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1999 VHTRC News Archive

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  • Redeye 50km--Jan 1

  • Uwharrie 40 Miler (on David Blaikie's Ultramarathon World)

  • Coyote Fourplay--February 25-28

  • Potomac Overlook Trail Runs--March 6

  • Catoctin Trail 50km--March 13 (On Kevin Sayers's site.)

  • HAT 50km--March 21

  • Bull Run Run--April 17

  • Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run--May 8-9

  • WDF Trail Half Marathon--September 11

  • Patpela Ananit 50km--December 18


    Runners Before the StartDerrick Carr and Ed Demoney Set Records at Patpela Ananit 50km: Derrick Carr set a course record at the Patpela Ananit 50 Km, our Fat Ass 50. Ed finished his 100th ultra. Joe Clapper did an excellent job of organizing the event and several people helped including Bill Wandel who worked an aid station. Be sure to read Joe's report and check the results. (You will note that, unlike $unmart, we got our results on the Internet the next day!) And now there are pictures!

    First Pictures from JFK: Chris gave me several good pictures from JFK. They are in the Photo Album. The list of VHTRC finishers is below. Sorry for leaving several people out of the first list. Courtney Campbell won the race. Ian Torrence was fourth while Derrick Carr and Stott Mills came in 24th and 25th respectively. Full results are on the JFK web page.

    VHTRC Finishers of JFK '99
    Phil Young at Cramptons GapIan Torrence
    Derrick Carr
    Scott Mills
    Greg Pece
    Prasad Gerard
    Keith Moore
    Frank Probst
    Mike Weber
    Bob Gaylord
    Phil Young
    Greg Power
      Jeff Holdaway
    Anstr Davidson
    Kevin Sayers
    Tommy Trask
    Russ Evans
    Peyton Robinson
    Chuck Thomas
    Bob Coyne
    Jean Lichtenberger
    Scott Rafferty
    Lou Jones
      Ed Demoney
    Mike Walsh
    Leonard Barry
    Mark Russell
    Dale Weitzel
    Bill Wandel
    Jim Moore
    Carolyn Gernand
    Rex Booth
    Art Witt

    Clapper at Sunmart: President Joe Clapper ran the Sunmart 50 miler in 7:20 which was good for 27th place. He was disappointed that he did not break seven hours but pleased to have beaten Scott Mills's PR. The results are on the Sunmart site.

    Western States Lottery: In probably the most over-hyped non-event in this decade, the Western States lottery was held on November 20. Scott Mills made it in under the two-time loser rule. Those who did make it in are welcome to come to our trail work party, yet to be scheduled, to work off their "volunteer [sic] requirements." The list of lottery winners is on David Blaikie's site.

    Potomac Heritage Trail 50 km: Jeanne and Larry's report of this year's event follows. Also, don't miss Larry's pictures.

    "For the Fourth Annual Potomac Heritage Trail run, the trail was open, the weather was perfect, and the rest was fun. We started with 14 runners leaving the Capitol Yacht Club at 8:00 A.M. We picked up an additional three who started at Turkey Run and Ed Demoney made a guest appearance at Potomac Overlook Park. This course is always more scenic and more hilly than first-time participants expect. Nevertheless, most of the runners covered the entire distance and seven plus one guest adjourned to the all-you-can-eat at Phillips afterward. I think we will have to give Phillips advance notice next year so they can order extra shrimp ahead of time. It was a great day for all who came and we look forward to next year. Runners were as follows:

    "Michelle Kane, Robin Kane, Mary Campbell, Bob Coyne, Lou Jones, Janet Vincent, Dan Grayson, Russ Evans, Carolyn Gernard, Phil Young, Bill Van Antwerp, Chris Scott, Noelle Olson, Joe Clapper, Pam Williams, Ken Williams, and Don Davis."

    Horton's Race: Joe Clapper and Frank Probst led VHTRC finishers at David's Mountain Masochists Trail Run. There were 196 starters and 155 finishers under 12 hours. Colleen Dulin was the third woman and John DeWalt was the super-masters winner. Other finishers were Chris Scott, Al Montgomery, Tommy Trask, Bill Wandel, and Jean Lichtenberger. Also, former member Bill Turrentine finished. Full results are available on David's site. David has posted some cool pictures including one of Chris and one of Tommy Trask.

    Our Heros at ACMore Pictures from Chris! Let's see, Chris either ran or was at Western $tates, Leadville, Wasatch, and Angeles Crest, and he took his camera. His pictures from Wasatch and AC are in the Photo Album now. Be sure to see the picture of Mt. Timpanagos which is the backdrop to the finish or Wasatch at Sundance. (It's the default picture on the Photo Album page.) And head Chris's admonition. The picture at right, however, is courtesy of Jane Carr. It shows Scott Mills with the Rhino Award for the top Master. Derrick and Chris are at the right.

    At the Races: Joe Clapper got 8th at the Vermont 50 Miler. Greg Power and Gary Knipling also finished. Meanwhile, Kevin Sayers finished well at the Arkanasas Traveller 100, and in Ohio, Carl McClure finished the Germantown 50K Trail Run.

    Ian Torrence at MMTVHTRC Member Profiled in UR: Ian Torrence is profiled in the October issue of Ultrarunning Magazine. Ian now lives in Las Vegas but was born in the District of Columbia and is a member in good standing of the VHTRC. In the profile, he lists his victory at this year's MMT as his "best ultra performance."

    Angeles Crest 100: Chris Scott called from California to report that VHTRC runners did well at the Angeles Crest 100 Miler in Southern California. Ian Torrence was third and Scott Mills was sixth. Derrick Carr and Paul Walczak also finished. Former VHTRC member Kevin Sawchuk finished fourth. Jeff Washburn finished to add to his many 100 mile finishes this year. Contratulations all! ...Angeles Crest Website

    Probst Does Well in 24 Hour Run Frank Probst did almost 115 miles in the Olander Park 24 Hour in Ohio. He was second in his age group and 18th overall. Yiannis Kouros ran 167 miles for the best 24 hour run on American soil. ...Full Results

    Winner--Jessica HeinerJessica Heiner Wins WDF Trail Half Marathon! Over one hundred women started the Womens Distance Festival Trail Half Marathon in perfect weather. Jessica Heiner won in a new record for the "long" course. ...Pictures and results linked from here.

    Wasatch Front 100 Mile: Jeff Holdaway and Chris Scott finished Wasatch. I remember when we first heard about this Utah run when I lived in California--no one finished. It is certainly one of the hardest 100s. Results are on the Wasatch Front 100 Mile website. I am sure Chris enjoyed himself on the trail, but he missed the gathering at the WDF!

    The FinishPictures of Jim Moore's C&O Canal Run! Finally, pictures of the finish. Carolyn and Brenda hold the tape as Jim completes his journey with Rebecca with him on her bike. The pictures of this event are now available if you missed it live. (And you did!) Also, Jim and Rebecca gave S.O.M.E. $4,300 donated by their fans in honor of their trek. Pictures from this ceremony are also now available. Just before 7pm, Sunday, July 25, James and Rebecca Moore ended their trek of the C&O Canal Towpath. ...Pictures and the run report

    King JordanLeadville 100: Chris Scott took several good pictures from Leadville including VHTRC finishers King Jordan, Ryan Manning, and Dennis Herr. Also, pictures of former VHTRC members Andy and Shelley Wunsch and TRAC finisher Terry Hawk. ...Leadville Results

    Catoctin: Derrick Carr got fourth and Scott Mills ninth at the first summer Catoctin 50km. Other VHTRC finishers were Mike Walsh, Tommy Trask, Russ Evans, Bob Gaylord, Bill Wandel, Leonard Barry, Carolyn Gernand, and Lou Jones. There was also a name from the past there, Don Lookingbill. The results are available on Kevin's site. Carolyn reports that it was a great event and the trail was blazed well.

    Seeing Purple! Well, I guess it was as advertised! The Catherine's Fat Ass was a great event. As Joe says, it's a keeper. The weather was warm, but not humid and there was a nice breeze. The course was beautiful including the wonderful "yellow" trail, which was new to most of us. We must add, however, to the list of really bitch hills, "the Purple Trail." Peyton had warned us about this hill, but I, for one, didn't pay attention. Anyway, his last words on his web site were:

    "The purple trail is in fine shape -- may still be somewhat of an adventure run for maybe a hundred yards, [sic] but I expect it to be fine.[sic] I checked on it...and it was definitely runnable.[sic] The Forest Service has continued its work, and so, it's better.[sic] Therefore, no course change will be needed.[?]"

    Twenty-three people started out from the Visitors Center. Peyton and Jeff provided aid and course markings along the way. Courtney Campbell saw a bear and I saw a rattlesnake (about 4 inches from my foot). Courtney just nosed out Scott Mills and Joe Clapper by 40 or 50 minutes for the win. The results are now available on the Catherine's Fat Ass website. A big thanks to Jeff and Peyton for putting on a great run. Thanks also to Ed Demoney, Dee Robinson, and a guy whose name I don't know for helping out.

    At the Races: Scott Mills and Joe Clapper did the Escarpment Trail run. Scott got 33rd place and Joe (and his beer gut) got 57th. The next weekend was the Skyland 50km in Castro Valley, California. Former VHTRC member Kevin Sawchuk won in a tough field that included a name from the past--Frank Bozanich. (Skyland Results) On the same weekend, Prasad Gerard who won the Mt. Rushmore 100 miler and Bill Sublett also finished that run.

    DeWalt and Herr Shine at Hardrock! John DeWalt finished his fifth Hardrock 100 miler and Dennnis Herr came back from injury for a good finish. Dennis was not supposed to run again--ever. He just finished the hardest 100 miler in the United States! Both John and Dennis are true animals. Hardrock Website

    Party Time Anstr's Run und Fest: Sunday, June 27 was HOT!. We cooled off after the run, however. Pictures now available.

    Scott Jurek winning BRRBull Run Champion Triumphs at Western States! For the second time, a Bull Run winner has won Western States. Scott Jurek, who won BRR in record time this spring, won the the premier 100 mile trail run in the United States. Club member finishers were Greg Power (88th place/25:51) and Ben Clark (101/26:47). Former member Kevin Sawchuk was seventh overall (19:24). Mike Morton, also a BRR champion is the course record holder at Western States. Full results

    Prasad Jerard, Chris Scott, and Jeanne Christie Do Well at Laurel Highlands! Prasad Jerard, President-for-Life Chris Scott, and Jeanne Christie had good performances at Laurel Highlands. Prasad was third and Chris was fourth. Jeanne was the first woman. Chris reports that this is definitely the last Laurel Highlands under this management. That is a real loss. It was a great event! ...Photos | Results on Ultramarathon World (Note on the results. Ignore Chris's age. He keeps thinking he's supposed to put down his emotional age, not his physical age.)

    Derrick Carr Fifth at OD! Derrick Carr ran a strong fifth place at Old Dominion 100 miler on June 5. Several other club members were in the run. Also, you will note that several people ran both MMT and OD. Quite an accomplishment! The OD results are on Stan Jenson's web page.

    Joe and Stan entertain the troops!Volunteer Party: The Volunteer Party on May 22 was a lot of fun. We had good food, plenty to drink, dancing, and slides of the Andes. And now there are party pictures! The negatives are for sale. Oh, ya, this is 1999, there are no negatives. These photos are now available to litterally MILLIONS of people around the world!

    The party featured the debut of the new official VHTRC mixed drink--the "Used Trojan." It's Kalua, vodka, and Ensure Plus. A special thanks to Jeanne and Larry for making all of the arrangements and to the Capital Yacht Club for putting up with us. Several volunteers attended the party and we really enjoyed having you!

    Capon Valley 50km: A large contingent of VHTRC members were at the inaugural running of the Capon Valley 50km on May 15. Reports of the event were very positive. Information, results, and pictures are available on the WV Outside page.

    Sure, I'm doing it again!Ian Torrence Leads 60 Finishers at MMT: Complete information on the MMT 1999 page. When will Scotty do it again?

    RD Scott Mills1999 Bull Run Run was Awesome! In every respect, it was a great day. Scotty and his volunteers scored a perfect "10." Super aid stations, good weather, the course in great shape, and a good race. Scott Jurek broke the course record to edge out Barry Lewis. Debbie Berner obliterated the women's course record. Go to the 1999 After Battle Report for all the information and the many photographs.

    The MoonMoonlight Run: On Friday, April 30, nine stalwarts did the Moonlight Run. The moon was bright, the sky clear, and the trail generally dry. We had a great time, as usual. Joe, Bill Wandel, and I threw sleeping bags down on the ground and stayed to mark some trail for the MMT the next day.

    WorkTrail Work Party: We had a great time on March 27 working on the Massanutten Mountain Trails. For the most part, the trails are in far better shape this year than last. Among our accomplishments was completing the blazes on the Massanutten Mt. West Trail on Short Mountain. A full report of our work is now available.

    HAT Run: Wow, was that great! Good weather, a beautiful, well-marked course, many old friends, and a good run. The VHTRC contingent did well. Robin Kane, Derrick Carr, Ryan Manning, and Scott Mills were all in the top ten. Julia Heemstra got second place and Frank Probst was the senior champ. ...Results and 32 pictures from Jeff Hinte.

    SnowMy Number--My AgeClapper Triumphs at Catoctin Trail Run! President Joe Clapper survived the Catoctin Trail 50km for the first place finish in a tough field that included some flashes from the past like Dan Brannen and Bert Meyer. The course was snow-covered in the morning and turned to slush in the afternoon. The highlight of the day was race management's kind offer of "bonus miles" to runners without additional fee. Gary Knipling and I only received about a half bonus mile. Some people ran up to five bonus miles. And all for $10! It was a great event. Check out the pictures courtesy of Larry DeHof. Here is my coveted finishers award. A big thank you to Rick Hamilton, Kevin Sayers, and all the volunteers. Results on Kevin Sayers's Site.

    Potomac Overlook Trail Runs: The rain held off and over 60 people had a good time at the the Potomac Overlook Trail Runs. There are two photographs in the Photo Album. The results are now available.

    Holiday Lake 50k: VHTRC members triumphed at the David Horton's Holiday Lake 50k on March 6. Rebekah Trittipoe set a course record of 4:55:57 for the win. Derrick Carr was fifth overall at 4:21:34. Jean Lichtenberger was the first place masters female while Carolyn Gernand and Frank Probst took the grand masters honors. And Muffy tied for ninth place overall. David now has full results and pictures on his site.

    Ryan Manning on the Ojai course at C4PCoyote Fourplay! I have now scanned all the pictures that Chris sent me from the C4P. These pictures begin to capture the true flavor of the event. Especially this one. Against my better judgment, I have used Chris's captions verbatim. Children should be accompanied by an adult in this section of the web site. After all, this was California!
    Coyote Fourplay Photo Album | Anstr's Coyote 4 Play Photos | Results

    SlugVirgina Beach Fat Ass 50 Dan Grayson reports: "This run was held on multi-use trails in Seashore State Park, Virginia Beach, VA. There were 15 starters and 12 finishers, VHTRC finishers included Robin and Michelle Kane and myself. The weather was in the t-shirt 60's, and although rain was in the forcast, it held off until after the run. The course had a 1.25 mile paved out-and-back at the start followed by 3 ten mile trail out-and-backs. I got a little tired of the flat course (distance markers every 1/2 mile), but there were several very senic areas along water and through moss covered swamp areas. On the up side, we passed hundreds of other runners who were training in the park. The RD plans on making this an annual event, creating still another running opportunity in Virginia. By the way, the winner was a screamer. I didn't get his name, but he finished in under 4 hours and was in the Army stationed at Ft. Monroe. He wants to try the MM100. Robin came in 2nd. Michelle was in the middle of the pack, and I played Slug."

    The Eagle RunThe Eagle Run Sets Record! A record 60 runners participated in the Eagle Run on Eagle Run Sunday. We had great weather and a nice run. The eagles, however, weren't out in force. Most people were in the single digits for eagles spotted. Pictures in the photo album

    Happy New Year! Slug Redeye 50km: The brave few dragged their tired butts out of their warm beds on New Years day to participate in the Slugs Redeye run. Dan Grayson, James and Rebecca Moore, and Bill Sublette put on a great show. Julia Heemstra won the event with Joe Clapper on her heals. Scott Mills did not show up to defend his title. He must have had to work, or something. The weather was cold but clear. A great winter day for running. Those of you who wussed out should feel ashamed! Dan has finally produced the results. --Photos by Larry DeHof and now Rebecca Moore | Results