteveCongrats to Deb Reno and Steve Pero! We earlier announced the wedding of Deb and Steve. Our official photographer, Gary Knipling, ran with the happy couple a week before the marriage. He took pictures that exude beauty--Deb, Sue Johnston, the fall colors, and one of him. Well, you can't have everything! The pictures are in the VHTRC photo album. Go to Steve's and Deb's site for the official Wedding Pictures

    Barbara Fitz: We are sorry to hear that Barbara Fitz died last Thursday. Barbara was a two-time Bull Run Run finisher and a supporter of the club in the earlier days. She continued to support our activities, especially the Women's Half Marathon. You can contact Chris Scott for the arrangements. Washington Post Obituary

    Phil YoungRace Director Phil Young: Debbie Morrin sent in a picture of our hero, Phil Young, serving at the race director of the Lake Montclair Swim.

    Michele Burr Second Woman at Arkansas: Michele battled blisters and eventual winner Francesca Conte to place second at the Arkansas Traveler 100 Miler on October 6-7. Several other VHTRC people finished including Monica Scholz, Frank Probst, Keith Knipling, Bob Coyne, Karen Shiley, and Michael Bur. Arkansas was Monica's 18th 100 mile run this year. (Stan Jensen has a list of them all.) Frank ran a fantastic 22:13. Also finishing was Ohioan T.J. Hawk who has come to many of our runs. The Arkansas results are now on the Arkansas web page. Also, Peyton Robinson has several pictures on his site.

    Harpers Ferry from VirginiaThe Quad State Quad Buster: We had a great run at the Quad State Quad Buster. It was nearly perfect weather. It was a great run to honor Roger Allison. There are many photos available. (Why are all the same persons in the photos? They ran with the photographer!) Report (now available) | Photos | A Remembrance of Roger Allison | Memories of Roger from his friends

    The Look Back VentureQuest: We now have pictures of the fantastic achievement of Team VHTRC at the Venture Quest on September 30. The VHTRC team of Joe Clapper, Keith Knipling, and Gary Knipling won the masters division for the second year in row. As is usual, senior Gary Knipling was the spark plug of the team. He added the critical age to qualify the team for the masters division and its big win. Be sure to check out the new pictures from yet another Knipling with a camera, Kristen, in the VHTRC album. Venture Quest web site | Results

    Flag on WDF TrailHeiner Wins Womens Half Marathon: Jessica Heiner of nearby Clifton won the VHTRC Womans Trail Half Marathon on September 15. Over 160 women enjoyed the beautiful trails and the glorious day. Total contributions to the Red Cross were $1378. NEW! Jeanne Christie's Report | Letter to the Red Cross.

    Angeles Crest 100 Miler: Two VHTRC women finished the Angeles Crest 100 Miler, one of the best trail ultras around. Monica Scholz continued her amazing string of 100 miles and Susan Baehre finished a little after her. Angeles Crest is a wonderful run. The Results are on the Angeles Crest Web page.

    Jim Kissed the Zero Mile Post$9,593.40 Donated for Jim Moore Run: James finished his out and back run of the C&O Canal. At 6:01 PM, July 27, he touched the zero mile post in Georgetown and ended his long trek. Thanks to those many who donated, he raised $9,593.40 for breast cancer research. Jim has sent me a copy of the letter he sent with the money to the Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Contributors List | Info on Jim's Run | Anstr's Run Updates | Photos of Jim Moore's run including the finish | Thanks from Jim | Letter to the Komen Foundation

    John Dodds finishes Superior Trail 100: On September 8-9, John Dodds finished the Superior Trail 100 Miler in Minnesota. His time was 31:52. He has written a report of his run.

    Bill, Russ, and Derrick at Wasatch StartFour VHTRC'ers Finish Wasatch 100: Derrick Carr just missed 24 hours in his ninth place finish on the tough Wasatch course. Be sure to see Derrick's picture on the front page of the Salt Lake Tribune. (Be sure to see the picture of Derrick kissing his crew.) Jeff Holdaway finished 10 places back. Russ Evans and then Bill Sublett completed the VHTRC romp in Utah. Russ reports:

    "It was a race where I really had to face and deal with a lot of adversity to make it to the finish line. It wasn't pretty; quite ugly at times, in fact. But I made it to the end and am proud to be a finisher. Derrick and Bill, on the other hand, ran fantastic races. Wasatch is a great race and one I would recommend to anyone. Their support is fantastic and the whole race ran like clockwork. We all had a terrific time."

    Russ sent some fantastic pictures that are now in the photo album. | Wasatch Web site | Salt Lake Tribune article

    Olander Park 24 Hour: Kevin Sayers was 13th in a tough field at the Olander Park 24 hour run. Keven ran 115.846 miles. Charlie Wojcik ran over 62 miles. (Haven't seen Charlie around lately, but he is still a VHTRC member.) John Geesler, the winner of the first MMT, got second. Results

    Haliburton Forest 100: Monica Scholz, John Prohira, and Ed Demoney finished the Haliburton Forest 100 on September 1-2. Former VHTRC member Don Jans, age 69, also finished. Joe Hildebrand won and Sue Johnston was the first woman and second overall. Ed reports that, "Everyone agrees that the course is much harder than it looks, and most are puzzled as to why." ...Results | John Prohira's Report

    Cascade Crest 100 Miler: Greg Loomis was 5th and Monica Scholz was 14th (2nd woman) at the Cascade Crest 100 Miler on August 25-26, in Washington (the state, not the town). Results

    Leadville 100: Prasad Gerard, Monica Scholz, and King Jordan finished the Leadville 100 Miler on August 18. ...Leadville Results

    Mud on the trail!Bruell and Carr Take Top Spots in Steamy Catoctin: On August 11, mid-Atlantic ultrarunners continued their love-hate relationship with the Catoctin 50km Trail Run. Kevin Sayers put on another great event on the beautiful but rocky Catoctin Trail. Many VHTRC members participated from winner Harry Bruell and second place Derrick Carr to Anstr who barely finished. Jim Cavanaugh's story was similar to many. He admonished himself in his running log last year, "Don't do this race again." He was there. How quickly we forget! To add to the joy of the rocks, the humidity was about 4000 percent. The cooling rain, the camraderie, and the post event refreshments made it all worth it. NEW! Kevin now has a bunch of stuff on the CTR Web site including results, pictures, and race reports from John Dodds and Phil Hesser. There are pictures from Mike McCumber and me in the VHTRC photo album. Thanks to Kevin and all his volunteers!

    The Spur OverlookCatherine's Fat Ass Peyton Robinson and Jeff Reed received rave reviews for their third Catherine's Fat Ass held on July 28. The weather was great. The results are on the CFA site. Keith Knipling also has some pictures available. You can also read John Dodds's report of the CFA on Peyton's site.

    Stan Finishes Badwater! Stan Duobinis finished the Badwater run from Death Valley to the base of Mt. Whitney. You can see his picture on the Badwater web site.

    Vermont 100: Many VHTRC members finished the Vermont 100 on July 21-22. The list is too long, but special congratulations to Janet Vincent for her first 100 mile finish and to Lou Jones for completing the course though he missed the finishing cutoff. Michele Burr was leading the womens division when she had to drop around 70 miles. Her legs gave out. The Vermont 100 Web site now has results. | Report by John Prohira

    Scott Mills's feet. Photo by John DemorestHardrock 100: Scott Mills finished 17th in 35:14. Joe and Keith Knipling dropped. Jeff Holdaway finished as did John DeWalt who took two hours off his time. The results are available on the Hardrock Web site. Also, see Keith Knipling's photos from Hardrock and John Demorest's photos of Scott Mills's feet after the run.

    MoonMoonlight Run: July 6, twenty people showed up for the Moonlight Run in perfect weather. It was an exquisite night. ...Report on the Moonlight Run page

    Bike and Tie of C&O Canal: Bob Coyne writes:

    "I just had a great run that others may want to consider. Rick Burnett and I ran and biked the C&O from Cumberland to Georgetown using 1 bike for 3 days. We alternated 10 miles running, 10 miles biking averaging 60 miles per day. Temps were up to 99 but no problem because we were alternating. We had 10 runners meet us in Hancock and run part of the way. Then we had friends bike out to meet and tease us in Shepardstown, Seneca and Great Falls. It was a lot of laughs. In the Fall/Winter we are going to do it with 3 runners and 1 bike until we can build up to Jim Moore's capacity."

    Massanutten Mountain West Trail Completed: The Massarock Crew completed the MMW Trail through Jawbone Gap and Kerns Mountain during its June 17-22 session. This group works in week increments during the summer, and is responsible for most of the construction of the MMW trail including the new Kerns Mountain section that everyone loved at MMT. Don Watts of the crew e-mailed to thank us for our work on the "Ed's Trail" section into Moreland Gap. He said that our work made theirs much easier. You can see pictures of there work on the web.

    Congratulations to Valerie Meyer! Valerie won an Athletic Achievement Award for Ultrarunning at the Potomac Valley Track Club awards picnic on June 24. We know Valerie best for her timely results at Bull Run Run and the Massanutten Mt. Trails 100. She is a pretty good quilter, too!

    Group above Gulf BranchAnstr's Run und Fest: On June 24, we had a great run on the Potomac Heritage Trail. For once, we had good weather. Later we finished the day with food, fun, and refreshments. There are pictures in the photo album.

    Mills First in Age Group at Western States: Scott Mills was the first finisher in the 50-59 age group at the Western States 100 Miler in a time of 20:42. (According to unofficial results, he was just nine minutes behind 62 year old Werner Schweizer of Switzerland who won the 60-69 age group.) Congratulations to Scotty! VHTRC members Monica Sholz and Gyula Kiss also finished, as did former member Kevin Sawchuk who finished just a little before Scott. ...Western States Web site

    Monica Scholz Takes Sixth and Keith Knipling is Tenth at the Mohican 100 Miler: There were 52 finishers at the Mohican 100 Miler in Ohio on June 16-17. John Prohira also finished. Art Moore got his 10th finish. Results are on the Mochican Web page. Also see John Prohira's report

    Stan and Marge Ultrarunners Can Swim, Too! Debbie Morrin sent a picture with a note that said, "...pic of Stan and Marge after the Chesapeake Bay Challenge swim yesterday. Just to show people that ultrarunners have been known to swim too." Well, this doesn't look like a swim to me. I used to swim. I seem to remember some water involved. Where is the water? This is no way to get in shape for Badwater!

    Bruell Second at Laurel Highlands: VHTRC member Harry Bruell was second at the Laurel Highlands 70 Mile run on Saturday, June 9. Other VHTRC members, included Greg Loomis, fifth, and Wayne Lapham and Tommy Trask who finished 36th and 37th. Andy Herr won while course record holder Courtney Campbell dropped out. The results are now on the Laurel Highlands web site

    AT Near Loft MtnLeapfrog Adventure on the AT: While we have become known for events like BRR and MMT, what our club is really all about is adventure on trails. Russ Evans, Bill Sublett, and Gary and Keith Knipling completed an adventure that is in the tradition of the beginnings of the VHTRC. The four ran the AT in the Shenandoah National Park straight through. They used a simple but efficient support system to keep the logistics manageable. Other small groups may want to emulate them. Read Russ's report of the adventure. You will want to do it too! NEW! Pictures of the run. After you look at these, you will really want to do it.

    Picture of Derrick and Scotty at the Eagle RunVHTRC Women Take Second and Third while Derrick Carr is Fourth Third Overall at Old Dominion: Susan Baehre and Monica Scholz were the second and third women at the Old Dominion 100 Mile Run on June 2-3. Derrick was the fourth person across the finish line but the third and fifth finishers were disqualified for not figuring out the proper route to the finish. Other VHTRC finishers included Mike Weber, John Guendelsberger, John Weitzel, Danny McDonnell, King Jordan, John DeWalt, Bob Coyne, and Jean Heishman. Bob and Jean joined Tom Sprouse in finishing both MMT and OD. (I am sure I left someone out here.) The results are well-hidden on the OD Web Page. Only OD would link the current results under "past results."

    Click for Larger PhotoCampbell and Anderson Win at 2001 MMT: Great weather saw 77 of the 119 starters finish the 2001 MMT 100 Mile Run. Courtney led from the start to the finish. The results and splits and the updated all time finishers lists are now available. Photos from Russ Evans, Bill Wandel, Larry DeHof, Karsten Brown, Bunny Runyan, and Keith Knipling are now available. Everything is linked from the MMT 2001 page.

    Sulphur Springs Trail Run 100 Miler: Ed Schultze finished tenth in Monica Scholz's Sulpher Springs Trail 100 Miler on May 26-27. Monica, a VHTRC member and famous for doing sixteen 100 milers last year and six so far this year (including this one) put on this event. I finally found the results. ...Sulphur Springs web site | Results

    Group at startMemorial Day Training Run: On Memorial Day, Monday, May 28, sixteen people ran in Rock Creek Park. The weather was good, the rain finally had stopped. The park was muddy in parts, but not as bad as one would think, given the rains of the past few days. Even though we went different routes in at least three different groups, we all returned within about 10 minutes of one another. For some reason, this was nipple damage day! Blood, yuk! ...Pictures (but no bleeding nipples, thank goodness!)

    MMT Volunteers Dominate at the Capon Valley 50km: At the Capon Valley 50km on May 19, four of the top six runners had volunteered at MMT the week before. John Hayward, who recorded times at Camp Roosevelt, was second, while Scott Mills, Keith Moore, and Kevin Bligan were in the top six. Many other VHTRC members and MMT helpers finished. (I did not see any MMT finisher who finished Capon Valley.) MMT RD Ed Demoney was the oldest finisher. Results and a bunch of pictures are now on the Capon Valley 50km page.

    Ed Demoney and James MooreVolunteers Party: The annual party to honor VHTRC volunteers, this year held on May 19, was a great success. Once again, Jeanne and Larry arranged for us to host the party it at the Capital Yacht Club. We were entertained by the Hasbeens. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the James Moore Award to Ed Demoney. Ed exemplies the spirit of the James Moore Award by his combination of public service and tough running. (Ed's Response to the James Moore Award) All had fun--at least, I think they did. I am not sure that I am a completely trustworthy reporter. After some initial problems, I did get my camera to work. Gary is in trouble! Pictures are in the album.

    Carr and Mills Star Again at Promise Land 50km: Derrick Carr was fourth and Scott Mills sixth at David Horton's Promise Land 50km on April 28. There were several other VHTRC members at the event. Clark Zealand won the inaugural edition of this event. Results are on David's web site.

    Top Site 2001 Award VHTRC Web Site Wins RRCA Topsite Award for 2001: For the third time, the VHTRC web site was among the top six web sites honored by the RRCA. We also won the award in 1998 and 1999. The award is the result of the many people who have contributed information, pictures, stories, jokes, and other items to give the site substantial and useful content. Thanks to all! ...RRCA Top Sites Web Page

    Bull Run Run LogoHoward Nippert and Michele Burr Win Bull Run Run: Howard broke Courtney Campbell's course record on a warm day. Michele led a field of woman that placed five in the top 20. Results and photos are now available. Also, be sure to check out the report and photos on IPlayOutside.

    Picture of Derrick and Scotty at the Eagle RunMills and Carr Win Dogwood 50km Ed Demoney reports that Scott Mills and Derrick Carr tied for first place at the Dogwood in 5:49. The Dogwood is a very difficult course that uses some of the MMT course. Ed says that the MMT parts are in great shape. The PATC has removed a lot of blowdowns so that will help us in a couple weeks. Most people hike the Dogwood, but to win it, you either have to beat Andy Peterson or hope he doesn't show up. Results are on the PATC Dogwood Page.

    Picture of a Red FoxTraininig Run in MD: On April 21, Ed Schultze led a group on the Greenway Trail from the middle of Gaithersburg to the Potomac River. Danny McDonnel, from Baltimore, Bill Turentine from Centerville, Michelle Burr from Kensington, John Schwabe from Kensington, Peyton Robinson from Vienna, and Brian McNeill from Frederick joined Ed. Ed said of the run: "We ran pretty steadily but had a lot of trouble having to wait for Michelle Burr to keep up. I think she won some races recently but you would never know it." It sounds like a great trail. Ed is claiming 36-38 miles in seven hours. He sent in pictures which are in the photo album.

    Russ Evans Ties for Third at Umstead: On April 8, VHTRC member Russ Evans tied with Monica Scholz for third place in 21:19:51 at the Umstead 100 Miler in North Carolina. Apparently, it was hotter down there than it was at BRR. VHTRC finishers of the 50 miler included Mary McMurray, Joe Malinowski, Carolyn Gernand, Bill Gentry, and Mike Weber. Three other Reston runners joined Russ and they reported about it on the Reston Runners site. The results are now available on the Umstead site. Joe Malinowski sent in pictures from the event. They are in the photo album.

    Blue Bells Run on the Bull Run Trail: Four of us showed up on April 14 to run on the Bull Run Trail upstream from Centerville Road. The trail is in surprisingly good shape. You could barely tell that 260+ pair of feet had slogged over it a week ago. It was peaceful and beautiful out there. The Blue Bells were in all their glory. Pictures | Gary Knipling's BRR wildflower list

    Click to see more picturesPotomac Overlook Trail Runs: The rain held off as a good field of happy runners partcipated in the Potomac Overlook Trail Runs on Saturday, March 31. There were 84 finishers of the three events. Pictures from the event are in the VHTRC photo album. (Several people in the pictures are not identified. Please e-mail Anstr at anstr@vhtrc.org if you can help identify anyone.) Full results are now available.

    1st Annual SLR Fairfax Fatass 40: On March 31, 15 runners participated in this run across Fairfax County on the Cross-County Trail. Three people ran the entire way. VHTRC member Peter Ward finished and Bill Van Antwerp ran much of the way. ...Results

    Course Marking on the C4P CourseThe Coyote Fourplay: The JABOYS put on the "last" Coyote Fourplay during March 15-18. As usual, sanity was banned and we had a wild time in the mountains and coastal foothills of California. There was snow on the high mountians, warm weather, snakes, coyote poop, wild flowers, poison oak, and flowing streams. The evening brought fun, food, and frivolity. Pictures, a report, and results are now available. Appropriately, Chris Scott's and Becky Wallick's photos were added on April 1. If you have pictures, send them in or let me know where they are on the web so I can link to them.

    VHTRC Members Before the HAT RunHAT Run: Colleen Dulin was the second woman while Derrick Carr was fifth and Keith Moore was eighth at the 13th HAT Run on March 24. Jeff Hinte and Phil Anderson put on their usual great event. Many VHTRC members were there. HAT Run website--results, story, and pictures | Photos on the VHTRC Site | IPlayOutside story and photos

    VHTRC Members Ian Torrence and Frank Probst Do Well at GNC: Ian Torrence was sixth and Frank Probst won his age group at the GNC 100 km in Pittsburgh on March 24. Jim Garcia, who many think should have been Ultrarunning Magazine's ultrarunner of the year, won the event. ...Results

    Workers on Waterfall Mt. Trail Thirty Volunteers at VHTRC Work Party: We had great weather for the annual VHTRC work party on March 10. We completed Ed's Trail as well as blazing the Massanutten Mt. West Trail over Kerns Mountain. We also cleaned up the Waterfall Mt. Trail, but it's still steep! After our day of work, we repaired to Front Royal and the Margaritas. On Sunday, we ran on the Dickey Ridge trail. Thanks to all who particpated. This year's MMT runners owe you a lot! Work Party Report | Photos.

    Forest Service Meeting: On Sunday, March 11, I attended a meeting at the Forest Service office in Edinburg. ...Report

    Group at Start of RunTraining Run on the Bull Run Trail: On Saturday, March 3, 17 people ran on the Bull Run Trail from Centerville Road. The trail is in good shape with a few of the first signs of spring just about to pop out. Larry DeHof took the picture so it's a lot better quality than the usual that Anstr's camera produces.

    Presidents Day Training Run ParticipantsRuss and Bill on the TrailPresident's Day Weekend Running: Much running to report on over President's Day Weekend.

    Starting from the longest, a group of insane individuals set out on the Wild Oak Trail to do Dennis Herr's "The Wild Oak Trail 100" (TWOT100). None of them did all four 25 mile loops, all quit by the end of the second loop. This reporter did the more sane "one loop" option. I do have some pictures from the first 25 miles, and the results are now available.

    Also on Saturday, Russ Evans and Bill VanAntwerp ran the 40 mile Fairfax Cross County Trail in 10:35. (They had some bonus miles in that time.) They are likely the first people to run this new trail the whole way in one day. Read Russ's report of the run and some of his pictures are now on the in the photo album and all 60 of them are on Russ's Kodak site.

    Meanwhile, Frank Probst won the grand masters division and was 18th overall at David Horton's Holiday Lake 50 km. Frank led several other VHTRC finishers. The results are on David's web site. (Also, read John Prohira's report.)

    VHTRC Members finishing the Holiday Lake 50 km
    18 Frank Probst
    19 John Guendelsberger
    20 John Price
    30 Keith Knipling
    45 Danny McDonnell
    48 Rebekah Trittipoe
    61 Gena Bonini
    tie Steve Gass
    64 Brian McNeill
    83 Bob Coyne
    92 John Prohira
    93 Tom Corris
    96 Gary Richwine
    100 Kevin O'Connor
    113 Susan Briers
    116 Ann Crandell
    121 Jean Heishman

    Presidents Day itself saw a very successful training run in Rock Creek Park. The long runners saw several animals including an eagle and two wild mammals. Ok, those were both in the zoo. The wild mammals were the pandas. They were cool! If you stayed in your warm bed this weekend, you missed out! Shame on you.

    Dale Evans takes the Last Happy Trail: Dale Evans died on February 7 at the age of 88. The VHTRC sends its condolences to all Roy and Dale fans. We will continue our dedication to Happy Trails!

    Ed\'s TrailEd's Trail: On February 3, eight people cleared about two thirds of "Ed's Trail." This trail will connect the west side of Jawbone Gap and Moreland Gap for the Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 course. Ed's Trail is only 1.6 flat miles. The trail is very rough and raw. It makes the Do Loop look like I-66. It will probably not be the most popular portion of the MMT course. If you are in MMT, you better hope we get the rest of this trail cleared on March 10! Photos of Ed's Trail and of the new Kerns Mt. Trail | ...MMT 100 Home Page

    Michele Burr Probst and Burr Lead Mid-Atlantic Contingent at Rocky Raccoon 100 Miler: The Washington Post mentioned Michelle's win at Rocky Raccoon in its Wednesday, February 14 edition. Michelle is now a star! Frank Probst led the large VHTRC field at the Rocky Raccoon 100 Miler on February 3. Michele Burr followed him across the finish line and won the woman's division. Other VHTRC finishers, according to Frank were Peter Ward, Kevin Sayers, Peyton Robinson, and Marge Burley.

    Derrick Carr Third at Uwharrie: Eric Clifton won a race for the 15th year in a row at the Uwharrie 40 Miler on February 3. Derrick Carr finished in third place beating David Horton who got fifth. VHTRC members Mark Russell and Bill Wandel also finished. Read Mark Russell's Report. The results are on David Blaikie's Ultramarathon World site.

    New Eagle Run Photos: Keith Knipling's photos from the Eagle Run are now available. I have made Keith's smaller. If you want to see a bigger version of one of Keith's pictures, look at the name of the picture (e.g. "114.jpg") and go to Keith's Virginia Tech site, click on the correct picture, and you can see a much bigger version. Perfect weather, a great crowd, and cooperative eagles led to a perfect day on Eagle Run Sunday. Seventy-four people showed up to participate in Eagle Run X hosted by Gary Knipling and the VHTRC. The group saw 33 eagles which smashes the 1997 record of 23. The day ended with post-event refreshments in the warm winter sun. Thanks again to Gary and his helpers for a great event! ...Pictures

    Jeremy's RunVHTRC Celebrates 43rd President: In a show of boundless enthusiam for the inauguration of our new President, four people showed up for the VHTRC Inauguration Day run. It was cold, but the wind and rain held off as the band ran up the Jeremy Run trail into Shenandoah National Park. The upper portions of the trail were icy but no one fell. President Joe Clapper, also not elected by a majority of his constituents, celebrated the new administration by jumping into Jeremys Run and submersed himself in the icy waters. The event ended when the group actually found one six pack of decent beer among the Old Milwaukee that filled three sections of the beverage case at the Texaco station in Front Royal. If you are one of the few who did not participate in this great event, shame on you. Sorry you couldn't help us honor President Bush! ...Pictures

    Cold Stream on CourseSmall Crowd for Redeye 50 km: A small group of hardy souls showed up for the Team Slug Redeye 50km on New Years Day. At the 7 am start, Joe was wondering whether it's better to do the run drunk or hung over. (I think he decided it's better drunk. He was hung over.) Head Slug Dan Grayson, assisted by Bill Sublet, put on a great event. Thanks also to John Dodds who pitched in to help at the aid station. It was worth it getting up early to get there. (Sure!) Pictures in the photo album | Results and Report