February 16, 2018
16 Starters; 9 Finishers
100 Miles
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Below are the results from the 2018 running of The Wild Oak Trail 100 Miler: TWOT. The race was held in the traditional mid-winter calendar slot that adds so much to the challenge of the trail itself - in this case February 16-18, 2018. The remarkable total of NINE of the 16 Friday morning starters completed the four loops of TWOT to obtain their finish. They then received the finisher's treasured jar of apple butter from Race Director Emeritus and race founder Dennis Herr. Having more than half the starters finish was astonishing enough, but to have the previous record of five finishers shattered to this extent was extraordinary, and a testament to the talent and tenacity of this year's field.

The overall winner was a repeat: John Kelly again smoked the field, and he broke the record of 26:35 that he set during TWOT 2017, more than achieving his goal of breaking the seemingly untouchable sub-24 barrier. John's Beamonesque time of 23 hours and 48 minutes will prove a tough record to break for future TWOT runners. Second to John, and top female, was another repeat TWOT finisher: Kathleen Cusick. Her time of 32:30 is a PF for this regional legend, and is now the second fastest time for a woman at TWOT, behind only the Feb 2011 31:50 by Eva Pastalkova. While all nine runners have compelling stories, one more needs to be highlighted here: Guy Towler completed his third straight finish. Guy completed TWOT 2017, Hot TWOT in October 2017 and then again completed TWOT this year. Guy is truly a model of TWOT consistency: 2017 time of 47:56, Hot TWOT 2017 time of 48:10 and then his finish here at TWOT 2018 in 48:01 was neatly sandwiched between his two previous times.

As usual, there was a single loop race held in concert with TWOT. The Saturday race saw 21 participants in 2018. David Stauffer held off James Fogg, with Kelly McDonald fourth overall and first female. As usual at least one of the finishers of a single loop was not "racing" the distance, but was instead pacing a four-loop runner.

The next TWOT Race Weekend will be February 8-10, 2019; in the interim, Hot TWOT will be held over the weekend of October 19-21, 2018.

Race Director Antoinette Landragin's event recap

A Report by John Kelly

1John KellyM34MD23:48:00
2Kathleen CusickF 45VA32:30:00
3Eric HarrisM45MD33:08:00
3Levi MasonM37VA33:08:00
5Jason BradyM38PA35:37:00
6John FegyveresiM41VT38:43:00
7Amy ZbikowskiF 39MD47:41:00
8Guy TowlerM48MD48:01:00
9Rob TidwellM47VA48:35:00
One Loop Finishers
1David StaufferM25VA4:50:00
2James FoggM40MD5:08:00
3Joel MaynardM43VA5:45:00
4Kelly MacDonaldF 29VA6:03:00
5Shihan WijeyeratneM24VA6:20:00
5Tim WheldenM29MD6:20:00
7David LandisM35VA6:43:00
8Jim SmuckerM56VA6:45:00
9Mark McCoyM49VA7:00:00
10Chris PabianM41PA7:13:00
11Matthew AbrahamM32VA7:25:00
12Jairemy DroogerM43VA7:37:00
13Cara FoleyF 34VA7:55:00
13Meir LewinM30MD7:55:00
15David HarlowM37TN8:20:00
16Gabriela StephensF 38PA8:28:00
16Kiran KoonsF 44PA8:28:00
18Jason SajkoM42VA9:18:00
18Whitney SajkoF 40VA9:18:00
20Andy PetersonM61VA9:40:00
21Nick YeatesM37VA10:12:00
Results submitted by Antoinette Landragin
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