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Bull Run Run 50

Clifton, Virginia
April 11, 2015

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44 on the Wait List as of February 25, 2015 at 19:20

Here are the people who are on the wait list for the Bull Run Run 50 to be held on April 11, 2015. The applicants are listed by their ranks on the list.

Paid? Column Key

When there is a vacancy on the entrants list, we will move the top person on this list to the entrants list if that person has paid the entry fee. If the top person has not paid the entry fee, we will delete that top person and go to the next person on the list.

Withdraw: To withdraw from the wait list, go to the withdrawal page.

When to Pay
You may pay the entry fee starting March 1. Come back then.

First Move off this List
The first person to move off of this list will not occur before March 7. That means that the top people need to pay by that date.

Original Rank: If an applicant was on the initial wait list on February 20, his or her starting rank is in parentheses. Example: (47)

More Information: For more about how the wait list works, go to the Wait List FAQs. Also, you may contact us for technical help on entry (sends e-mail).

1 (1)Gavin Votaw26MMentor, OH0NorthNo
2 (2)Jack Broaddus65MHarrisonburg, VA0SouthNo
3 (3)David Robertson62MStafford, VA0NorthNo
4 (4)Matthew Lancaster40MAshburn, VA0SouthNo
5 (5)Mark Peyton41MCharles Town, WV0NorthNo
6 (6)Chris McIntosh41MMontclair, VA0SouthNo
7 (7)Tavis Long35MFairfax Station, VA0SouthNo
8 (8)Ellie Holliday23FCentreville, VA0NorthNo
9 (9)Charles Elkins42MMedina, OH0NorthNo
10 (10)Jesse Parker35MLouisa, VA0SouthNo
11 (11)David Hutchinson47MBethesda, MD0SouthNo
12 (12)Jayson Kolb28MNeshanic Station, NJ0NorthNo
13 (13)Alexandre Tilmant44MNew York, NY0NorthNo
14 (14)Tim Bugansky35MHartville, OH0NorthNo
15 (15)William Weidman31MArlington, VA0NorthNo
16 (16)David Welch46MFrederick, MD0SouthNo
17 (17)Eric Pattison25MBethlehem, CT0NorthNo
18 (18)Christopher Crecente40MSimpsonville, SC0SouthNo
19 (19)Ryan Pettengill40MFairfax, VA0NorthNo
20 (20)Alberto Vazquez45MBaltimore, MD0NorthNo
21 (21)Jonathan Lok36MBurke, VA0NorthNo
22 (22)Emily Ryan40FWashington, DC0SouthNo
23 (23)James Towey43MGlen Allen, VA0NorthNo
24 (24)Joey Cohen31MWashington, DC0NorthNo
25 (25)Greg Snyders33MWashington, DC0NorthNo
26 (26)Jaquisha Kearson30FColumbia, MD0NorthNo
27 (27)David Allara29MNew Brunswick, NJ0NorthNo
28Melissa Huggins32FWest Chester, PA1NorthNo
29Kenneth Swab64MBethesda, MD6NorthNo
30Jason Rodriguez44MSpringfield, VA0SouthNo
31Luis De Arriba India47MRockville, MD0NorthNo
32Nigel Bavin52MMechanicsville, VA0SouthNo
33Francis Donovan48MQuantico, VA1SouthNo
34Tommy Bishop29MRichmond, VA3SouthNo
35Wendy Golden47FMadison Heights, VA0SouthNo
36Gary Long51MReading, PA0NorthNo
37Joe Clapper56MGaithersburg, MD6SouthNo
38Michele Harmon49FGaithersburg, MD12NorthNo
39Jerry Noble44MAshburn, VA0SouthNo
40Jeremy Nelson35MStafford, VA0NorthNo
41Aaron Schwartzbard37MWashington, DC5NorthNo
42William McKenna25MPhillipsburg, NJ0NorthNo
43Nick Yeates34MMontgomery Village, MD0NorthNo
44Ian Mackenzie46MVirginia Beach, VA0NorthNo

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