February 10, 2017
41 Starters; 5 Finishers
100 Miles
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Below are the results from the 2017 running of TWOT - held over the weekend of February 10-12, 2017. Congratulations to the record FIVE finishers in this year's running of TWOT! In order, John Kelly, Eric Harris, Jesse Fuller, Jeremiah Clark and Guy Towler completed the course. The previous record for most finishers was set during Hot TWOT in 2013 (four). Fortunately, race founder and RD Emeritus Dennis Herr had enough jars of the coveted McCutcheon's Home Recipe Apple Butter for each finisher to get their race swag!

The overall champion was John Kelly, with a sparkling time of 26:35. This is a new record for four loops of the Wild Oak Trail, beating the previous event record of 27:11 set during Hot TWOT in 2007 by Keith Knipling. The Wild Oak Trail, due to reroutes over the years, is now a longer loop, making this new record that much more remarkable of an achievement.

There were 36 other runners who completed a loop of TWOT, and their times are reflected below those of the five TWOT 100 finishers. There are varying stories behind those 36 runners and their accomplishments. Three runners undertook the new "Midnight Challenge," starting at midnight on Saturday morning: Aaron Ellison, John Daniel, and the 2016 Hot TWOT winner, Mike Pflieger. Other runners set off with one of the five 100 mile finishers to pace them on a single loop. The majority of the runners started on Saturday morning and raced their single loop. Congratulations to the first to the finish, Kyle Lawrence, who completed the 28+ mile loop in 5 hours and 5 minutes. Tied for sixth overall, and first woman, was Kathleen Cusick (TWOT 100 mile finisher in 2015).

The next running of TWOT will be held February 17-19, 2018, and in the interim, the next Hot TWOT will be on October 20-22, 2017.

A Report by John Kelly

PlaceNameSex AgeState Time
1John KellyM32MD26:35:00
2Eric HarrisM44VA35:13:00
3Jesse FullerM33VA42:35:00
4Jeremiah ClarkM22VA47:55:00
5Guy TowlerM45VA47:56:00
One Loop Finishers
1Kyle LawrenceM32MD5:05:00
2David StaufferM24VA5:10:00
3Daniel MowersM39PA5:40:00
4Scott LeshM32PA5:48:00
5Ryan NebelM33VA6:00:00
6Kathleen CusickF45VA6:12:00
6Joel MaynardM42VA6:12:00
8Danny MathiesonM27VA6:28:00
9Joey DawsonM38VA6:40:00
9Luke BosekM38VA6:40:00
11Hunter HankleyM35VA7:08:00
12Aaron EllisonM40MD7:10:00
13Amy GrableF43VA7:17:00
13Sean KatzM43VA7:17:00
15Levi MasonM36VA7:20:00
16Priya NaikF33MD7:46:00
16Greg LevinM33MD7:46:00
18Stephen SmithM36VA7:49:00
19Andrew Thomas IVM34VA7:50:00
20Mike PfliegerM42VA7:55:00
21Andy PetersonM59VA8:00:00
22PJ AndererM38VA8:13:00
22Rob TidwellM46VA8:13:00
24Jacob BrownM33VA8:27:00
24Jayme DubinskyF33VA8:27:00
26John DanielM31VA8:30:00
27Richard SissonM46VA8:40:00
27Brian McNeillM58MD8:40:00
29Dave O'NeillM42VA9:15:00
29Jacqueline OngF56VA9:15:00
31Austin ConklinM21VA9:35:00
32Dan AghdamM48VA10:00:00
32Bob GaylordM68VA10:00:00
34Roy MarshallM60VA11:23:00
35Bill MarkunasM56VA12:00:00
36Kate MontgomeryF47VA14:00:00
Some of the runners credited with completing a single loop were pacing four-loop runners.
Results submitted by Quatro Hubbard
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