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Directions to Start/Finish

View Bull Run Run 50 Start/Finish in a larger map. All the points of interest will be easier to understand if you enlarge the map and then zoom in.

The start/finish of the Bull Run Run is at Hemlock Overlook Regional Park. Hemlock is not that hard to find, but it is a bit complicated. Here are some instructions. Allow a great deal of time if it's your first attempt to reach the park.

Warning! There are many deer in this area. The deer are particularly active in the early morning. Be careful driving these roads in the morning or evening, and especially on the way to the start. If you hit a deer, you may miss the start or even worse.

If you print this page, much of its content will disappear and you will get only our map and directions below. If you want Google or Mapquest's directions, put one of those pages in your browser and print from there.

Professional Help

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Coordinates: 38.766721, -77.405037

This address worked on our Garmin:

13220 Yates Ford Rd
Clifton, Virginia 20124

Routing: Garmin, like Google and Mapquest, did not use what we believe is the best way. But they will get you there.

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Here is more information about parking.

Our Directions

I-66 Directions | I-95 South | Braddock Road
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These directions assume you are already in the Washington area. If you are coming from the north on I-95 or I-270, I suggest you go counter-clockwise around the Beltway (I-495) to I-66 and use the I-66 Directions below. If you are coming from points south on I-95, use the directions for I-95 South. If you are coming from the west on I-66, you can take exit 52 (the second of two Hwy 29 exits) and take Hwy 29 east to Clifton Road and otherwise follow the I-66 instructions below. If you are coming from southern Maryland and crossing the Wilson Bridge or coming from Alexandria or Springfield, you can take the Beltway to I-66 and follow the I-66 Directions, or you can take the alternate route on Braddock Road. This route is probably shorter, but more complicated.

The Easiest Way: The easiest way (but not always the fastest) is to come from I-66 to the north. Here is a map. Directions are below the map.

Map to Hemlock Overlook Regional Park

Here are the written directions. They start on the Capital Beltway, which is I-495 on the western half at least:

From the South on I-95

Take the Occuquan Exit (Exit 160) to Rt. 123 (Ox Road) 8.0 miles to Clifton Road (Rt 645), then left toward Hemlock Overlook. Just shy of 4 miles from the Ox Road intersection, Yates Ford Road enters from the right. Then Henderson Road will come in from the left. Less than one quarter mile later, turn left onto Yates Ford Road, and follow 1.9 miles to Hemlock Overlook. (If you miss this left turn on to Yates Ford, you will end up in Clifton at a three-way stop. Turn left at that stop and go about a mile on Kincheloe Road to a fourway stop and turn right. This puts you on Yates Ford Road and you have about a mile to Hemlock.)

From the Wilson Bridge, Alexandria, and Springfield

From the Beltway I-495, take Exit 5, Braddock Road west 1.7 miles to the double left turn onto Burke Lake Road; travel 4.7 miles to the juncture where Burke Lake Road becomes Clifton Road. Just shy of 4 miles from this point, Yates Ford Road enters Clifton Road from the right; one quarter mile later, turn left onto Yates Ford Road, and follow 1.9 miles to the end into Hemlock Overlook.

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