Wait List
Bull Run Run 50

Clifton, Virginia
April 13, 2013

Final Wait List
2013 Event

61 on the Wait List at the end of entry

Here are the people who were on the wait list for the Bull Run Run 50 at the end of the entry period. Those people above the line noted below are eligible for "prior year loser priority" in 2014 if they apply for entry during the initial period and are not selected in the lottery. More information

Original Rank: If an applicant was on the initial wait list on February 20, his or her starting rank is in parentheses. Example: (47)

More Information: For more about how the wait list works, go to the Wait List FAQs.

1 (92)Bryan Moll30MReading, PA0North
2 (93)Charles Stroud44MChapin, SC0South
3 (94)Eric Setash48MCentreville, VA0South
4 (95)Eduardo Ugarte44MSpringfield, VA0North
5 (97)James Callihan30MMidlothian, VA0South
6 (98)Helen MacDermott34FLexington, VA0North
7 (100)Joseph Crawford27MSouth Riding, VA0South
8 (101)Chris Farmer33MColumbia, MD0South
9 (102)Cricket Pagano40FCentreville, VA0South
10 (103)Nancy Sneath51FClifton, VA0North
11 (104)Steve Mabeus50MMontclair, VA0North
12 (105)Doug Campbell38MReston, VA0North
13 (106)Sam Coyner46MAlexandria, VA0South
14 (107)Charmella Secrest57FAnaheim, CA0South
15 (108)Holly Bugin34FNew Kent, VA0South
16 (109)Jeff Carnivale45MAsheville , NC0North
17 (110)Michelle Roy33FBedford, PA0North
18 (111)Michael Rogers37MStone Ridge , VA0South
19 (112)Jason Boeckmann31MAlexandria, VA0North
20 (113)John Dennis32MTakoma Park, MD0South
21 (114)Mike Kelly43MSterling, VA0North
22 (115)Saul Duarte52MAbingdon, MD0North
23 (116)Mandy Melody36FFredericksburg, VA0South
24 (117)Jeffrey Furgal44MAshburn, VA0North
25 (118)Charles Rousseaux42MWashington, DC0North
26 (119)Keith Evans56MBrookeville, MD0North
27 (120)Matt Bradley22MSpringfield, VA0North
28 (121)Allan Perez56MSilver Spring, MD0North
29 (122)William Weidman29MArlington, VA0North
30 (123)Lou Donofrio34MWallingford, PA0North
31 (124)Kyle Cashin43MNew York, NY0North
32 (125)Jon Westmoreland47MPinnacle, NC0South
33 (126)David Woodsmall28MWashington, DC0North
34 (127)Judith Weber53FEllicott City, MD0North
35 (128)Jeffrey Puuri49MRoanoke, VA0South
36 (129)Brannon Boswell34MGrovetown, GA0South
37 (130)Kevin Green40MGaithersburg, MD0North
38 (131)Daniel Eldredge50MAlexandria, VA0North
39 (132)Fred Fialco39MBethesda, MD0North
40 (133)Luisa Blythe31FFairfax, VA0North
41 (134)Joseph Livi22MAnnapolis, MD0North
Those above this line were on the initial wait list and are eligible for "prior year loser" eligibility in 2014 if they apply for the lottery and are not selected
42Keith Whited60MAlexandria, VA4North
43Sean Holman34MWashington, DC4North
44Gaynor Bourgeois44FWashington, DC10South
45Terrance Battle36MAlexandria , VA0North
46Michael Juenger43MVirginia Beach, VA0North
47Fabrice Beaulieu32MRichmond, VA0South
48Maria Bellumori27FNewark, DE0North
49John Hampton55MBaltimore, MD11South
50Temple Cone40MAnnapolis, MD0South
51Miguel Perez30MSilver Spring, MD0South
52Brian Oestrike33MBrooklyn, NY0North
53Greg Cassity47MRoswell, GA0South
54Dan Hilliker45MFayetteville, NC0North
55Daniel Bergin35MArlington, VA0North
56Aaron Shapiro29MBethesda, MD0North
57Belinda Young43FChatsworth, GA0South
58Joseph Koessler29MMt. Pleasant, SC0South
59Eve Hunter22FWashington, DC0North
60Randy Yasenchak53MAshland, PA2North
61Patricia Chaupis24FArlington, United States0South

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