October 22, 2017
28 Starters; 6 Finishers
100 Miles
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Below are the results from the 2017 running of Hot TWOT, which was held over the weekend of October 20-22, 2017. Congratulations to the record SIX finishers!

Of particular note: Jesse Fuller and Guy Towler both finished their four loops of TWOT for the second time in this calendar year. Both finished TWOT in February of 2017 as well as Hot TWOT in October. Jesse was also the overall winner of Hot TWOT, and in so doing, he knocked nearly 9 hours off of his previous four-loop finishing time. Well done, Jesse! And well done, Guy!

And a final well done to the other four-loop Hot TWOT finishers: Rob Tidwell, Larry Huffman, Dani Seiss and TJ Theis! Dani was the women's winner with her time of 47:40. Dani's accomplishment was made even more noteworthy due to her having "dropped" after her second loop, only to wake up from a short nap feeling re-energized and encouraged by other runners into heading back on to the Wild Oak Trail for what would eventually turn into a rather unexpected finish.

Dave Frazier was first to the finish among the Saturday single-loop runners, followed by Andy Stavers and then the first (and only) woman to finish a single loop, Kathleen Cusick.

1Jesse FullerM33VA33:52:00
2Rob TidwellM46VA46:40:00
3Larry HuffmannM56VA46:40:00
4Dani SeissF47MD47:40:00
5TJ TheisM29MD47:48:00
6Guy TowlerM48MD48:10:00
One Loop Finishers
1David FrazierM32VA5:12:00
2Andy StraversM40NM5:36:00
3Kathleen CusickF42MD6:00:00
4Chris PabianM41PA6:01:00
5George ScottM31VA6:17:00
6Tim WheldonM29VA6:37:00
7Steve HigginsM55VA7:10:00
8Tim HamnettM46VA7:15:00
9Patrick VaughanM40VA7:25:00
10Daniel LawverM31VA7:25:00
11Jeremiah ClarkM22VA7:30:00
12David LandisM35VA7:40:00
13Jairemy DroogerM43VA7:40:00
14Sean DonachyM45VA7:46:00
15Doug JohnsonM32VA7:47:00
16Daniel GraciasM34VA8:18:00
17Charlie JoyceM47MD8:22:00
18Bill GentryM56VA8:35:00
19Richard SissonM46VA8:41:00
20Tony TaylorM47VA8:41:00
21Derek BrinkmannM23MA9:24:00
22Kevin ShepardM44VA11:20:00
Results submitted by Quatro Hubbard
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