TWOT All-Time Finishers List

February 16, 2018
100 Miles
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TWOT and Hot TWOT All-Time Finishers - results complete through TWOT 2018. This is the list of those runners who have completed all four loops at TWOT.

Included are particularly noteworthy runs beyond the 100 mile distance on the course by Katie and Eva.

RunnerYearLoop 1Loop 2Loop 3Loop 4Beyond TWOT
John KellyFeb 185:0610:5617:2723:48:00
John KellyFeb 175:1311:4719:2026:35:00
Keith KniplingOct 075:27:3011:47:3019:07:1527:11:10
Joey CohenOct 155:4512:3520:2428:19:00
Eva PastalkovaFeb 116:2214:0023:1031:50:00
David FrazierFeb 116:2214:0023:1031:50:00
Keith KniplingFeb 135:5113:2023:3232:09:33
Keith KniplingFeb 076:2213:4823:0432:23:20
Kathleen CusickFeb 18xxx32:30:00
Keith KniplingFeb 156:1913:4923:3633:05:00
Eric HarrisFeb 18xxx33:08:00
Levin MasonFeb 18xxx33:08:00
Keith KniplingFeb 146:0513:3223:0833:20:00
Mike PfliegerOct 16xxx33:20:00
Jesse FullerOct 17xxx33:52:00
Kathleen CusickFeb 156:4714:4427:1033:57:00
Dennis HerrFeb 025:3613:3623:5034:02:00
Sue JohnstonOct 056:5415:1225:1434:02:57
Eric HarrisFeb 17xxx35:13:00
Jason BradyFeb 18xxx35:37:00
Jim HarrisFeb 127:18:0316:37:1628:43:4435:57:39
Jamey GroffOct 066:4316:0727:3437:10:00
Jack KuriskyOct 116:3015:0027:3037:50:00
Andy PetersonFeb 168:0116:4527:2138:00:00
John FegyveresiFeb 18xxx38:43:00
Jesse FullerFeb 17xxx42:35:00
Nick CombsOct 137:1317:2827:4642:40:00
Katie KeierOct 137:5118:4030:1143:13:00
Dave QuiveyOct 137:5418:3530:4343:37:00
Brian KeeferFeb 146:4715:5032:1244:38:00
Katie KeierOct 158:0219:3632:1944:59:00
Rob TidwellOct 17xxx46:40:00
Larry HuffmanOct 17xxx46:40:00
Antoinette LandraginOct 138:2322:0033:2546:40:00
Dani SeissOct 17xxx47:40:00
Amy ZbikowskiOct 18x19:15x47:41:00
TJ TheisOct 17xxx47:48:00
Jeremiah ClarkFeb 17xxx47:55:00
Guy TowlerFeb 17xxx47:56:00
Guy TowlerFeb 18xxx48:01:00
Guy TowlerOct 17xxx48:10:00
Rob TidwellOct 18xxx48:35:00
Mike BurOct 138:2521:4534:10:0051:43:00
Mike DobiesOct 056:5316:4034:02:0055:54:26
Russ EvansOct 057:2117:4834:02:0055:54:26
Kim Love-OttobreFeb 1410:4022:2035:55:0057:30:00
6 Loops170 Miles
Eva PastalkovaFeb 1560:00:00
7 Loops200 Miles
Katie KeierJul 16101:00:00
HonorableMention100 Miles
Bob GaylordPacing K.Keier's 200
Results submitted by Quatro Hubbard
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