The Wild Oak Trail 100
(TWOT 100)

February 14-15, 2004

Graham and Dru show off their TWOT bumper sticker

Twenty-six runners started the 2004 Wild Oak Trail 100. None finished, but one braved the deep snow to do 50 miles. Most had all the fun they wanted on the one loop.

Photo Collages: One | Two | Three | Four


RunnerLoop 1Loop 2
Craig Wilson8:2822:12*
Dennis Herr8:27 
Paul Lottridge8:27 
Bryon Powell8:33 
Steve Barton8:33 
Andy Peterson8:52 
Jean Whitman8:52 
Mike Dobies9:24 
Mike Bur9:40 
Tom Corris9:40 
Marty Lindemann9:40 
Charlie Miracle9:45 
Vicki Kendall9:51 
Graham Zollman9:51 
Dru Sexton9:51 
Jill Fazio10:09 
Deb Pero10:58 
Steve Pero10:58 
Less Than Full Loop
Russ Evans24 mi 5:30/7:10**
Anstr Davidson 24 mi 6:30/8:30**
Bill Wandal 24 mi 6:30/8:48**
James Moore 24 mi 6:30/8:48**
Sue Lottridge 16 mi 6:30
Jen Edwards 16 mi 6:45
Amy Cannon16 mi 6:45
Bert Meyer16 mi 7:00

* Craig took about a half hour pit stop between loops. The 22:12 includes the pit stop.

** The two times for the 4 24 mile TWOTers reflect the 16 mile "trail time" and 8 mile "road time" respectively.

Four 25 mile loops. 26 starters; no finishers.

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