Trail Run Across the Commonwealth (TRAC)

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The TRAC is a four-day stage run on mostly trails across northern Virginia. A low-key event with a proud tradition, it will now be held in odd-numbered years. The event was held in September 97. Pictured are David Horton and Terry Hawk at the Virginia-Distric of Columbia border--the end!

This year's TRAC was a gathering of Eagles. Five people participated who had won a 100 mile trail run and, among them, the participants hold eight 100 mile course reconds including Western States.

Mike Morton and Courtney Campbell about 1.5 miles from finish.

The TRAC starts on the Virginia-West Virginia border. It is traditional to take a picture on a rock near the start. Unfortunately, this year's picture did not come out. Here is the picture from 1992.

Famous personalities in this picture include TRAC regulars Doug Young, Dick Good, and John DeWalt. Dave Drach and Tom Roganzinsky (who did not complete TRAC but finished TransAm the same year). Also UR editor Fred Pilon is in the picture.

The finish is on the bank of the Potomac River in Arlington near Roosevelt Island, named for President Theodore Roosevelt. Here is a picture which includes the finishers of the first TRAC.

Doug Young, Keith Brophy, Moi, Joe Clapper, Tim Stanley, Dick Good.

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