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Bull Run Run 50

Clifton, Virginia
September 1, 2021

If You are on the Wait List
Please Read Carefully

If you are on the wait list, you must pay the entry fee before you can move off the wait list and enter the race.

When must I pay the entry fee?
You must pay the entry fee before you are the first person on the wait list and a vacancy on the entrants list occurs. At that point, you will be moved to the entrants list automatically if you have paid. If you have not paid, you will be removed from the wait list and not be put on the entrants list.

When can I pay the entry fee?
We are not ready to take payments now. You may pay later.

If I can't pay now, won't I get passed over if I get to the top of the wait list?
No one will move from the wait list to the entry list before December 31. That means the if you are number one on the wait list, you have between now and December 31 to pay.

If I don't get in, do you keep my money?
No. If you don't get into the race because the entry list closed before you could move to it or because you withdrew from the wait list before you got to the entry list, we will cancel your payment. Actually, you don't "pay." See, "Do you take my money when I am on the Wait List?" below.

How do I pay?
The wait list itself will have a button by your name that you use when you pay.

How do I keep track of everything?
The wait list itself will have all the information you need to keep up to date.

What form of payment do I use?
You pay online with a credit card or PayPal account. You do not mail a check. There is no paper option.

Do you take my money when I am on the Wait List?
No. When you go to PayPal, you are "authorizing" a payment. That means that we don't get your money. If you get in the event, we will take your money. If you don't, your authorization will expire. The authorization will, however, probably go against your credit limit.

Can I get off the wait list if I don't want to run?
Yes. If you no longer want to run the event, you can withdraw from the wait list. To do so, use the withdrawal from the wait list process.

Why should I withdraw from the wait list?
If you can't or don't want to run the event, here are good reasons to withdrawl from the wait list.

If you still have a question or problem, you can get technical help on entry (sends e-mail).