Withdrawal and Refund Status
Bull Run Run 50

Clifton, Virginia
April 7, 2018

Status of withdrawal requests and refunds

This page lists the status of withdrawals and refunds from the Bull Run Run 50. If you want to withdraw, go to the withdrawal form.

Entrants List

from List
Entry Fee
33Gregg HolstMarch 30  
32Andrew ArbuckleMarch 29  
31Patrick O'BrienMarch 29  
30Thomas PetersonMarch 29April 1April 1
29Steven YanceyMarch 29  
28Todd HolmesMarch 28April 1April 1
27Chris Beers-ArthurMarch 28April 1April 1
26Geoffrey BakerMarch 27April 1April 1
25Helen MacDermottMarch 27March 30March 30
24John StacyMarch 25March 30March 30
23Guy SilvestriMarch 25March 30March 30
22Judith WeberMarch 24March 29March 29
21Michael GildeaMarch 23March 28March 28
20Casey FisherMarch 21March 26March 26
19Matthew BuginMarch 20March 25March 25
18Stephen GouldMarch 20March 23March 23
17Scott LeeMarch 17March 20March 20
16Alice HisamotoMarch 17March 20March 20
15Bruce FlanaganMarch 16March 17March 17
14Michael DiBlasiMarch 16March 17March 17
13Tim WheldenMarch 14March 14March 15
12Brian CarrMarch 13March 14March 14
11Brian CraigMarch 13March 14March 14
10Jeff PenceMarch 13March 14March 14
9Twila BrownMarch 12March 13March 13
8Barret StantonMarch 11March 12March 12
7Tristin ForneyMarch 10March 12March 12
6Prasad GerardMarch 8March 8March 8
5Kyle GeryMarch 7March 7March 7
4Brad KoenigMarch 5March 5March 5
3Matthew LancasterMarch 2March 2March 5
2Ed WalshFebruary 28March 1March 5
1Laura FalsoneFebruary 22February 22March 3

Wait List

from List
Fee Refunded
or Check Destroyed
15Joshua Wynn March 27 
14Andrew De Beaulac March 23 
13Geoff Weber March 23 
12Nancy KleinrockMarch 9March 12 
11Lokesh Kumar Meena March 7 
10Daryl Hultquist March 7 
9Paul Zimmermann March 7 
8Nicholas Basalyga March 5 
7Charlie Joyce March 5 
6MaryLee ShalaydaMarch 3March 4March 4
5Matt Christovich March 2 
4Ryan BrownMarch 1March 1 
3Chris RidgeFebruary 21February 21 
2Quatro Hubbard February 20 
1Anstr Davidson February 20 

When a withdrawal is requested, we first take the runner off the list. This does not happen immediately. It is done manually. Then, we issue a refund. The refund depends on the list you are leaving and how you paid.

Refund Options

Withdrawing from the entrants list:

Withdrawing from the wait list: