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The Wild Oak Trail 100
"Hot" TWOT

October 13, 2012

Links: Results | The Wild Oak Trail 100 Miler Web page

Runner NameTimeDistance
Four loops
No finishers
Barb Isom11:5635 miles
Vicki Kendall11:5635 miles
Andy Stravers5:40One Loop
Mathew Bigman7:04One Loop
John Nelson7:16One Loop
Alisa Springman7:20One Loop
Jim Daniels7:20One Loop
David Smith7:42One Loop
Ed Rangel7:49One Loop
Dave Woll8:01One Loop
Kim Love-Ottobre*9:06One Loop
Natalie Kennedy9:39One Loop
Tony Escobar9:39One Loop
Christian Dahlhausen5:2525 miles
Kate Stephenson5:2525 miles
Carolyn Gernand8:0020 miles
Lula Gernand (pup)8:0020 miles
Holly Herr0:506.5 miles
* Kimba ran alone (10/19)

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