October 11, 2014
100+ Miles
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There were no finishers at the 2014 running of Hot TWOT, run in conditions that were anything but hot (light drizzle early, then cloudy, with temps around 50 all day). There were fine performances by the single loop runners, however.

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NameSexAgeStateDirectionAid #1Aid #2Finish
Andrew JennerM31VACCW1:452:484:46
Dan HyltonM35VACCW2:234:026:56
John NelsonM64VACW2:454:357:40
Elena BraggF21VACW2:474:548:17
Adam KatkhoudaM26VACW2:474:548:17
Ed RangelM38MDCW3:475:328:19
Dru SextonF62VACCW3:385:5010:03
Anita FinkleF48VACCW3:385:5810:04
Jay FinkleM51VACCW3:385:5810:04
Antoinette Landragin **F31VACCW2:324:257:19
There were no starters on Friday this year, so no formal attempts to run the full 100.
The Saturday runners were free to race Hot TWOT in whatever direction they preferred. 
The anti-clockwise direction (CCW) means that the initial aid station was at 
Camp Todd, 10 miles into the race, and that aid station #2 was at 96 Road 
Crossing, at mile 15.5.  Clockwise reversed this, with Aid #1 at 96 (mile 11.5) 
and Aid #2 at Camp Todd (mile 17).
** Antoinette ran her loop on Monday, October 13, under RD Dennis Herr's direction.
Results submitted by Quatro Hubbard
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