October 24, 2015
21 Starters; 2 Finishers
100+ Miles
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It was just about perfect weather for the 2015 running of Hot TWOT. Held later in October (23rd-25th) this year than had been the case since Year One of Hot TWOT, the runners were treated to generally dry and comfortable fall running conditions, and with the trail in great shape (other than the downed leaves that caused some problems on the rockier sections).
Joey Cohen ran the 2nd fastest TWOT to date, with only Keith Knipling's Hot TWOT run in 2007 surpassing it. Joey not only had a strong and consistent run, but made it look ridiculously easy while he was at it. Katie Keier returned to finish her second Hot TWOT, and she, too, generally made covering those 108+ miles with over 32,000 feet of elevation gain look entirely too easy.
The results will show that there were two finishers and 21 starters. That is deceptive, as there were, in essence, four starters who arrived with "Bad Intent -- in other words, with designs on completing all four loops. Stomach issues and illness knocked Antoinette Landragin and Bill Gentry out before either could get out on a third loop. The other Friday starters planned to stop after one or two loops, and all of the Saturday starters had planned on cutting the Hot TWOT 100 somewhat short this year.
THE Big Story was the return of Dennis Animal Herr to The Wild Oak Trail. Dennis is the first successful TWOT runner and the creator of this event, as well as the winter TWOT and other races and fun runs over the years. Dennis had completed his first 100 miler in over a decade in early September at the Race for the Ages in Tennessee. He then finished his first trail race in about 10 years at the West Virginia Trilogy in early October when he completed the closing half marathon. It was incredible to see Dennis then come out to his home course and complete a loop in just over 15 hours (with some timely safety runner assistance in the closing stretch during the night from Eva Pastalkova).

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Hot TWOT - Oct 23-24, 2015SexAgeStateLoop 1Loop 2Loop 3FinishNotes
Joey CohenM32DC5:4512:3520:2428:191st Finisher
Katie KeierF45VA8:0219:3632:1944:591st Female
Ed RangelM39MD7:5719:16xxxDNF50+ Miles
Justin PeakeM35MD8:0219:16xxxDNF50+ Miles
Antoinette LandraginF32VA8:0219:16xxxDNF50+ Miles
Bill GentryM54VA8:0313:05xxxDNF37 Miles
Holly BuginM36VA6:01xxxxxxDNFFriday  
Matt BuginM34VA6:01xxxxxxDNFFriday  
Jim SmuckerM54VA6:20xxxxxxDNFSaturday
Ernesto CasarezM59MD7:12xxxxxxDNFSaturday
Andy PetersonM59VA7:19xxxxxxDNFSaturday
Fred FialcoM42MD7:19xxxxxxDNFSaturday
Chris PabianM39VA7:23xxxxxxDNFSaturday
Jared ByrdM32MD8:03xxxxxxDNFpacer
John NelsonM65VA8:22xxxxxxDNFSaturday
Jon JesterM56VA9:38xxxxxxDNFSaturday
Kelley FitzsimmonsF34VA11:06xxxxxxDNFpacer
Bob GaylordM67VA12:04xxxxxxDNFpacer
Dennis HerrM68VA15:02xxxxxxDNFFriday  
Dru SextonF63VA3:16xxxxxxDNF10 miles
Steve BowlesM68VA3:17xxxxxxDNF10 miles
The pacers all did a single loop with Katie Keier
Bill Gentry dropped at Camp Todd on Loop 2 for a total of 37 miles
Steve Bowles and Dru Sexton dropped at Camp Todd on Loop 1 for a total of 10 miles
Results submitted by Quatro Hubbard
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