October 12, 2013
37 Starters; 5 Finishers
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Congratulations to all the participants in the 2013 Hot TWOT, and particularly the record five finishers of Hot TWOT, and the new fastest single loop runner, Dave Frazier. See you all back for more fun on The Wild Oak Trail the weekend of February 14-16, 2014!

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4 loops - Finishers
Nick CombsM42:40:00
Katie KeierF43:13:00
Dave QuiveyM43:37:00
Antoinette Landragin*F46:40:00
Mike BurM51:43:00
64 Miles
Jackie PalmerF21:37*
2 Loops
Jonathan Loewus-DeitchM13:09*
Bernard PesjakM15:37*
Justin PeakeM17:29*
Art PerraudM18:10*
Larry HuffmanM18:15*
Stephanie WilsonF19:25*
Levi RizkM19:46*
Tony EscobarM20:40*
43 Miles
Jeff GarsteckiM9:13*
Helen MacDermottF18:45*
Stephanie Dupal-DemartinF18:45*
1 Loop
Dave FrazierM4:14!
Andy StraversM4:43*
Neal GormanM5:03*
Tom CrawfordM5:03*
Drew KruegerM5:03*
Matt BuginM5:03*
Sean AndrishM5:18*
Dan RogersM6:49*
Tim NelsonM6:51*
Jim SmuckerM7:03*
Carter WieckingF7:03*
John NelsonM7:39*
Doug CampbellM7:52*
Bruce TweedieM8:15*
Tracy DahlF8:26*
Keith KniplingM8:26*
Joyce FendleyF8:57*
Kate MontgomeryF10:00*
16 Miles
Brian SchmidtMDNF
Courtney NesterFDNF
Results submitted by Quatro Hubbard
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