Withdrawal and Refund Status
Bull Run Run 50

Clifton, Virginia
April 11, 2015

Status of withdrawal requests and refunds

This page lists the status of withdrawals and refunds from the Bull Run Run 50. If you want to withdraw, go to the withdrawal form.

Entrants List

from List
Entry Fee
62Kenny SholesApril 4  
61John HamptonApril 4  
60David AchenbachApril 4  
59Tim StanleyApril 4  
58David LettieriApril 4April 4April 4
57Charles StroudApril 4April 4April 4
56Parker TerryApril 4April 4April 4
55John RutherfordApril 4April 4April 4
54Jen PageApril 3April 4April 4
53Ed CacciapagliaApril 4April 4April 4
52Daniel BerginApril 3April 3April 3
51Jon WesokyApril 3April 3April 3
50Jarad SchoferApril 3April 3April 3
49Hamilton TylerApril 3April 3April 3
48Charles ElkinsApril 3April 3April 3
47Michael WilsonApril 2April 2April 2
46Charmella SecrestApril 2April 2April 2
45Timothy EllisApril 2April 2April 2
44Daniel RiegelApril 2April 2April 2
43Christian CannonApril 2April 2April 2
42C. J. BlaggApril 2April 2April 2
41Melisa MileyApril 1April 1April 1
40Adam FloydApril 1April 1April 1
39Sara DavidsonMarch 31March 31March 31
38John FazzioMarch 31March 31March 31
37Hai NguyenMarch 31March 31March 31
36Donald MengelMarch 31March 31March 31
35Dean JohnsonMarch 31March 31March 31
34David McGarveyMarch 31March 31March 31
33Bill SusaMarch 31March 31March 31
32Len ForkasMarch 30March 30March 30
31John C ClarkMarch 30March 30March 30
30Priya NaikMarch 29March 30March 30
29Marlin YoderMarch 29March 30March 30
28Dana SanfordMarch 29March 30March 30
27Rob BarnesMarch 28March 28March 28
26Michael NilesMarch 28March 28March 28
25Joshua SullivanMarch 27March 28March 28
24Austin McKuneMarch 27March 28March 28
23John DennisMarch 25March 25March 25
22Judy RuppMarch 23March 24March 24
21Jennifer WeilandMarch 24March 24March 24
20Dave GallenMarch 24March 24March 24
19Sally FullerMarch 23March 23March 23
18Kari AndersonMarch 22March 23March 23
17Timothy AbbeyMarch 17March 18March 18
16Kyle GeryMarch 18March 18March 18
15Adam SteeleMarch 18March 18March 18
14Jeff SimpkinsMarch 17March 17March 17
13Birgit MitchellMarch 17March 17March 17
12MIchael HuffMarch 16March 17March 17
11Jeff MerrittMarch 14March 14March 14
10Sean MofidiMarch 10March 12March 12
9Travis StolzMarch 10March 10March 10
8Stephanie Dupal-DemartinMarch 10March 10March 10
7John DonahueMarch 7March 8March 8
6Keith MooreMarch 5March 6March 6
5Karen RuleMarch 2March 3March 3
4Maria BertacchiMarch 1March 1March 1
3Marie Anne Suajico-SantiagoFebruary 27February 28February 28
2Libby CrockartFebruary 27February 28February 28
1Kelly GoldenFebruary 27February 28February 28

Wait List

from List
32Art DechentApril 4April 5
31Guy Love April 5
30Brandon Currie April 5
29Rudy RutemillerApril 4April 5
28Jason Patch April 3
27Kevin McGuinness April 3
26Seth Wall April 3
25Kyle Reese April 3
24James Manning April 3
23Ben ClarkApril 3April 3
22Jaclyn Greenhill April 2
21Rachel Bell Kelley April 2
20Ashley Moyer April 1
19Anna BattiataApril 1April 1
18Ryan Staggs March 31
17Anita Uyehara March 31
16Justin Horgan March 31
15William Lanning March 31
14Stephanie Danahy March 31
13Jennifer McElroyMarch 31March 31
12Michael Nicolaides March 30
11Mike Roth March 30
10Danielle Meriwether March 30
9Marvin Leventer March 30
8William Villa March 28
7David Lister March 28
6David SneadMarch 24March 25
5Scott DavisMarch 3March 3
4Tim KowtkoMarch 2March 2
3Graham MundaMarch 2March 2
2Todd PearsallMarch 1March 1
1Brad ReedFebruary 24February 24

When a withdrawal is requested, we first take the runner off the list. This does not happen immediately. It is done manually. Then, we issue a refund. The refund depends on the list you are leaving and how you paid.

Refund Options

Withdrawing from the entrants list:

Withdrawing from the wait list: