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2009 VHTRC News Archive

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Other Archived News:



Powell and Schwartzbard Lead VHTRC at Leadville: Bryon Powell and Aaron Schwartzbard got 10th and 11th at the Leadville Trail 100 miler in Colorado. Leadville starts just under 10,000 feet elevation and immediatly goes above it, not to go back down until the finish. We understand that Kerry Owens and Jack Kurisky also finished. We don't see complete results on the LT 100 Web site. Results | Event Web site

Where's Waldo 100km: Sean Andrish and Amy Sproston had good finishes in competitive fields at the Where's Waldo 100km on August 22. Other finishers included Mitchell Goodman and Bobby Gill. Results | Event Web site

Martha Moats Baker Memorial 50K: 2009 Martha Moats Baker Memorial 50Km Results and report by Edward Cacciapaglia.

Mun Run: This report from Gary Knipling:

Mun Run Participants - Click for LargerBelieve it or not, there were 14 runners and one hearty and heat tolerant dog ("Mun") in the Keys Gap parking lot at 7:00 AM Saturday [August 15]. Most did the planned out and back, which was GPS'd at 19+ miles. Almost half of the runners are training for upcoming 100's which the hills, rocks, and heat provided an adequate training experience. Gina's dog was the star of the outing and the perpetrated source of the alcoholic beverage containers every time the on-duty AT Monitor patrolled the parking lot during our post-run tailgate.

Dahlgren Heritage Rail Trail 50 km: Karsten Brown was second at the Dahlgren Heritage Rail Trail 50 km held east of Fredericksburg on August 8. Results | Event Web site

Catoctin: The annual run that people love to hate, the Catoctin 50km, was held on August 1. VHTRC member, Michele Harmon, was the winning female. Here is a report from Dave Garmin:

Official results are not going to be posted until Kevin Sayers gets back from Bike Week in South Dakota. Notable VHTRC performances: Michele Harmon won the women's division. Karsten Brown was 2nd overall. Kevin Sayer's pre-race brief was unceremoniously interrupted with a air-horn fanfare and court jesters heralding Kevin's 10th year as RD. He was honored with some appropriately golden locks - a foot-long, clip-on pony tail on a Hells Angel-style bandana to provide him instant biker cred in Rapid City. Bradley Mongold (Martinsburg, WV) crossed in 4 hours, 50 minutes, 45 seconds - in defiance of Kevin's emphatic prediction "No one here will run sub-5 today." Kevin credits the unexpectedly mild weather (it didn't quite hit 90 degrees) for this year's uncharacteristically fine times. Kevin will no doubt spend the next 11 months sharpening rocks, felling blowdowns and importing mud to ensure such an outrage is not repeated.

Photos by Jim Treece | Event Web site

Catherine's Furnace: Karsten Brown and Justine Morrison won the Catherine's Furnace Fat Ass 50km. Karsten had a great run. He even beat some very good runners who ran a shorter course because the trail out to the overlook was not marked and several missed it. It was a great day in the mountains with wonderful weather and camaraderie. A big thanks to RD Jeff Reed, his two lieutenants Tom Corris (on grill) and Linda Wack (volunteer coordinator), and the many other volunteers. Photos on Flickr from: Bobby Gill (includes video of Sophie) | Quatro | Anstr | Charlie Miracle (includes Doll's Eyes) | Video of Start | Event Web site

Brian Schmidt
Brian Schmidt after the VT 100
Photo: Steve Core

Vermont 100: Brian Schmidt and Annette Bednosky lead several VHTRC finishers at the Vermont 100 held on July 18-19. Brian was fifth over all in 18:14, while Annette finished her 66th ultra as fourth woman and first senior woman. Results | Vermont Web site

Michele and Joe at Hardrock
The Happy Couple at Hardrock
Michele (left) and Joe

VHTRC.org News Exclusive: Our crack news team opened it's e-mail from Joe Clapper:

VHTRC President Emeritus Joe Clapper and medical marvel Dr. Michele Harmon would like to announce their engagement (to each other).
After repeated requests for Michele's hand in marriage she relented and accepted my proposal. We were formally engaged at 10,500 feet in Colorado before Hardrock 100. The thin air clouded Michele's judgment and she agreed to marry me. The exact date of the wedding will be determined after consulting our race calendars and working around Michele's medical emergencies. However, it is not too soon to start saving for a wedding present-beer. The happy couple plan to reside in Gaithersburg, Maryland near Dogfish Ale House. No children or pets are planned.
- Joe Clapper
Alisa's Crew at Badwater
Alisa Springman (center) with her crew at Badwater which is the start of the Badwater run.
Photo: Bobby Gill (many more on Flickr)

Alisa Finishes Badwater: Alisa Springman finished Badwater, the 135 mile run from Death Valley to the base of Mt. Whitney in California. Several VHTRC members, including Alisa, have done Badwater over the years. It was about 120° F in Death Valley yesterday. Here are pictures of Alisa and her crew finishing. (Click the right-pointing arrow and you will see more pictures.) For far more pictures, see those from Bobby Gill who was on Alisa's crew. Badwater Webcast.

Browntown Participants
Browntown Loop participants
Photo: John Nelson - click for larger

Browntown Loop: Almost 30 people participated in the annual Browntown loop run held on July Fourth. A good time was had by all, we gather. John Nelson sent the photo at right, but we were derelict in gettting it posted.

VHTRC at Hardrock
VHTRC at Hardrock: Mike Dobies, Bob Combs, John DeWalt, Mike Bur, and Joe Clapper

VHTRC Conquers Hardrock: All VHTRC runners that we know about - Howard Cohen, Joe Clapper, Mike Dobies, Mike Bur, Bob Combs, Robert Andrulis, John DeWalt, and Leonard Martin - all finished the Hardrock 100 miler in Colorado. Oxygen-deprived Hardrock is generally considered to be one of the hardest, most beautiful 100 milers in the country. This is 73 year old DeWalt's 14th finish. VHTRC President Mike Bur got his 15 minutes of fame on Colorado television. There are many VHTRC members who should take notes on the great skill with which Mike sucks up to his wife. Some of you really need help! Results are at Hardrock live! | Hardrock Home page #1 | Hardrock Home page #2

Scott Mills and Derrick Carr at Western States
Scott Mills and Derrick Carr at Western States
Click for larger version
Photo used thru courtesy of KurtBertilson.com

Scott Mills Becomes 14-time Western States Finisher: The leading VHTRC finisher was Derrick Carr in 22:38. Scotty finished a bit later in 23:15. As we read the results, Mills is the first senior finisher. Mike Huff, Suzi Spangler, and Gary Lukas also finished. WS Webcast | WS Home Page.

Mohican 100: Darin Dunham finished the Mohican 100 miler in hot, humid weather on June 20-21. His time was in 28:52. Mohican is located in northeastern Ohio. Wyatt Hornsby won in 19:52. His blog has information about the race.

Mason-Dixon Longest Day 100K: Jaret Seiberg finished the Mason-Dixon Longest Day 100K on June 20. He has submitted what he calls a quick report.

Highlands Sky 40 Miler: Aaron Schwartzbard won the Highlands Sky 40 miler in West Virginia on June 20. Many other VHTRC members participated in the highly popular event. Among the notable VHTRC finishes was Karsten Brown in third, Sophie Speidel and Michele Harmon tied for the female masters win, and Greg Zaruba, Vicki Kendall, Barb Isom, and Frank Probst all won their age groups. There were many other VHTRC finishers.

We appreciate early reports from Alan Gowen and Kirstin Corris. As Kirstin said:

Torrential rain early, streams for trails sometimes knee deep, wet feet all day. Rushing water crossings. Winds that blew anyone under 140 lbs around and sometimes off trail almost the entire 2nd half; headwind almost the whole time. At one point had trouble running DOWNhill due to wind. VHTRC almost lost Alan Gowen on one! Stunningly beautiful course that made one muse whether it might be another country at times. Great fun - Dan Lehman puts on a fantastic race!!!

Sophie Speidel's Report on her blog | Kirstin Corris's Photos (mainly wildflowers) | Results | Highlands Sky Web site.

Bighorn: Our correspondent in Wyoming, Gary Knipling, reports that Ron Ely and Deb Shaffer finished the 100 miler at Bighorn. (Gary didn't have Ron's time, but Deb's was 33:24.) Gary finished the 50 miler in 14:24. (He actually crossed the finish line with Deb.) Tom Simonds also finished the 50 mile (13:26) and Jill Quivey (7:39) finished the 50km. Several former VHTRC members were there including Jim O'Neill and Sue Norwood and Randy Snyder and Sharon Jans. Tom Simonds's wife, Teri, finished the 50 km. Karl Meltzer won the 100 in a new course record time. This despite an encounter with a cow moose that delayed him a bit. Bighorn 100 Web site

VHTRC at Laurel Highlands: VHTRC runners took the top honors at the Laurel Highlands 70.5 mile run in Pennsylvania on June 13. Sean Andrish won the race, and Amy Sproston was the top female. Sean's time of 11:41:37 puts him among the top five or six fastest runners to have won the event, but a bit behind fellow Leesburger Courtney Campbell's 1998 course record of 10:43:34. (At Laurel, course records are comparable as the course has changed little over the years.) Amy is the 11th VHTRC woman to win the event. (You can count them here. The list includes Sue Johnston who was third this year.) There were several other notable VHTRC performances. Laurel is a tough run with a long history. Congratulations to all who made it to that 70 mile post! Results | Event Web site | Photos by Larry Ryan on Flickr

Hinton Second at OD: Brad Hinton was second that Old Dominion 100 held on June 6. Greg Loomis was fourth. Old Dominion Web site

Nielsen Second at San Diego 100: Meanwhile on the left coast, another VHTRC member got second at a 100 miler. Tom Nielsen was second behind Ben Hian at the San Diego 100 miler. According to RD Scott Mills, Nielsen was 24 minutes behind the leader with 7.6 miles to go, but closed to only 6 minutes behind at the finish. There were 82 finishers out of 125 starters. Results | Report on UR Web site | San Diego 100 Web site.

Ed Demoney in 1980
Ed Demoney runs the second Old Dominion in 1980

Old Dominion 100 Miler - 1979: Ed Demoney recently recorded his memories of running the first Old Dominion 100 miler in 1979. At its beginning, OD was the first 100 mile trail run east of the Mississippi River and the second anywhere. Virginia horsemen went to California, saw Western States, and the rest is history. Ed gives us a look at that history. After running the '79 and '80 ODs, Ed was the event's director four times ('85 through '88). In 1987, the event sold out, and in 1988, popularity was so high that a lottery was required. While he was managing OD, Ed created the now defunct but popular Massanutten Mountain Massacre 50 miler. Later, he was instrumental in creating the Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 miler. He has also run 100 milers all over the country. Old Dominion 100, 1979

Award Winners at SweetH20
(from left) Sean Andrish, Co-RD Johnny Buice, and Jeremy Ramsey
Photo: Steve Core

Virginia's at SweetH2O 50K A report from Steve Core: "A group of Virginians traveled down to Georgia this weekend for the SweetH2O - 50K, only to be handed a big ol helping of Georgia heat. With temps in the mid 60s at the start and mid 80s by the finish, overheating and cramps were the common words of the day. Jermey Ramsey was the only one who seamed immune to the heat and finally pulled away from Sean Andrish on the final climb at mile 28, to claim a course record victory of 4:20. Sean followed in at 2nd with a 4:27. Steve Core finished 19th with a 5:19 and David Horton also braved the heat with a 6:40. John Nelson figured he never gets to run in Georgia so he took a late race detour to add a couple extra miles and finished with a 8:13. Co-race directors Scotty Pope and Johnny Buice can be commended for running an outstanding 50K race." Event Web site

Skyline 50 Report: Jaret Seiberg has submitted his Skyline 50 Mile report.

Amy Sproston
Amy Sproston seconds after her MMT finish
Photo: Bobby Gill

Meltzer and Sproston Win Epic MMT: We had it all -- heat, cold, rain, hail, wind. The mix of the warm, muggy day, wet night, and cold Sunday tested the runners. Karl Meltzer and Amy Sproston had comfortable leads over the rest of the field. There were 173 starters and 101 finishers.
New: Several new reports, videos, and photos, as well as the VHTRC.org report, are now available. Additionally, we have updated the all times finishers lists. It's all on or linked from the MMT 2009 report page

Keys 100 Miler: Hot, humid, rain? Sound familiar? Carolyn Gernand reports on the Keys 100 miler held on May 16-17 in Florida: "Alisa Springman and I finished for the VHTRC; Alisa was third female overall and I was first female 60-69. Diana Widdowson, one of our Buzzards friends, was second female overall. This one-way run from Key Largo to Key West had beautiful ocean and bay views as one ran along the string of islands via US 1. The route was a paved surface, although there were many miles one could run on the non-paved surfaced immediately next to the pedestrian/bike pathway. Shade, however, was in rather short supply. The race format required each runner to have his or her own crew, a la Badwater; unlike Badwater, there were plenty of places for the crews to get additional supplies and ice along the way (not much open at night, though)." Results on event Web site. (Warning, they are very strange.)

Sean AndrishBrown and Speidel win Capon Valley 50km: Karsten Brown and Spophie Speidel were the male and female champs at the Capon Valley 50km on May 9 in West Virginia. Sean Andrish was third, having taken a wrong turn early in the event. Several other VHTRC members participated in the popular annual event. Karsten sent the picture of Sean at left. Results are now available on the Capon Valley 50km Home Page. Other reports are on Tri State Runnur and the Washington Examiner

Ed Brimberg works on the trail
Ed Brimberg of the PATC saws a log as VHTRC crew looks on. Photo: Mary Campbell

VHTRC Work Party -- A 52 Miler: The VHTRC held its annual trail work party on May 2. Several VHTRC members worked on trails in the Massanutten Mountains. Over 52 miles of trail were cleared. Again this year, the VHTRC workers were joined by biker, hiking, and horse groups. Many trail users, including the participants in MMT will profit from this work. Special thanks to Ed Brimberg of the PATC who helped coordinate the many groups that participated and to Mike Bur who coordinated the the many VHTRC volunteers.

Gary... in the Washington Examiner.

Annette Bednosky on Second Place Team at World 24 Hour Championship: The U.S. women's team was second in the World 24 Hour Championship held in Bergamo, Italy on May 2-3. Annette was second U.S. woman, ninth woman, and 43rd overall. She ran 208607 meters, which according to the VHTRC.org data analysis center is 129.62238029905353 miles, more or less. Report | Results | Annette's Blog Entry

Mike Campbell Excels Again: Mike was third at the 24 hour trail run put on by Scott Crabb and Alex Papadopoulos in Prince William Forest Park. In the women's division, Linda Gaudette was second and Debbie Daughtry was third. Event Web site

Andrish Wins Promise Land 50km: Sean lead all runners over the beautiful course on a hot day. The first VHTRC female finisher was Amy Sproston who was second overall woman behind Bethany Patterson. Results | Report by Rob Colenso | Photos on Flickr by: Quatro Hubbard | Bobby Gill

Old News on April 18: We failed to report the following. Stuart Kern was second (missing first by only a quarter of a mile) at the 24 Hour Relay for Life held in the Tidewater area. David Snipes also participated, running 50 of this miles at Bull Run Run. results

Meanwhile, on the left coast, former BRR RD's Scott Mills and Chris Scott finished the Leona Divide 50 miler. We have known this for some time, but have been waiting fruitlessly for the results to appear. We think that Mills won his age group. For Chris, we are all happy to see him back running again. Event Web site

Amy Sproston
Amy Sproston runs second fastest Bull Run Run.
Photo: Aaron Schwartzbard

Schmitt and Sproston Win Bull Run Run: Leigh Schmitt ran 6:31:14 in very warm weather at the 17th Bull Run Run 50. Amy Sproston was first women running 7:34:05, the second fastest female time at the event. The weather was beautiful but a bit warm for the runners. Third place Andy Hill from Canada noted that this was his first run of the year not with tights. There were 314 starters and 266 finishes. Report, results, and photos | BRR Home page

VHTRC Member Wins Boston Marathon: Harland Peelle won the Boston Marathon (in Iraq) in a time of 2:54:39. Check out his certificate. BRR management participated in the lesser known Boston version of the event. Aaron Schwartzbard, our photographer, mailed in a 2:38:23 and BRR Chief Financial Officer Sydney Shepherd ran a 3:59:54. There were certainly others there. Boston Marathon Web site. Amazingly, an American actually finished in the top 10!

Umstead: Results are now available from the Umstead 100 miler held on April 4. Results | Umstead 100 Web site

Darin Dunham Wins VHTRC March Madness Contest: Darin was six points ahead of Ed Schultze and David Fleming who tied for second. Bunny Runyan was fourth, beating the Selection Committee. Some of the usual contenders were in the basement, including the one who picked Duke to win it all. President Obama didn't do too well, but in fainess to him, we had to translate his picks into our system and may not have done it right. He did pick UNC to win it all. Speaking of UNC, that last game really sucked, didn't it? The good thing was that you could go to bed early. March Madness Final Scores.

HAT 50km: Several VHTRC members joined a large field at the 21st HAT Run held at Susquehanna State Park in Maryland on March 21. The weather was great for running and the trail, which can be very muddy, was generally dry. Yes, if you don't like people, it's a bit big, but this is a great place to see the old and new folks of trail running -- especially Phil and Jeff who started it all 21 years ago. Results | Event Web site

Bryon Powell at the Marathon des Sables: Follow Bryon's reports from the desert on his blog.

MMT Training Run: Tom Corris held his third training run on the MMT course on March 28. Photos from Kirstin Corris

Martha Wright
Martha Wright at Terrapin
Photo from eco-xsports.com

Terrapin Mountain 50km: The VHTRC was well-represented at the Terrapin Mountain 50km on March 28. Jack Kurisky, 4th overall, was the first VHTRC finisher. Sophie Speidel was first master woman and Vicki Kendall was first grandmaster woman. There were several other VHTRC finishers. New: Martha Wright has submitted her report. See also: Sophie's Report on her blog | Results.

Amy Sproston and Bradley Mongold Win Bel Monte 50 Miler: It turns out that Sean Andrish's initial report left out the fact that he won the 50km. Amy added that fact and the fact that VHTRC member, Bradley Mongold won the 50 miler. This is why it's good for our reporter to be slow! You don't have to deal with humility! Here was Sean's initial report: "While there was a small contingent of VHTRC runners down at the Bel Monte 50-miler, those who were there enjoyed a foggy run in the mountains. Amy Sprotson showed that she has not missed a beat following her extended hiatus from trail running, winning the 50-miler. Steve Core was caught up in a tight race with a few other runners for most of the day. Steve took control over the final eight miles, using his speed on the rocky downhill sections to open a gap on the competition. He finished 4th overall and won the masters division." Event Web Site

Aaron Schwartzbard at National MarathonNational Marathon: Several VHTRC members ran in the National Marathon held in Washington, D.C. on March 22. The leading VHTRC finisher was Aaron Schwartzbard who was 11th in a time of 2:38:14. Steve Platt sent the picture at right, saying "This is what an aid station looks like at mile 25 when you are ahead of 8,000 people." Aaron is also a great trail runner, triathlete, and the volunteer photographer at VHTRC events. Marathon Results

Libyan Challenge Master Trek: Here is Rebecca Byerly's video of her adventure in Libya. Video on YouTube Rebecca and Howard Cohen finished the 125 mile run in the desert of Libya. Rebecca's Blog Reports | More Information

Northern Fairfax CCT Fatass Trail Marathon: It was wet but not bad weather for running at the Northern Fairfax CCT Fatass Trail Marathon held on March 15. Seven runners had a great time. Thanks to John Coogan for showing us all some great trails very close to civilization. Event Web site | Results

Elizabeth Furnace 50km: The Elizabeth Furnace 50km was held on March 14. The results are now available.

Andrish Second at Old Pueblo 50: Steve Core reports that Sean Andrish got second at the Old Pueblo 50 miler in a time of 7:34 (winning time 7:17). Former VHTRC member Steve Burton is the new RD and, according to Sean, did a great job. Bryan Powell was also there in training for Marathon des Sables (151 miles in six days) which starts in 19 days. Old Pueblo Web site

Greenway Trail Marathon and 50K: Ed Schultze and his volunteers from the Montgomery County Road Runners put a great run on the Greenway Trail. This reporter has no clue who won. The leaders were long gone when we finished. Event Web site

Hashawha Hills: Alan and Pam Gowen put on the second running of the Hashawha Hills 50km on February 28. Results

MMT Training Run #2: Kirstin Corris has sent pictures from the MMT training run held on February 28. It looks like all had a good time. There appear to have been some rocks along the way as well as signs of Gary's chainsaw. Photos on Flickr. Also, see a few pictures by Quatro from the weekend.

Mt. Mitchell Challenge: Brian Schmidt was sixth overall and won his age group at the 40 mile Mt. Mitchell Challenge in North Carolina. Steve Core finished 16th. Steve reports: "It was a miserable day. Raining when we woke up, and rained the entire race. All except the last mile up and down from the summit. There it was low 30s and snowing. Trail was miserable sloppy mud with slush and ice at the top....But all that aside, it was a great race!! I loved every step!!" Results on the Event Web site

Amy Sproston
Amy Sproston at Catoctin in 2008
Photo: Keith Moore

Amy Sproston Wins Guatemalan Ultra: On February 21, VHTRC Female Runner of the Year, Amy Sproston, won the Ultramaraton Las Verapaces, in Coban, Guatemala. That's "win" as in win. She was the first person to cross the finish line. Report on Amy's Blog | Event Web site.

Knipling Sets Record at Reverse Ring: Keith Knipling won the Reverse Ring in 14:58, which we believe is a course record for the backwards direction, and only 12 minutes off Keith's own record for the "regular" clockwise direction. Of the 21 starters, 15 finished. Results | Reverse Ring page | Report on Greg Loomis's blog | Report on Steve Pero's Blog

VHTRC Takes Top Places at Holiday Lake: Aaron Schwartzbard and Justine Morrison were the top male and female winners at David Horton's Holiday Lake 50k on February 14. There were several other VHTRC finishers. Results | Bobby Gills Report

The McGlinchey Family
Eric and Carrie with daughter Quinn

Arrival in the McClinchey Family: Eric reports that Quinn McGlinchey arrived on February 19 at 9am. Quinn weighed 7 lbs 4 oz. Mother Carrie, daughter Quinn, and father Eric are at home and doing well. The VHTRC sends congratulations!

Uwharrie: For the middle of winter, there was a lot going on last weekend! Our correspondent, Quatro Hubbard, submits his Uwharrie report.

2008 VHTRC Award Winners
Category Winner
Runner of Year Amy Sproston
Perf of Year Vicki Kendall
Most Improved Kari Brown
Runner of Year Harland Peelle
Perf of Year John Dewalt
Most Improved Marlin Yoder
Rookie of Year Jack Kurisky
Ambassador Tom Corris
Anstr Davidson

Sproston and Peelle Take Top VHTRC Awards: On February 14, the VHTRC held its annual party to present awards for 2008. The top male and female runners of the year were Harland Peelle and Amy Sproston. Volunteers led by Carolyn Gernand put on a wonderful meal and the usual suspects provided the refreshments. Kerry Owens managed the awards process.

Many female attendees seemed to particularly enjoy the festivities knowing that they were on a Valentines Day dream date. Less fortunate women all over DC were stuck with boring candlelight dinners for two, while that awards party attendees were having all this fun!

The James Moore Award was not given out this year, and the "Horton Award" is on sabbatical until we can find someone with a sense of humor to receive it. Included in the festivities was the first public announcement that VHTRC president, Mike Bur, married Laura. Congrats to Mike and Laura and to all the award nominees and winners. Photos (These photos aren't too good.)

Snow at TWOT 100The Wild Oak Trail 100: The annual TWOT 100 was held on February 7 in beautiful weather. No one finished, but many had a good time. Photos are now available from Charlie Miracle and Sophie Speidel. A story from Bobby Gill. Results are available from Dennis. Results

Rocky Raccoon 100 Miler: Mike Campbell ran a 19:37, which is a record for his 59 year age, at the Rocky Raccoon 100 on February 9-10 in Texas. He was 12th out of 162 finishers. Jeff Holdaway and Bill Turrentine also finished the 100. Mike McCumber, Tammy Massie, Jim O'Neil, and Luanne Turrentine finished the 50. (Sorry if we missed someone.) It was warm. Results are now available. Mike Campbell's report

ICY 8 Hour Trail Run: Mike Bailey won the ICY 8 Hour Run held on February 7 at Lake Anna State Park. He ran 50.3 miles in eight hours. Linda Gaudette was the second woman and Susan Baehre third. There were several other VHTRC participants. Results [pdf] | Event Web site | Mike Huff's blog report

Gary's BriefingEagle Run Sunday: It was another wonderful time on Mason Neck as Gary Knipling and his many helpers put on the 17th annual Eagle Run on January 25. The weather was great for running—cold but calm. The post run fire, as well as the "refreshments," kept everyone warm during the all important party. We spotted "about" 11 eagles, including one who was standing on the ice, presumably waiting for his feet to melt through so he could get that dead fish. There were many photographs taken thus leading to an important point, "What goes at the Eagle Run does not stay at the Eagle Run." Thanks to Gary for a great time! Photos from: Mark Zimmerman | Bobby Gill | Charlie Miracle | Anstr Davidson Blog Post: Bobby Gill

Ice on Kerns Mt TrailCold MLK Weekend Running: Martin Luther King's Birthday weekend has become a traditional mega-running festival. On Saturday, Tom Corris organized the first MMT training run that went from the Fish Hatchery trail head (aka, Buzzards Rock or the 619 trailhead) to Camp Roosevelt. The temperature was officially designated as "butt cold." The next day was the much warmer (and logistically easier) Gap to Gap run. Although these were informal training runs, several volunteers added to the enjoyment of the runners. These included Gary Knipling, Charlie Miracle and, of course, "management" of Tom and Kirstin Corris, Mike Bur, and Quatro. Photos by: Kirstin Corris MMT #1 - Gap to Gap | Steve Pero | Sophie | Anstr. Blog Reports: Steve Pero | Bobby Gill | Sophie Speidel.

Swinging Bridge 50K: Mike Bailey and Mike Huff were the leading VHTRC finishers at the Swinging Bridge 50k held on January 17 at Bear Creek State Park west of Richmond. Several other VHTRC members finished the 50k and the 35k. Event Web site | Results (you need to pick the event from the list of 2009 races)

Moonlight Run participants
Participants in the Moonlight Run (click for larger)

Moonlight Run: A small but determined group did the VHTRC Moonlight Run on January 9. It was not too cold, and the moon was relatively bright. Other than one runner who had to do most of the run on one contact lens, there were no mishaps. Not surprisingly, Ed Demoney was probably the only one to finish with dry feet. (Ed's Report) On Saturday, a smaller group, led by Gary, cleared the Massanutten Trail over Short Mountain. We got many blow downs and dug out several stumps that were in the middle of the trail. Finally, on Sunday, we did the trail out to Stricler's Knob. This is a wonderful trail with gorgeous views. It is now becoming popular. There were several who had signed the book that is out at the end. This reporter ended the weekend by stopping at Guest State Park off of 340 south of Front Royal. Run Report by Ed Demoney | Photos on Flickr

Frosty Lakes 50K: Carolyn Gernand reports: "On Saturday [January 10], I checked out the Frosty Lakes 50K in Winston-Salem. It was great. Two loops on a wide 80%-dirt trail around a lake, flat and fast, no roots, no rocks. How fast? The winner finished in 3:09. I pushed really hard on the first loop to keep from getting lapped -- made it in 3:00. I am calling that my speedwork for the week! Then totally relaxed on the second loop and still finished in 6:38. That got me into fourth place on the "all-time list" for Senior Masters Females. Annette Bednosky (4:43) and Bob Ring (6:15) were there this year. Quattro and the Finkles did this event last year." Results

Conf Teams Win Loss
SEC 8 6 2
Pac 10 5 5 0
Big 12 7 4 3
ACC 10 4 6
Big East 6 4 2
Big 10 7 1 6
Ind 2 1 1

Mills Sweeps Football Contests with Holiday Bowl Win: Scott Mills followed his win of the regular season football contest with a big win in the bowl contest. Scotty picked Florida in the final game to move one point ahead of second place Lary Ryan and third Mark Zimmermann. As to our conference ratings, we are leaving the Pac 10 ahead of the Big 12. USC may not have beaten Florida, but it would not have let the Gators run all over the field on them. The contests will take a rest for awhile until March Madness. Contest results.

Knee InjuryTrail Running Has Risks: Trail running is not death defying. It's not sky diving. But it does have real risks. Everyone has blood some times. Amy Agnolutto got more than her share of blood at the Boyers Furnace run. Amy sent us pictures and, after double checking that it's ok, we are putting them here. They are graphic. Do not look at these pictures after eating. And don't go out on the trail without realizing that stuff can happen out there. The cut and the knee. Boyers Results

Redeye StartersRedeye 50km: Despite heavy winds on New Year's Eve that closed the park roads, the Redeye 50 km was held on January 1. About 45 to 47 brave runners participated in an altered course. None did 50km. Gary felt that the maximum anyone did was about 27 miles. Thanks to Gary for carrying on this fine tradition. Gary took the photo above with Charlie Miracle's camera. Can you imagine going out for a walk on New Year's morning and running into this group? Report and Results | Charlie's photos on Flickr.

Image of man with a big . . . gunBambiHunting Season: Most hunting seasons are closed now. But there is always something open. Be careful out there! Hunting information: Virginia | Maryland | West Virginia. (You gotta see the cute little bear on the West Virginia site. He/she is just waiting to be someone's rug!)