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Bull Run Run 50

Clifton, Virginia
April 13, 2019

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16 on the Wait List as of February 16, 2019 at 18:29

Here are the people who are on the wait list for the Bull Run Run 50 to be held on April 13, 2019. The applicants are listed by their ranks on the list.

Paid? Column Key

When there is a vacancy on the entrants list, we will move the top person on this list to the entrants list if that person has paid the entry fee. If the top person has not paid the entry fee, we will delete that top person and go to the next person on the list.

Withdraw: To withdraw from the wait list, go to the withdrawal page.

Top 16 People may Pay Now
You may pay the entry fee now if you are among the top 16 people on the wait list. If you see a button on the line with your name, you can use it to pay. We may change the number of people who can pay when the rate of movement on the wait list changes.

Charges to your Credit Card
When you "pay," you are authorizing a later charge on your credit card. It's like giving us a check that we cash later. If anything changes about your credit card (number, expiration date, etc.) before you move to the entrants list, please contact us.

More Information: For more about how the wait list works, go to the Wait List FAQs. Also, you may contact us for technical help on entry (sends e-mail).

1Jason Counsman33MBaltimore, MD1NorthNo
2Daniel Bergin40MWashington DC, DC2NorthNo
3Charles VanOtten36MClarksville, TN0NorthNo
4Renee Kripplebauer31FBellefonte, PA0NorthNo
5Patrick O'Brien27MAlexandria, VA0SouthNo
6Andrew Anderson38MMechanicsville, VA6SouthNo
7Charlie Joyce49MBaltimore, MD1SouthNo
8James Miner70MDryden, NY6NorthNo
9Hannah Neagle33FAlexandria, VA0NorthNo
10Brian Banko37MAlexandria, VA1NorthNo
11Paul Brister42MAlexandria, VA0NorthNo
12Amelia Kegan35FSilver Spring, MD5NorthNo
13John Fazzio39MHoboken, NJ1NorthNo
14Michelle Underwood51FAlexandria , VA0NorthNo
15Hank De Hoyos20MCharlottesville, VA0SouthNo
16Amy Albu42FPurcellville , VA4SouthNo

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