February 7, 2014
53 Starters; 3 Finishers
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We had very cold conditions for the 2014 running of TWOT, but the forecast snow held off. The forecast did not scare the runners away - a record 53 toed the line, with three finishers. Congratulations to all the runners, and thanks to Dennis Herr for hosting!

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TWOT entrants - 2014SexAid #1Aid #2Loop 1Loop 2Loop 3Loop 4FinishComments
Keith KniplingM2:113:376:05/6:1013:32/13:4423:08/23:2333:20:0033:20:00Finisher
Brian KeeferM2:273:566:47/7:0015:50/23:0232:12/33:1244:38:0044:38:00Finisher
Kim Love-OttobreF10:40/10:5522:20/23:1035:55/44:2557:30:0057:30:00Finisher
Katie KeierF2:495:018:51/9:1720:55/23:2835:31:00Three Loops
Antoinette LandraginF2:494:438:10/8:2517:07/18:06Two Loops +
Matt BuginM2:153:406:01/6:1813:11Two Loops
Art PerraudM2:424:317:51/8:0913:40One Loop+
Bill GentryM8:51/9:0114:24One Loop++
Andrew JennerM5:03One Loop
Josh OttM5:10One Loop
Dave FrazierM5:26One Loop
Ryan PaavolaM5:55One Loop
Dave GallowayM5:56One Loop
Adam ChildersM5:58One Loop
David ParishM5:58One Loop
Joel MaynardM5:59One Loop
Matthew BigmanM6:08One Loop
Chris ScottM6:14One Loop
Sydney SumnerF6:23One Loop
Nick PenceM6:24One Loop
Kurt RosenbergerM6:36One Loop
Matt AreolaM6:58One Loop
Jeff SmuckerM6:58One Loop
Jim SmuckerM6:58One Loop
Phoebe KirbyF6:58One Loop
Kelly PaduchF6:59One Loop
Paul JohnstonM7:11One Loop
Mark McCoyM7:11One Loop
Kyle LawrenceM7:17One Loop
Jordan StaffordM7:23One Loop
Dave QuiveyM7:28One Loop
Kathleen CusickF7:37One Loop*
John NelsonM7:47One Loop
Tim NelsonM7:47One Loop
Ernesto CasarezM7:48One Loop
Mike "Diesel" BurM7:58One Loop
Justin PeakeM8:12One Loop
Carter WieckingF8:21One Loop
Tristan MassieM8:33One Loop
Travis WilliamsM8:46One Loop
Jack BroaddusM8:51One Loop
Stephanie WilsonF9:09One Loop
Quatro HubbardM9:16One Loop
Natalie KennedyF9:31One Loop
Tony EscobarM9:31One Loop
Tracy DahlF12:02One Loop*
Glenn GravattM12:18One Loop
Caroline WilliamsF12:18One Loop
Bradley MongoldM12:45One Loop*
Brian McNeillM13:03One Loop*
Misty TilsonF4:13Drop (17 miles)
Erin ThorpeF3:00Drop (10 miles)
Tom CorrisM3:07Drop (10 miles)
Runners with an asterisk behind their distance were pacing a runner doing multiple loops, in some cases in addition to running their own loop.
Runners with a plus sign finished the number of loops indicated, plus additional miles.  Double plus sign indicates bonus trail miles and road miles.
Results submitted by Quatro Hubbard
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