Withdrawal and Refund Status
Bull Run Run 50

Clifton, Virginia
April 13, 2019

Status of withdrawal requests and refunds

This page lists the status of withdrawals and refunds from the Bull Run Run 50. If you want to withdraw, go to the withdrawal form.

Entrants List

from List
Entry Fee
64Frank VolnyMarch 23  
63Steven YanceyMarch 22March 22 
62Cheryl ChamblissMarch 21March 21 
61Philip LechnerMarch 18March 18 
60Kalyn JamesMarch 18March 18 
59Evan WeberMarch 14March 16 
58Dani SevelMarch 13March 13 
57Francois StrydomMarch 12March 13March 22
56Alex St. ClaiMarch 11March 11March 21
55Caroline LeeanMarch 10March 10March 13
54Sam CoynerMarch 9March 9March 13
53Rick BennettMarch 9March 9March 13
52Samantha Pitts-KieferMarch 7March 7March 9
51Lou BrooksMarch 5March 5March 8
50Nicolette BellMarch 5March 5March 5
49Adam SteeleMarch 5March 5March 5
48Greg BarnesMarch 4March 4March 4
47Anna PiskorskaMarch 4March 4March 4
46Alvin LeeMarch 4March 4March 4
45Kelly GoldenMarch 2March 2March 3
44Samuel DruetzlerFebruary 26February 27March 1
43Stephen OttoFebruary 25February 27March 1
42Bridget McCuskerFebruary 24February 24March 1
41Daniel GovernFebruary 20February 20March 1
40Kelly MillerFebruary 19February 19March 1
39Thong TranFebruary 18February 19March 1
38Laurel LundstromFebruary 15February 15February 15
37Kathleen TepasFebruary 15February 15February 15
36Chrystal MolnarFebruary 15February 15February 15
35Gregory LoomisFebruary 15February 15February 15
34Jason MadeyFebruary 15February 15February 15
33Dave HowellFebruary 15February 15February 15
32Rob BarnesFebruary 15February 15February 15
31Julie ParksFebruary 15February 15February 15
30Christopher OwensFebruary 15February 15February 15
29Mary LangFebruary 15February 15February 15
28Jad AmraFebruary 15February 15February 15
27Nancy SummersFebruary 14February 15February 15
26Karl BarrusFebruary 14February 15February 15
25Garret ChristensenFebruary 14February 15February 15
24Ashley CarrFebruary 14February 15February 15
23Joe KulakFebruary 14February 15February 15
22Randy DietzFebruary 13February 14February 14
21Amy SheaFebruary 12February 12February 12
20Desiree WilliamsFebruary 11February 12February 12
19Lucas MotenFebruary 11February 11February 11
18Laura BleakleyFebruary 10February 10February 10
17Elaine CookFebruary 9February 10February 10
16Tom HathawayFebruary 5February 5February 5
15Zachary WielunsFebruary 2February 4February 4
14Rachel VigerJanuary 29January 31January 31
13Steve BodnarJanuary 29January 29January 31
12William KuperJanuary 29January 29January 31
11David M WoodJanuary 29January 29January 29
10Diane BehmJanuary 27January 27January 27
9Brian McGonigalJanuary 27January 27January 27
8Devon GirouardJanuary 26January 26January 26
7Peihan OrestesJanuary 25January 26January 26
6Jeff SeymourJanuary 16January 17January 17
5Kevin GreenJanuary 16January 16January 16
4Brian CarrJanuary 14January 14January 14
3Christopher CalfeeJanuary 5January 6January 6
2Timothy AbbeyDecember 26December 26December 26
1Gail JonesDecember 12December 18December 18

Wait List

from List
23Omar Hernandez February 20
22Andrew Carta February 20
21Michael Dubova February 20
20Amelia Kegan February 20
19Andrew Anderson February 20
18Patrick O'Brien February 20
17Renee Kripplebauer February 20
16Charles VanOtten February 20
15Daniel Bergin February 20
14Jason Counsman February 20
13Tom SimondsFebruary 18February 18
12Michelle UnderwoodFebruary 17February 17
11Brian BankoFebruary 17February 17
10Hank De HoyosFebruary 17February 17
9Charlie JoyceFebruary 17February 17
8Eric LondonFebruary 16February 16
7Steve BoutilierFebruary 15February 15
6Lisa Bandiera-WoetzelFebruary 15February 15
5Francie HankinsFebruary 14February 14
4Andrew WestFebruary 14February 14
3Dan DoughertyFebruary 13February 14
2Brian OttingerFebruary 13February 14
1Adam StandleyJanuary 26January 26

When a withdrawal is requested, we first take the runner off the list. This does not happen immediately. It is done manually. Then, we issue a refund. The refund depends on the list you are leaving and how you paid.

Refund Options

Withdrawing from the entrants list:

Withdrawing from the wait list: