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2005 VHTRC News Archive

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Bustler, Snipes One Two at Delaware 100 Miler: The two Daves, Bursler and Snipes, were the first two finishers at Carl Camp's Delaware 100 Miler on December 17. All the participants in the event, save one, were VHTRC members. Report and Results | Photos on Flickr by Carl Camp

Sustenance in the Do Loop
Sustenance in the Do Loop
Click to see what happened to it!

Potchari Hippu 50 km Results Available: Results are finally available for the Potchari Hippu 50 km. The VHTRC prides itself on having same-day results for its events. But that's when we keep the times. When you write down your time, and we have to read your handwriting, all bets are off. Anyway, results and a report are now available. Also, see the photos on Flickr

Dodds Second at Ancient Oaks 100: John Dodds set the men's course record at the Ancient Oaks 100 miler in Titusville, Florida on December 10. ...Results

Hellgate 100k Several VHTRC members finished the Hellgate 100km, including the top men's and women's finishers -- Serge Arbona and Justine Morision. The results are available on David Horton's site. Be sure to read Sophie Speidel's report and look at her photos (on Flickr).

Running on the trail at SugarloafSugarloaf Mountain Training Run: Jaret Seiberg organized a great run around Sugarloaf Mountain on December 3. The run toured parts of the area that most of the runners had never seen before. At the end, there were donuts and hot chocolate for the happy runners. Oh, by the way, there are some rocks there.Photos on Flickr

Sean Andrish Interview: Scott Dunlap has produced an interesting interview of Sean Andrish on his blog.

Some of the VHTRC finishers at JFKLong-time Women's Course Record Falls at JFK 50: In 1983, the first year this reporter ran the event, Terri Gerber from California set the women's course record at the JFK 50. The next year, she lowered the record by five minutes. That record stood until this year when Anne Lunbland smashed it by over 21 minutes. (Anne's time would have won three JFK's outright since Terri set her record.) Second place, Julie Udchachon went under the old record by 10 minutes. Former BRR champ Howard Niepert took overall honors, beating second place former VHTRCer Ian Torrence by almost 25 minutes. Howard's time was the second fastest performance on the course. He moved RD Mike Spinnler down to third on that list. The two are behind Eric Clifton's 5:45 course record. VHTRC runners were led by John Anderson, Mike Schuster, and Sue Johnston. Frank Probst won his age group, running an 8:25 at the age of 62. Back in the field were many VHTRC runners too numerous to name. I should mention, however, that Keith Dunn and Bill Wandel were awesome has they walked down the towpath. They set a standard for achievement that few of us can emulate. Oh, and King Jordan insists that the Web site note that Anstr Davidson finished his 23rd consecutive JFK. The weather was cold and clear with little wind. It was nearly perfect. Photos on Flickr by Brenda Davidson and Chris Scott and Bill Van Antwerp | JFK Web Site | Results

Mike and Michele on Mt. Kilamanjaro Report from our World Travelers: Michele Harmon sent the following: "On November 7, Mike and I summited Mt. Kilimanjaro (19,340 ft.) in Tanzania, East Africa. We made it to the top after four days of treking. The last day was more difficult than we anticipated due to the lack of oxygen and the steep grade of the trail. We were literally crawling near the summit and gasping for air. You can read more about it and see some pictures on our web site but the picture we are most proud of is at right."

Southerners "Wilt" at Stone Cat: The only VHTRC finisher of the Stone Cat 50 Miler held on November 12 in Ipswich, Massachusetts was Bill LaDieu. At least he was the only one I recognized. Other VHTRC'ers either didn't finish or did the marathon. Word is that there was no snow this year, but it was cold. ...Results

Statue of U.S. Grant at base of CapitolVeterans Day Run: A small but determined group participated in the annual Veterans Day run. We toured the memorials on the Mall in great weather. ...Picture of Participants

PHT RD Kerry Owens

Potomac Heritage Trail Run: The annual Potomac Heritage Trail run was held on November 6 in great weather. Kerry Owens and her many fine volunteers pampered the runners on the beautiful trail. The weather was warm, the leaves beautiful. At the end, there was food and drink. What more could you ask? Report by Kerry Owens along with the results and links to photos.

Annette Interview: Ultra blogger Scott Dunlap has an interesting interview of Annette Bednosky.

Photo of Mike and Michele. Click for larger
Hot and Cold.
Click for larger.

Michele and Mike in Morocco: Michele sends this from an Internet cafe somewhere out there: "Mike and I have been traveling for more than four months now and are currently leaving Morocco after spending three weeks traveling all over the country. We just got back from a four day, three night trek in the High Atlas Mountains. At right, I am on the top of Jebel toubkal (mountain) at 13,750 feet. It is the highest mountain in North Africa (and yea, it was cold!) We also rode camels out to the Sahara desert near the Morocco-Algeria border. That is Mike standing on an erg (giant sand dune). Next we leave for Malta, followed by Greece, Kenya, Tanzania (and Mt. Kilimanjaro). Hello to all the VHTRC gang! We miss running and all of you! Michele" Much more on their blog: Mike and Michele's Global Wanderings

Javelina 100 Miler: Kevin Sayers finished 10th in the Javelina 100 Miler in Arizona on October 15-16. Results are available on the Javelina 100 Web site

Mike Wedemeyer Second at San Diego 100: VHTRC member Mike Wedemeyer, now living on the left coast, was second overall at the San Diego 100 Miler held in southern California. The results are available on the event Web site. Read Mike's Report.

VHTRC Member Elected to Hall of Fame: While she wouldn't tell us herself, our investigative journalism discovered that Sophie Speidel has been elected to the Virginia Lacrosse Hall of Fame. ...More Information.

VHTRC Group on South Kaibab Trail
VHTRC Group on South Kaibab Trail. Photo: Sophie Speidel. (Click for more photos on Flickr.)

VHTRC in the Grand Canyon: Seven VHTRC members did a "rim to rim to rim" crossing of the Grand Canyon on October 1. The group started from the North Rim, ran to the south, fueled up, and ran back to the North Rim. The group included Anita and Jay Finkle, Linda Wack, Laura DeWald, Vicki Kendall, Sophie Speidel, and Barb Isom. The group started just after 3 AM and finished just before midnight and had a great time. Linda Wack's Report | Sophie's Pictures on Flickr

Masochists: Annette Bednosky led VHTRC finishers at David Horton's Mountain Masochists 54 Mile Trail Run on October 15, near Lynchburg, Virginia. Annette was ninth overall and second woman. Several other VHTRC members followed her across the finish line in beautiful Montebello. The weather was great. Results | Sophie's Pictures [on Flickr]

John DeWalt cools his trashed feet after Ring finishTwelve New Victims Inducted into the Fellowship of the Ring: On the weekend of October 8-9, 12 runners joined the Fellowship of the Ring as they circuited the 71-mile Massanutten Trail. The weather was wet and rainy at first but the rain eventually stopped and it never got cold. Many selfless volunteers came out to help the runners in their inspired, thought misguided quest for the finish. As usual, by the time the runners got to Signal Knob their feet were trashed (see John DeWalt, left). But, like hitting yourself over the head with a hammer, it feels good when you stop. A report, results, and many photos are now available on the Ring 2005 Report Page.

Heartland 100: Dave Bursler was fourth while Ron Ely and John Dodds tied for fifth at the Heartland 100 miler in Kansas. Ed Demoney also finished. Heartland 100 Mile site | Results

Double Ring: We have received a reliable report that Ryan Henry did two loops of the Massanutten Trail, 142 miles, over the weekend of October 1-2. According to our sources, Ryan took about 52 hours to complete the double Ring. It appears the Ryan did the "regular" clockwise direction. Along the way he ran into two rattlesnakes and heard bears moving around. (Note: As several know, another VHTRC member found out recently the importance of not playing with snakes. Among other things, that anti-venom stuff costs a bundle. They don't use too much of it.) Congrats to Ryan!

Dennis Herr and Sue JohnstonSue Johnston Wins Wild Oak 100: Sue Johnston finished the Wild Oak Trail 100 miler (TWOT) in 34:02:57 on October 1-3. Mike Dobies and Russ Evans also did four loops, becoming the third and fourth runners to finish the TWOT 100. TWOT was Sue's fourth 100 mile win of the year. (Sue also won MMT (setting a course record), Hardrock, and Cascade Crest (also setting a course record).) Her time was just 57 seconds off of Dennis Herr's 2002 finish, which had been the only finish until now. Results and pictures are now available.

Vermont 50: Several VHTRC members were at the Vermont 50 on September 24. The results are now understandable. Sue Johnston is still listed as winning the age group that she is not in (yet). It looks as if she was fourth in her real age group.

Sue Norwood Finishes AT Hike: Sue completed her journey. Check out the journal of her Appalachian Trail run/hike.

Big Schloss: Steve and Amy Platt put on a great event with the Big Schloss 50km on September 24. A great trail and wonderful hospitality led to a very enjoyable day. There were some bees/wasps/hornets on the trail that made it interesting and a few runners got lost. But the food and other refreshments at the end made it all worth it. A big thank you to Steve, Amy, and all their great volunteers. Big Schloss Web site

Nielsen Third at Angeles Crest: Tom Nielsen ran 20:26:30 to finish third at the Angeles Crest 100 Miler held in the San Gabriel mountains north of Los Angeles. (You see these mountains on TV at the Rose Bowl each year.) Scott Mills and Paul Blackman dropped out. Bill Kee, of C4P fame, finished well. AC has an excellent Live Update Page.

Barb Isom's Best Blood

Annette Wins Again! And "win" means win. Annette Bednosky won the Great Eastern 100km outright. She was the first person across the finish line. In fact, the first male to finish was fourth. Other VHTRC finishers included Barb Isom, Martha Wright, David Snipes, Bob Coyne, and Joey Anderson. Barb and Martha won their age groups. Bethany Hunter was second woman and Justine Morrison fourth woman in the 50km. Barb must have won the Best Blood Award. Results are now available on the GEER Web site.

Reach the Beach: Club members Anita Finkle and Lucia Davidson joined ten other women on team Sabrinas Dream at the Reach the Beach 200 mile relay in New Hampshire, September 16-17. Sabrina's Dream was third in its division, primarily because of time penalties imposed on its less law abiding competition. Meanwhile, Larry Ryan led team Oregon East to a 39th finish (out of 275 finishing teams). Results | Event Web Site

Probst Bags Second National Championship: On the weekend of September 10-11, Frank Probst won his age group at the Oleander 100 Miler in Ohio. The event was the "national championship" for road 100 milers. Frank had earlier the trail 100 mile national championship at Mohican in June. Results

Haliburton: VHTRC member Susan Baehre was the first woman in the 100 miler at the Haliburton Forest Trail Runs on September 10-11, in Ontario, Canada. Greg Loomis also finished the 100 while Bill LaDieu finished the 50 miler. ...Results

Gary Knipling Welcomes a WHM Finisher with a Set of Gorgeous Beads

Heather Trainum Wins Women's Half Marathon: The 2005 VHTRC Women's Half Marathon Trail Run was a great success. Good weather, an improved course, and many great performances by the competitors. Results, photos, and a report by RD Margie Schlundt are now available. 2005 Results, Report, and Photos Page.

Sean Andrish Leads VHTRC Contingent at Wasatch 100: Sean Andrish was eighth at the Wasatch Front 100 Miler in Utah. Bryon Powell, Jeff Holdaway, Mike Campbell, Kerry Owens, and Steve Pero also finished the challenging run. Lisa Demoney, Ed's daughter, also finished. Read Mike Campbell's report. Wasatch results are now available on the event Web site.

Punxsy 50km: Several VHTRC members ran the Groundhog Fall 50km in Punxsutawney, PA, on September 10. Results | Punxsy Road Runners Web Site.

King Jordan at JFK

Congratulations to King Jordan: On September 1, Gallaudet President and VHTRC member King Jordan announced his retirement as university president effective December 31, 2006. It is an amazing experience for those of us in the club to be a small part of this great man's multi-faceted life. Few of the recent press accounts mention that King finished the Leadville 100 Miler this summer for the 11th time. This is, obviously, quite an achievement. But it pales in light of all that King has done and stood for at Gallaudet. We know, however, the good humor and fearlessness that King shows on the trails are part of what allows King to be the great man he is at Gallaudet and in the deaf community. You might find some of the information on the Gallaudet web site, including King's retirement announcement, interesting.

Cascade Crest 100 Miler: Sue Johnston wins her third 100 miler and takes her second course record of the year at the Cascade Crest 100 Miler on August 27-28, in Washington State. Mike Mason also finished the run. The men's winner was Todd Walker, who also set a course record. Todd was second at both BRR and MMT this year. Sue also won this year's MMT and Hardrock. She obliterated the course record at MMT. Her time at Hardrock was the fastest on the new, longer course. Results | Event Web Site

King Jordan, John Dodds Finish 100 Milers: Over the weekend of August 20-21, King Jordan finished the Leadville Trail 100 Miler in Colorado in 29:13. This was the 11th time he has finished the race. (LT100 Results.) Meanwhile, John Dodds finished the Lean Horse 100 Miler in Hot Springs, South Dakota, in second place. His time was 18:06. John's run was on a rails-to-trails bike path with no shade and at 5,000+ ft. elevation.

Afton-Hump Back Run: The second annual Afton to Hump Back training run was held on August 20. Check out the pictures on the Flickr site.

Ian SmytheIan Enters the World: Maria Bertacchi gave birth to Ian Smythe on July 30, 2005. Ian was 7 lbs 7 1/2 ounces and 20 3/4 inches long. Mom, son, and husband Andy are doing fine. Older brother Woody has welcomed his little brother. Pictures: Ian with Woody | Mom with Ian | More Pictures on Snapfish.

David Horton Finishes PCT: According to the Montrail Web site, David completed his PCT adventure on Tuesday, August 9. Whatever you say about David's run, it has been in horrible conditions. Catra Corbet had terrible problems with the snow on the JMT (which is part of the PCT), and she was up there two or more weeks after Horton. David's PCT run is a great achievement. If you do it faster than David, you will not only have to be able to run as consistently as he, but you will also need David's ability to rope folks into helping you. (Picture of David) Meanwhile, Andrew Thompson lowered the record for the AT (a record that David owned a while ago.) Horton resources: Updates on Montrail Site | David's planned schedule | Photos from Ben Jones | photos by Mark Swanson | Report by Mark Swanson | Sierra Snow Pack

British FlagFrom the Ancient Brit: Lou Meyers, "the Ancient Brit," is a friend of many of us. In September 2001, Lou was especially supportive of his American friends from his home in Britain. Several of us sent him messages in the last two weeks. He has sent a response.

Super Summer Weekend: The weekend of August 6-7 had a lot of action on the trails. Steve Pero was the top VHTRC finisher at the MMD 50km held in New Hampshire's White Mountains. Sue Johnston was first woman. As Sue put it, "White Mtn. trails were a little too rugged for the boys from VA and MD." Deb Pero's MMD "Pictures." Meanwhile, the historic Catoctin 50km was also held on Saturday. Heather Trainum was the first woman, third overall and set a woman's course record. Sean Andrish was second overall. The results are on the Catoctin Web Site. There are pictures by Desiree Williams on Flickr in three groups: Pre-Race | Manor Parking Aid Station (turn-around point) | Finish Line. Finally, on Sunday, Jeff Reed and Bill Van Antwerp held Catherine's Fat Ass 50km. Mike Mason won the event and Sean Andrish got second being one of the people doing the "double." Catherine's Web Site.

Montgomery County 100 Miler: Never heard of the MC 100? Well, neither had we. But like many trail runners, a small group had planned and yearned for this event -- a 100 miler using the trails in Montgomery County. So in early July, the group attempted the first MC 100. But nature had a surprise in store for them -- water, lots of it. Read Jaret Seiberg's report of this frolic gone very wrong. The pictures are particularly good in this report.

Mt Hood Pacific Crest Trail 50 Miler: Kerry Owens reports that "Mike Wedemeyer introduced Oregon to the VHTRC by winning the PCT 50 miler." The results are now available on the event Web site, and they confirm that Mike did win by a wide margin. Photos | Event Web Site.

VHTRC Summer PartySummer Party: The VHTRC Summer Party was a great time. The VHTRC Awards were conferred on worthy recipients (click for photos). There was good food, beer, and friendship. Check out the pictures at Flickr. A big thanks to Joe Clapper for arranging everything and to Julianna Birkoff for allowing us to have the event at the home she shares with Joe. Links: List of Award Winners | Photo Collage of Award Winners | Photos on Flickr.

John Dodds and his TireTwo VHTRCers Finsh Badwater: John Dodds and Norm Albert finished Badwater. Norm then bagged Whitney to complete the journey from the lowest to the highest point in the lower 48 states. Whitney, however, was not without adventure. You can read Norm's report. John Dodds was 9th overall in an awesome performance. Scott Jurek won the race in record time. Badwater Team 64 Page | Norm Albert Report

Corbin Cabin

Corbin Cabin Running Weekend: Sophie, Quatro, and Bur arranged a great weekend in the woods at Corbin Cabin. Several folks took them up on their invitation, which had been posted on the VHTRC listserv. Many of the weekend's activities can't be reported. ("What goes at the cabin, stays at the cabin.") But there are G-rated photos of the fun on Flickr. Thanks to the three amigos for a great time! And a special thanks to John Hayward for setting the example by being the first to carry the used roofing tiles 1.4 steep miles up to the parking lot.

Vermont 100: Rayna Matsuno led VHTRC finishers at the Vermont 100 Miler held on July 16-17. Rayna's time was 21:00:15. Marty Lindemann also broke 24 hours. Jeff Washburn and David Snipes also finished the event. Results | Vermont 100 Web site.

VHTRC Starters (Photo: Bryon Powell -- click for larger)

Sue Wins Hardrock: Sue Johnston was eighth overall and first woman at the Hardrock 100 Miler in Colorado. Her time was 32:07. Sue won MMT earlier in the year. With Annette Bednosky's Western States win, VHTRC women have now won the three toughest, most competitive 100 milers to this point in the year. Mike Bur and Mike Dobies finished together and 69 year old John DeWalt finished less than an hour later. MMT third place finisher, Karl Meltzer, won the race. Follow that action on the Hardrock Live Update page.

Bethany Wins Rattlesnake 50km: Bethany Patterson won the Rattlesnake 50km in West Virginia on July 9. Other VHTRC finishers were the "couples" -- Jay and Anita Finkle, Dru Sexton and Graham Zollman, and Alan and Pam Gowen. Bill Sublett also finished. (Thanks to Alan Gowen for the initial reports on this event.) ...Results

The Store in BrowntownGreat Run on Browntown Loop: On July 4, 26 folks participated in what has come to be a holiday tradition, the 20 mile Browntown Loop. The weather was great as the group climbed the east side of the Blue Ridge, stopped at the overlook at Big Devil's Stairs, and then on over to Browntown and its famous store. On the way back, "Sister" ran with us to the party at the end. Participants | Photos on Flickr site

Awards at Fingerlake -- Click for largerCourtney is Back! John Nelson (who also finished the run) reports: "Courtney Campbell laid waste to tales of being injured. He won the 50K at the Finger Lakes 50's Trail Run over Sean Andrish's second. Sean can claim tired legs from winning the Mohegan 100 two weeks ago and then running 45 miles pacing his Dad last week at Western States. Courtney's 4:13 was 17 minutes off the course record but he did best the master's record by over a half hour. Yep, he's over 40 now. Check out the unique awards this year." Finger Trails Web Site

Davidson Run und Fest: Thanks to all who came to the Fest on June 25. We hope everyone had a good time. Here are a few pictures: Party Participants | Runners | a Collage

Annette Bednosky at BRR
Annette Winning the 2005 Bull Run Run. Photo: Pam Linne

Annette Bednosky Wins Western States: Annette was 13th overall and the first woman. Tom Nielsen finished just ahead of Annette in eighth place. Bryon Powell, Derrick Carr, Mike Mason, Marcia Peters, and Greg Power also finished. Bryon was first in his age group. Annette is a member of the VHTRC, having been recruited by Russ Evans. Our field correspondent, Scott Mills, reports that Annette is now the third fastest woman in Western States history. Scotty added that the weather was perfect -- about 75 to 80 degrees in Sacramento, which is much warmer than the mountains. The weather led to the highest Western States finishing rate -- 317 out of 400 starters. There were 105 silver buckles for under 24 hour finishers. Scotty ended his report with, "I shoulda been there!" ...WS Webcast Results | Report by Jack Andrish

Robin Kane Finishes the AT: At 11:11 AM on the 111th day, Robin Kane reached the top of Mt. Katahdin in Maine to complete his through hike of the Appalachain Trail. He was the second hiker this year to reach Maine from Georgia. Robin said of his last days on the trail:

"I can't really describe how I feel. As the hike was winding down, I thought often of Katahdin as a place where adventures end and adventures begin. It was a great sense of accomplishment to touch the sign atop the mountain, signifying the end of the journey and the time to move on to the next adventure. For now, I'm taking a zero day."

VHTRC President Joe Clapper said of Robin's achievement: "Literally following the footsteps of Bill Schaefer, Sue Johnston, and other ledgends, Robin Kane has completed tha Apalachain Trail. This is a faint dream in every ulta runner's mind but, most of us lack the courge to fulfil the dream. Robin has more than the requsite courage but, a clearheaded determination that serves as an example to us all. Good job, well done Robin and may you put some weight on those skinny bones."

Robin's thoughts expressed on his finish seem similar to those of other finishers of the AT. Check out the review of A Walk in the Woods on the VHTRC Potpourri page. See what Bill Bryson said of the trail and its allure. Other Robin AT stuff: Mills's report of SNP section | Robin on McAfee's Knob | with Michele leaving Damascus, Virginia | Joe and Scotty with Robin. | Robin in New Hampshire.

VHTRC Gang before Bighorn -- click for largerBighorn -- Beautiful and Brutal: The VHTRC contingent had a great time at the beautiful Bighorn runs near Sheridan, Wyoming. Keith Knipling was the first VHTRC finisher in the 100, followed by Joe Clapper and Gary Knipling. Other 100 finishers were Russ Evans and John DeWalt. In the 50, Tom Corris, Tom Davidson, Lisa Demoney, and father Ed finished. Jill Quivey finished the 50 km. The runs goes through gorgeous mountain meadows filled with wildflowers. There are, however, big climbs and descents on a trail that is, in a strange way, hard to run on. There was an illustrious cast of DNFs, also. Pictures on Flickr | Results on the Bighorn Web Site | Ed Demoney's Report | Grizzly seen by Chris and Sue | Ed Demoney finishing the 50 miler | the party in Cody | VHTRC DNF'ers

Andrish Wins Mohican 100: Sean Andrish won the Mohican 100 Miler held on June 18. Frank Probst won his age group, setting an age group record in the process. Several other VHTRC members finished. Results are now available on the Mohican Web Site

Highland Sky: Here is Sophie's report from Highland Sky: "...we traversed the Dolly Sods Wilderness in perfect weather---60 degrees and partly cloudy. The VHTRC women continued their hot streak---Justine Morrison was first woman in 7:55, I was second in 8:19 and Kerry was 6th and first Master. Marty was 7th, and Caroline Williams finished her first HS 40 in three tries with Walker. Other finishers were Mike Dobies (first VHTRC finisher, we think...he beat Justine), Pam and Alan Gowen, Bill Potts, Sue Thompson, Quatro Hubbard, and David Snipes." Results, Photos, and Reports are available on the West Virginia Mountain Trail Runners Web site

Bay Swim: Kevin Sayers and Stan Duobinis finished the Great Chesapeake Bay 4.4 Mile Swim on June 12. Results are available here.

Joyce Fendley and Rayna Matsuno before the Start in Ohiopyle

VHTRC Women Don't Wilt in Laurel Heat: New VHTRC member Donna Utakis was first woman and fifth overall at the 26th Laurel Highlands Trail Run held on June 11, in Pennsylvania. Donna's time was 14:21:59. Rayna Matsuno, Martha Wright, and Barb Isom grabbed third through fifth places. Joyce Fendley also joined the female finishers. Male finishers included Ed Cacciapaglia, Jaret Seiberg, Mike Bur, Randy Dietz, Hunt Bartine, Bill Turrentine, Dave Yeakel, Quatro Hubbard, and John Dodds. Meanwhile, the true traditions of the club were upheld by Team VHTRC, which was DFL -- by an hour. Results | Report by Rayna Matsuno | Report by Ed Cacciapaglia | Sophie Speidel's Photos on Flickr | Lucia Davidson's Photos

Finkle Third at [Old] Old Dominion: Jay Finkle was third at the OD held on June 2-3. Dave Snipes also finished. That means that Dave finished MMT and both OD's in the same year. (Is this something we should encourage?) Since John Dodds was third at the [New] Old Dominion, that means that a VHTRC member got third in each event. (A VHTRC member did not get third at MMT. The first VHTRC at that event was Sue Johnston in sixth and the first Virginian was Ryan Henry in 13th.) ...Results

VHTRC'es misbehaving at Wolf TrapAt Wolf Trap: The VHTRC "Happy Hour Group" met at Wolf Trap for good conversation and a drink or two. The group was greeted with light rain, but that stopped and the partying began. Everyone had a good time. There was even some music to entertain us. At the end, the authorities had to kick us out. Anstr's Pictures on Flickr | Sophie Speidel's Pictures

Old News, But... While this is only a 5km run and not, apparently, on a trail, we believe that we should report that Kim Davidson and Bill VanAntwerp finished the 13th Annual Dare to Go Bare 5K Run in Lutz, Florida on May 1. Kim was second in her age group and Bill was fourth in his. We don't think they wore their club shirts. Results | You can find more information about the event on this site.

Mike Campbell
Mike Campbell at the start of Kettle Moraine

Kettle Moraine 100: Mike Campbell ran the Kettle Moraine 100 Miler in 23:08. He was the first senior masters and ninth overall. Keith Knipling, who had gone to help out, ended up pacing Mike for the last 38 miles. During his pacing duties, Keith pointed out to Mike all of the "Dodds Shortcuts" near the end of the course. Mike did not take any of the shortcuts. Report by Mike Campbell | Picture of Mike and Keith | Kettle Moraine Web Site

Chase Marshall Platt

Chase Marshall Platt: Sierra has a brother. Chase Marshall Platt was born to Steve and Amy on Friday, June 3rd at 6:40 AM. Mom reports that he is doing great. "He is a very healthy boy . . ." (The VHTRC censor has deleted Mom's description of what a big little boy he is.) "Big sis' Sierra Louise loves him!!" (Editor's note: That will change.) We all send our best wishes to the growing Platt family. See the Cute Picture of Sierra Kissing Chase

On the Trail at Jeremy's RunJeremy's Run Run: A small group did the Jeremy's Run loop in the Shenandoah National Park on Sunday, June 5. Bob Phillips organized the run. The weather was warm but the views were beautiful. The mountain laurel is just a bit before peak. We also saw lady slippers, columbine, and several other wild flowers. On Knob Mountain, we annoyed a rattle snake. He was not happy. We finished the run with a dip in the stream and milk shakes in Front Royal. Photos on Flickr

Dodds Third at [New] Old Dominion: John Dodds was third in 18:42 at the Old Dominion Memorial 100 Miler on May 28. Mike Mason won the 50 miler. Dave Snipes and Clarence Wilson also finished the 100 while Paul Amman and Farouk Elkassed also finished the 50. The 100 mile winner was Serge England-Arbona, and second place was Jenn Shelton. Serge and Dave had also finished MMT this year. Mike Bur, the trainer of champions, paced John to his fine finish. Results on the [New] Old Dominion Web site

More of the Retirement Life: One of the many VHTRC retirees, Chris Scott, found himself in the great Pacific Northwest lately. He has sent a report with great pictures.

Snake on Wild Oak Trail. Photo: John NelsonOn the Wild Oak Trail: John Nelson reports: "On Sunday, May 29, Joyce Fendley, Kerry Owens, Sean Andrish and [I] survived a loop of the Wild Oak Trail, in spite of not having enough aid dropped and in spite of close encounters with Nature. The most exciting part of the day was running up on two huge rattlesnakes on the trail. The first, straightened out to over four feet long as we chased if off the trail so we could pass. The second, we gave a wide berth. At some point we each wished we had a snake bite kit in the bottom of our fanny packs."

Sue Johnston with one of those baseball players.
John Dodds with Dean
John Dodds with his training partner.

VHTRC Celebrities: Two pictures have come across the VHTRC Web site editorial desk. First, we have the queen of MMT, Sue Johnston with one of those celebrity Bosox guys. (Not sure which one. Seems to me he needs to shave.) Anyway, Sue met this guy at what she described as a "fancy-schmancy event." (Here is another picture.) Meanwhile, we have obtained a picture of Dean K with his "best friend," John Dodds. Click each picture for a larger version.

Carr Leads Big VHTRC Field at Capon Valley: Derrick Carr was second overall at the Capon Valley 50km on May 14. This year, Capon was, unfortunately for some, actually 50km long. The next two VHTRC finishers, Kevin Bligan (fourth) and Scott Mills (12th), meant that the top three were all on the MMT course marking crew. Many other MMT volunteers got out on the trails at Capon Valley, but it looks like only Gary Knipling and David Snipes finished both MMT and Capon. (And the purpose of that was??) The first VHTRC female finisher was Eva Rosvold. Report by Kirstin Walcott | Results [off site]

Sue Johnston, Stan Duobinis, and Matt EstesNew England Sweep at MMT: New Englanders took the top two men's and women's spots at the eleventh Massauntten Mountain Trails 100. In fantastic weather, Matt Estes out ran better known runners for the win. In the process, he and women's winner, Sue Johnston, rewrote the record book. Matt became only the second person to finish MMT in the same day he started it as he bettered Courtney Campbell's course record by eight minutes. Meanwhile, Sue Johnston became the first woman to run under 24 hours at MMT as she bettered the old course record by over two hours. All the other runners contributed to the largest finishing field in MMT history -- 93. Results, splits, photos, and reports are available on the MMT 2005 Page.

Wil Kohlbrenner taking a break from work on the trailWil Kohlbrenner: We were saddened to learn that Wil Kohlbrenner died on April 27. Wil had worked tirelessly to maintain the trails in the Massanutten Mountains, many of which we use for MMT and the Ring. Wil was very helpful to us, providing his expertise to our amateur trail maintenance efforts. Among other things, most of the blazes (and all of the good ones) that you see out there were the result of Wil's work. Wil also was the author of the PATC's trail guide for the Massanuttens. While much of Wil's legacy -- the blazes, the sawed trees, the water bars, the retaining walls, the trail guides -- will fade over time, our memory of a good friend will not. Happy trails, Wil! See: 2000 Work Report | Larry Camp's Remembrance of Wil (Larry is a mountain biker who worked with Wil extensively.)

Another VHTRC Road Trip to California: Several VHTRC folks ran the Miwok 100km in Marin County, California, on April 30. Among the finishers were Tom Nielsen, Vicki Kendall, Linda Wack, Farouk Elkassed, and Jim Cavanaugh. John Medinger posted the results on the ULTRA list but the don't yet seem to be on the Results | Miwok Web site.

Prince William Trail Marathon Gary Knipling spent his time on Sunday tapering for MMT by running a trail marathon in five hours. While the field at the EX2 Adventure Marathon in Prince William Forest Park was small, there were a number of VHTRC runners. John Anderson and Steve Smith finished one-two overall. Other VHTRC finishers included Mark Prescott, Barry Capilli, Karen Krieg, Lisa Randolph, and David Snipes (also tapering for MMT). Results

Sue Johnston with the moose skeltonRack Hunting: Sue Johnston reports: "Here are some photos documenting Gary's rack-hunting adventure in the boondocks of Northern Vermont. We were unsuccessful in finding a rack, but Gary did discover the skeletal remains of a cow moose." View the photos. Warning to viewers: There seems to be a lot of poop in these pictures!

Promise Land: At David Horton's Promise Land 50km on April 23, Derrick Carr was the top VHTRC male finisher in fifth place. The top female VHTRC member was Annette Bednosky who got second. Left coasters took the top male spots and North Carolinians the top female spots. Several other VHTRC members finished the run. Results are available on David's site.

Forestry SymbolWork Party Weekend Report: The VHTRC had a great time at its annual trail work party on April 14-15. We got a lot of work done, partied, and ran. The report includes a bonus account of the Chris-Anstr camping trip that followed the work weekend. See how two people face the stresses of retirement. ...Report

Powell Wins Pick the Winners Contest: Bryon Powell won the contest to pick the top finishers of the 2005 Bull Run Run. ...Full Results.

BRR LogoBull Run Run 50: Annette Bednosky set a course record at the 2005 Bull Run Run. The race saw fantastic weather, muddy conditions, and the largest finishing field ever. Results, a report, and many photos are available on the BRR 2005 Report Page. We have updated the all time Bull Run Run Performances lists. ...Bull Run Run Home Page

Easter BunnyChocolate Bunny Run: Better late than never, here is Tom Corris's report on the Chocolate Bunny. Aaron Schwartzbard "won" the Chocolate Bunny 50km on March 26 evening and the next morning.

Umstead: Lou Jones, Jim Moore, Caroline Williams, the Finkles -- Anita and Jay, Bill Gentry, and Dave Snipes, finished the 100 at Umstead. Caroline has written a report. Jim Moore reported: ""I made it thru Umstead on regular food from the aid stations (soup, sandwich, soda, potatoes with salt, just a little gator aid) no hammer gel, power bar or any of that stuff." Jim went on to say that the "high tech" stuff had been leaving him feeling bad. Thanks to the "regular" stuff, the beer tasted good again. ...Umstead Home Page

Bur Does Two Plus Loops at Barkley: Mike Bur had problems navigating his third loop at Barkley. The runners need to do the third loop in the opposite direction of the first two. The result is that Mike lost time and eventually, bailed out of the loop. According to Mike, the weather was, even by Barkley standards, "epic." He reported that "half the field (33 started) dropped at Coffin Springs, Including Keith, Mike Dobies and Sue Thompson. Only 4 people finished 2 loops(40 miles) under the cutoff to be allowed to continue for a third. Only 3 decided to go on...." including Mike. (Andrew Thompson and Jim Nelson also went on.) Keith Dunn had reported earlier that the Saturday weather was very bad and included two inches of snow on the tops of the mountains. Andrew Thompson's Report [off site].

Laura DeWald at the Potomac Overlook Trail RunsPotomac Overlook Trail Runs: The Potomac Overlook Trail Runs hosted 142 runners on Saturday, March 26, in overcast, but otherwise good weather. Tommy Nohilly and Laura DeWald were the winners in the 12 km, each just missing the course record. The event was marked by an appearance by Brent Reynolds, the Mad Bomber himself. Old timers will remember fondly running with Brent and hearing his stories. He claims he will come running with us soon. A report, results, and many pictures are now available.

VHTRC membersHAT 50km: The 17th HAT 50km run was held on March 19 in perfect weather. It was the first nice day of the year and yet not too hot. Additionally, the trail was dry and fast. HAT is the traditional start of the mid-Atlantic trail running season. It is a wonderful event with a great trail, good support, and the tender loving care of Phil, Jeff, and their great volunteers. The HAT results are now available. Photos: by Bill Wandel | by Anstr Davidson | The GAC'ers | HAT Web site

Joyce Fendley and John Dodds at the Backyard Burn in Prince William Forest. Click for larger version.Backyard Burn Joyce Fendley and John Dodds participated in the "Backyard Burn," a 10 mile trail run held in Prince William Forest Park on March20. This was the second half of a "double" for Joyce as she did HAT the day before. The photo is courtesy of Will Ramos. Event Web site | Results

Running through the snow at CatawbaCatawba: Keith Knipling held the Catawba 50k on March 12. Catawba is a tough, beautiful run in rural Virginia. Sophie Speidel reports that there were three inches of snow on the ground at the start. The weather messed up some of the views, but later cleared off. Times were very slow, but, as usual, there was a big party at the end which was, apparently, sponsored by the official alcoholic beverage of the Knipling family, Knob Creek. Photos from Sophie: One | Two | Three | Photos from Steve Pero: Off-site Link.

Mike Bur and Quatro Hubbard at Moreland GapBur and Quatro do Winter Ring: Sophie has submitted a report of Mike Bur and Quatro Hubbard's run of 71 mile Massanutten Ring over the weekend of February 26-27. Sophie's Report | Pictures from Sophie: One | Two | Three | Four.

Trudging up the first mountain at BuzzardsTwo Marathons, One Weekend: The weekend of March 5-6 saw two trail marathons with one thing in common -- wet feet. On Saturday, Ed Schultze and the Montgomery County folks held the Greenway Marathon and 50km. Monika Bracken won the women's marathon and John Dodds was second in the men's division. In the 50km, Michele Harmon was second female while Mike Bur was second man and Steve Smith was third. (Greenway Results) On Sunday, Harry Smith and the Buzzards held their annual marathon in the rocky mountains northeast of Harrisburg. Deep snow made the run challenging and tough. Read the report by Linda Wack | Photo Collage One | Collage Two While a few of people participated in both events, we think that only one finished both -- Gary Knipling.

California Coast -- Channel Islands in the backgound.Coyote Fourplay: Chris Scott, Howard Cohen, and the Jaboys put on another great Coyote Fourplay. Though the four days of running are not really a competition, Aaron Schwartzbard and Scott Mills were the first two overall. Sue Johnston was one of the few to have run the entire distance and was also a top finisher. Several other VHTRC'ers were there. The rainy southern California weather stopped for the event. The weather is perfect in California. We understand that the same cannot be said for where most of you are. Report and Pictures by Anstr see also: Sue Johnston's Report | C4P Page (on VHTRC site) | Howard's C4P Web site.

Click to see who is putting on his TWOT bumper sticker.The Wild Oak Trail 100 (frigid version): Results are now available for the TWOT 100. Initial reports are that it was a great day -- good weather, a clear trail, and more than the usual amount of fun. Mike Bur, Scott Brockmeier, Bill Wandel, and Carolyn Gernand did two loops. A few did part of a second loop. David Horton was reported to have been so proud of his "Honk of you love TWOT" bumper sticker that he put it on his car next to his Liberty University parking permit. A report is expected soon. We have some pictures. Only one person is actually running in these pictures. Results | Photo Collages: One - Two - Three | TWOT 100 Page

New York's Central Park. Photo: Chris ScottPhotos of the Week: Here are some interesting photos we have seen this week. First, Chris Scott, our representative in the Big Apple, sends pictures of the Christo Gates. Picture One | Picture Two. For natural beauty that prepares you for C4P, check out this from the Jackson Hole Ski Resort Web site [off site link]. Probably the best running photo is this from the Double Rivanna Ring taken by Sophie Speidel. Finally, closer to home, I am so proud of this shot.

Aaron Schwartzbard Wins Holiday Lake 50km: Bethany Patterson was second woman, beating Annette Bednosky but losing to Catherine Phillips. There were several other VHTRC finishers. This run was Joyce Fendley's "break through" event. She destroyed her time of last year and put herself in many person's list of "people I used to be able to beat." Read Charlie Miracle's report on this subject. David Horton's Web site

Bur, Quatro, and Gentry on the Double Rivanna Ring.  Photo: Sophie SpeidelThe Double Rivanna: On February 12, "Sports Town USA," aka C'Ville, hosted the Double Rivanna Ring. Mike Bur, Bill Gentry, and Quatro Hubbard, did the entire 42 miler. Sophie Speidel did one loop. The event brought traffic to a halt in Charlottesville. Oh, and there was a basketball game in town too. Virginia beat Virginia Tech 65-60. Photo Collage.

Rocky Raccoon 100: VHTRC finishers included Frank Probst, Kevin Sayers, and Ed Demoney. Jeff Holdaway and father, Grant, also finsihed. RR 100 Results | RR 100 Home Page

Team VHTRC at UwharrieTeam VHTRC Triumphs at Uwharrie: Sophie Speidel has now sent her report of the Uwharrie 40 Miler held on February 5. In Sophie's words, Team VHTRC "kicked major NC butt." VHTRC'er Mike Wedemeyer won the race. Sophie was the second woman and Michele Harmon was third. Scott Brockmeier was third overall and Derrick Carr fourth. Annette Bednosky won the female race in course record time. Results are now available on the Uwharrie Web site. BTW: If you do the team competition by event, rather than across all events, the VHTRC won the 40 miler. (Thanks to one of our more mathmatically inclined members for this computation.) Photos from Sophie: One | Two | Three | Sophie's Report

Sue Johnston in Adirondacks on Superbowl SundayCongrats New Englanders: Not all New Englanders were glued to their TV sets on Superbowl Sunday. Sue Johnston was, in her own terms, "peakbagging in the Adirondacks." That's Mt. Marcy to the left of her head in the picture. She reports that it was "sunny and warm." I guess she probably missed the GoDaddy ad and Paul McCartney.

At the Eagle Run. Photo: Sophie SpeidelAnother Great Eagle Run Sunday: The annual Eagle Run was a great time. Despite the snow, or maybe because of it, everyone had a good time. We all especially enjoyed the fire. A report and results are now available. If you are a VHTRC member, you can get the exclusive Eagle Run Screen Saver.

Group around the camp fire after running the first section of the MMT courseTom Corris's Massanutten Training Run: On Sunday, January 16, Tom Corris hosted a training run from the Fish Hatchery to Camp Roosevelt over the first section of the MMT course. Several runners went all 33+ miles while others did shorter distances. The folks from the frozen north took the "short cut" by staying on the Massanutten Trail and not dropping down at Indian Grave Ridge. Tom, saint that he is, lugged water up for them, but the New Englanders didn't wait. They paid the price at the end. (They had some lame excuse that they were "cold.") The post run social hour was highlighted by refreshments provided by Jeff Washburn and the Stone Cat folks. Photos by: Anstr | Brian McNeill.

Quatro Hubbard Recognized for Non-Running Achievement: It is rare that any of us running geeks can accomplish anything really useful, but Quatro did. On January 18, the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities presented Quatro with a Gabriella Page Historic Preservation Award for his outstanding work in kissing the girls on New Years Eve -- or something like that. Go here and scroll down for more information. Here is an example of his historic preservation work.

Click for Bigger PhotoRivanna Ring: Sophie has submitted her report on the Rivanna Ring, an amazing wet, muddy tour of Charlottesville. RDs Sophie and Bill Potts (of the West Virginia Mountain Trail Runners), assisted by Quatro, made it a great day. The results are also available. Report and Results

Mike BurA Run without Vicki: Mike Bur organized a great run on the MMT trail on Sunday, January 9. The course was from "Gap Creek to Gap Creek." Mike's way added at least three miles to the normal 25-mile distance. Some went the shorter MMT way. All had a great time in good weather. The events ended around the campfire where the women took turns sitting on Mike Bur's lap, or trying to anyway. A smaller group discovered Chez Dan's Steakhouse on Route 211. We had a great time there, but it is unlikely that we will be welcome back, given our conversation. The only downside was that Vicki was not there. We all missed her! Thanks to Mike for putting on a great run in the mountains. Photos by Sophie (the good ones) and Anstr. The VHTRC censors have nixed the picture of Ed C's stomach. It's disgusting. One | Two | Three

New YearsNew Year Redeye 50k: The real Slugs did not put on the Redeye this year, so it was a big failure. A lot of people showed up, the weather was good, and a very small percentage finished the entire 50km. No one even appeared to be hung over. It was not the usual Redeye. A report, results, and photos are now available.

Knob was on the CliffKerry's Thing: A small but happy group of VHTRC folks welcomed the New Year from atop Weverton Cliffs on the AT. The whole thing was conceived and organized by Kerry Owens. Michele Harmon reports: "There were 11 of us that ran on the AT from about 10:00p to 11:45p before celebrating the New Year at Weverton Cliffs (close to the end of the AT section at JFK). Kerry Owens organized the run and put together a feast that included sushi, fried chicken, shrimp cocktail, garlic bread, pineapple, cake, champagne and strawberries and of course, Knob Creek. After celebrating at midnight, we ran for another couple of hours back to our cars. Highlights included the police questioning us in the parking lot at the end, Linda Wack crashing another New Year's Eve party (after getting lost), and watching Sean Andrish drink Knob Creek. Thank you Kerry for a great New Year's Eve party!" Michele's Photo: Collage One | Collage Two

As to Linda, she has a report on her adventures

The Dual Start at JFK: On my post-JFK survey form, I suggested that JFK should give up the 5 AM start and have everyone start at 6 AM. Mike Spinnler sent me a lengthy reply in which he explained the background of the need for the early start. His explanation included information that I, at least, did not know, and which makes the need for the current situation much more understandable. He suggested that I post his response here, which I am happy to do. If you are interested in JFK, I strongly recommend that you read Mike's response.